I went to the Mall

shoe shopping!!

i drove down to the mall to go shoe shopping, I was wet with anticipation and nervous with excitement. I could tell my scent was growing and i couldn't miss it. i rubbed my clit while i was driving, I was so horny i couldn't leave it alone. i stopped at the mall and slipped my fingers inside myself ...god... i wanted to make myself cum already. I walked into the mall, self concious cuz i was sure everyone i passed could smell my scent and knew what was happening between my legs.

i walked into the shoe store and there was only 1 guy on. I had timed it hoping it would be slow and it was. I asked him to help me try on some shoes. God i was nervous with excitement... I let him put the shoes on my feet and while he was still kneeling on the floor I twisted my legs toward him and spread them slightly as i stood up to try the shoes. from the look on his face i could tell he'd noticed.

i did my tour doing my sexy walk without trying to be obvious. I came back and sat down, letting my already short skirt hike up my thighs. I asked to try another pair. I told him the pair i just tried rubbed me wrong and bent over to show him where on my foot the "hurt".
I let him see my cleavage as i bent forward.

I let my legs fall open as he tried on the second pair. After all they were awkward to do up. I could feel his fingers shake as he did the clasp. His eyes were pretending not to notice my pussy. it was so wet, i'm sure it was dripping and i'm sure he coldn't miss my scent. I stood up again and did my tour, i could feel the wetness on my leg.

I came back to sit down and kinda stood if front of him while he was still kneeling like i was daring him to do something. I sat down again and let my skirt hike up even higher. He couldn't keep his eyes off my pussy. i had him get another pair of shoes. the sexiest ones they had in the store. when he came back to me he had trouble kneeling down cuz of the hard on he had. His hands were shaking as he put them on my feet. I couldn't wait any more. as he was doing up the second shoe, i rubbed his crotch with my other foot. You would have thought i shot him. He looked up at me with a scared bewildered look and asked if i'd like him to close up early... it was close to closing anyway.

He took me in the back and fucked me on the desk. God it felt good cuz i wanted it so bad by then. i was so excited i couldn't stop cumming.

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3 years ago
3 years ago
The thought of how wet you got just drives me crazy. Can't wait to read more