Now I love it in the ass

I had a boyfriend at 18....and this was the only time i cheated on someone. i cheated with this older guy named Damien. he was 25 and so seductive and he had been trying to get me alone with him for a long time.....finally one night he convinced me..... Once we were at Damien’s he had his first drink of the night. He sat across from me and I couldn’t help but think about what might happen next. We talked for about 20 minutes before he made his move. He looked at me, took my drink, sat it on the coffee table, put his hand on my cheek and kissed me so gently I almost didn’t feel it. As he backed away I found myself leaning toward him trying to keep that kiss. His free hand happened to take me by my hand, and he asked me to forgive him because he just couldn’t help himself. I was intoxicated and practically threw myself onto him. I didn’t even say a word just started kissing him. Damien didn’t try to stop me at that point just went with it caressing me in ways I had only imagined. He knew just what to do to keep me ready to rip his clothes off and fuck him all night long, but he kept me waiting promising that it would only get better. He was right. I was at the peak when I jumped on him and with each caress or his hands, each kiss of his lips, each button undone I got more and more excited. Before I knew it I was sitting on top of him in just a bra and panties, and he was shirtless also. It was at that moment that I had the thought that I can not do this I have a boyfriend. Much to my surprise Damien didn’t f***e it saying that I know you will not do anything you don’t want to do, and you already know I am interested, when you are ready you can tell me and we will continue. I don’t know exactly why those were the right words at that moment but I knew I would have to take this ride as far as it would go. He told me that he wanted to do some thing with me that really turns him on and thinks I will enjoy just as much. He smiled taking my hand and e****ting me to the master bedroom and master bathroom. We stopped a couple of times along the way to loose an article of clothing and by the time we were to the bathroom we were both completely naked. He turned on the shower inviting me in. I couldn’t help myself I just had to touch him, which was what I thought he intended by the shower. As we washed each other he told me that he loved the feeling of a woman’s body and the soap and water made things so smooth and slippery he just had to touch my body. I loved the feeling of his cock in my hand as it was much larger than my boyfriends when fully erect. I was fascinated with it as it was the biggest one I had ever seen in person. I had to touch it every chance I got and Damien was just as interested in my pussy but teased me more rubbing my belly, thighs, butt, and back as part of his process. This foreplay was so exciting to me I came twice the second time he had to hold me to prevent my falling. I couldn’t believe it I had come twice already and still hadn’t received oral or intercourse. Damien knew it was time for us to proceed with this. He turned off the shower, helped me out, and dried us off. My legs were still a little weak so he lay me down on the bed with full access to my breasts and pussy. I was ready for him to climb up and enter me. Instead he went to the closet and grabbed a tie out, climb up on top of me pushed my hands together above my head and tied them to the head board. I could have gotten out of it but was rather excited by what he was doing. I craved more. I wanted to totally submit to his ideas. I was willing to let him do what ever he wanted to me. At that time I didn’t care about what anyone else might think I was his to enjoy fully. He took his time massaging every part of my body he could access from this position except for my tits and pussy. He would get so close and then move slightly away until I was moving to make him hit my most sensitive spots. I was begging him to touch me when he responded with a kiss. His hands and lips and tongue were exploring my body and now even my nipples and clit. Small circles of his tongue on one breast and a palm grinding against my womanhood caused me to orgasm for the third time. It wasn’t long before I found out how good his tongue was. He traced every letter of the alphabet over my labia and clit hood. I couldn’t stand it as he pushed me closer and closer to orgasm. Yet just as I was about to cum he would stop and ask me yes no type questions about the experience. I hated it and wanted it at the same time. He wanted to fuck me so much, I could tell it was taking him every thing he had to restrain himself. I don’t know what sent him past the point of control, but I think it might have been when I screamed out that I didn’t care anymore I had to feel his cock fucking my pussy. Damien rolled me over onto my knees so that my face was down against the mattress. He put his manhood right at the entrance to my warm wet opening, pausing to tell me he had a fantasy and wanted to know if I would be willing to fulfill it. I asked what it was as he rubbed his big cock up and down my pussy. After he told me what it was I was turned on even more agreeing to it. At that moment he entered me one hard full thrust going deeper than anything I have ever experienced. He fucked me hard, really using me and I loved it. He came deep inside me and I knew we were not done but was surprised as to what was about to happen. After collapsing on top of me from exhaustion and his orgasm, he untied my hands rolling onto his back. I instantaneously turned around, kissed him passionately, and slid down between his legs so that I was looking up past his cock into his eyes. I was in lust like I had never been before in my life. I had never even thought about sucking a dick with my own juices on it, yet here I was with a cock drenched in my own juices just inches away from my mouth. I began to suck his big dick working him to full erection and loving it. If he would have called me a whore or a slut I wouldn’t have cared I was so into this experience I wanted what ever was to come next and for it to never end. I must have really been getting to Damien because he grabbed me by my hair and pulled me towards his head. Damien then suggested to me that I ride him but in a very special way. I was curious to know what it was and then realized what he meant. Giggling I asked how we would do it since I had never even thought about it before. He told me to start riding his cock in my pussy which made me feel so full. Then I would come all the way up and place it right at the opening to my ass. I could then gently slide down it at my own pace. It took me about 10 minutes just to get to the bottom. I had never felt more connected to anyone in my life more than I felt with Damien. I sat there in an almost hypnotic state feeling things I had never felt before, and amazed at what I was still doing. I looked down into his eyes not even able to say a word I just smiled as he said I looked so beautiful at that moment, like I was in a place of pure pleasure and contentment. It was the most incredible moment I have ever encountered in my life. Damien held my hands as I asked him finally if he was ready to receive his due pleasure. He grinned and told me that if this was how we finished the night he would be content. I started up his cock and when only the head of his dick was left in me slid back down, over and over again. Each time gaining speed as I became more accustom to the size of his penis inside my tight virgin ass. I rode harder and harder, up and down, faster and faster, and was marveling at how much I was enjoying this new sexual pleasure. I was so excited by what I was doing. The whole situation, cheating on my husband, loosing my anal virginity, Damien cumming inside my pussy, and the shear size of his cock. I was so excited thinking about all those taboo things I was doing willingly that I didn’t realize how close I was to orgasm or how hard I was riding his dick, and before I knew it we were both screaming out in orgasm. Damien and I stayed connected as we were after our climax. Exhausted we fell asl**p his cock still inside my ass.
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2 years ago
Very good story
3 years ago
loved it i love fucking anal, i licked how you feel asleep with his dick still in your ass
3 years ago
very good