Just Two Old Friends

My Friend Frankie and I . We go for coffie all the time same as alway's. But this one day " We went for coffie." And we had to go to the washroom. We were the only ones inside .He took the stall beside me and he looked down and over and said you have a big cock.And I looked down at his and said you have a big cock too." I said I bet the woman like it " and " He said yes and the Lady's and guy's like it too ".I pause and left it as that.We hung around for the rest of the day, He asked me if I can check out his computer, he was haveing trouble with it , I said sure we went to his place and I said where is your wife,.He said she and my wife went out for the afternoon be back later and I said ok . We were sitting their and he said let me see your Big cock Again and I paused and said ok,.So I took down my paints and so did he and wow his cock is big ,,,and he said my cock is big ,,,He ask me if he can hold it and stroke it ,I said well if I can hold your's too and stroke it ..We were strokeing together and he said if he can suck my big cock By that time I was getting HOT.,,and said ok as long I can suck your big cock too ... And that was a Great Day we had for our coffie time.. So now Everyonce in a while " We Have That Day Again" """ So Were Just Two Old Friends """ I Fixed his computer and our Wife's came back and we went out for Dinner that evening.....
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