She Caught me masturbating,,,Then turn me bi

I am 24 5'6 130 and have a 7 and 1/2 inch penis. One warm summer day I was sitting in my living room, I was bored so I got naked and started slowly stroking my clean shaved cock. I started to get nice and hard and was foreplaying with myself rubbing my balls and using my middle finger to rub my pucker hole. (Until this day I had never had a bi experiance but had fantasized with my girlfriends dildo a couple times.) I had a small leak of pre cum so I rubbed it on the head of my penis then licked what was left off my finger. I thought I saw someone walk by my back door but was to into my fantasy to stop. Just as I was getting close to cumming my back door swung open. I was shocked and couldnt move. Then I saw my neighbor and she said "You having fun?" and started laughing. She is about 5'7 dark brown hair and about 150 with c-cup sized tits.

She was standing in front of me wearing a red bikini. Without saying anything else she kneeled between my legs a took my cock in her mouth, I about exploded and she noticed, so she stopped. She moved down and started sucking on my smooth balls and then lifted them up and looked at me and said "From what I saw you'd love me to lick your pucker hole!" I couldnt believe she saw me playing with my ass hole! I was really nervous at this point but with no time to react her tounge darted on my virgin asshole. Her warm wet tounge made me moan and with that moan she shoved her tounge in my tight hole. She fucked my ass for about 5 minutes with her tounge then stopped and said she be right back and not to move! When she stood up there was a wet spot around her noticibly shaven pussy.

After a minute had passed I about had a heart attack when her husband walked in behind her! As soon as he stepped in the door he dropped his shorts showing his 7" hard on which was nicely trimmed. She instructed me to stand up and said it was her turn. She dropped her suit and exposed her beautiful body! She told her husband to lay down on the couch and she sat on his cock lowering all the way. My hardon was leaking lots of precum as I could see only the base of his cock in her soaked pussy. She motioned me to come over and licked the precum of my cock slit and then kissed her husband who seemed to enjoy the taste.

She then pulled my cock to her husbands mouth who took it quickly. The sensation was amoazing as he was almost swollowing my cock. I was close to coming and I heard her getting close as she was watching her husband suck my cock and riding his dick. She yelled for me to stop, and fuck her ass so she could feel me cum. My cock slid in her ass with a slight push and I lost my load when I could feel her husbands cock filling her pussy and rubbign against mine between the thin skin. They both came instantly. She climbed off her husband and sat down and told me to eat her out! The smell of all the juices made my cock stiffin again and I leaned in to have my first taste of another mans cum! As I was trying to lick up all of the juices i felt a warm tounge on my ass! I couldnt believe another man was licking my tight hole!

After a few minutes he stopped and she told me to lay down on the couch, and then said "Have you ever had a cock in your ass?" I said no and she said I am about to have the best orgasam ever. She grabbed the lube and started stroking his cock with it. Then started rubbing his swollin cock head on my pucker hole! She guided his cock little by little until he filled my ass. I quickly forgot what little pain ther was when she put her mouth around my cock! I felt her husbands cock start to jerk and hot jism explode in my ass which was too much to handle as I came in her mouth! I layed there with no energy left in complete awe of what had just happened, my fantasy of having a bi experiance.

When I thought it was finished she started to blow him, covered in his own cum after being in my ass! After about five minutes of this I was getting hard again and he climed on my hardening cock which slid in his ass with ease! He started slow as his wife got dressed and left and said "I hope you boys have fun, I am going to shower!" I couldnt believe the sight I had, a man riding my cock with a full hard on facing me! He definitly knew what he was doing as he started fucking me faster! I noticed precum leaking out of his rock hard cock!

I couldnt believe he had this much energy left! After him riding my cock for about 15 min I couldnt take any more and explded in his ass! He didnt stop fucking my cock until about 5 more minutes passed and I saw his dick start jerking and he came all over my chest up to my neck with out his cock even being touched! He quickly climbed off and started licking his cum off me! When it was all cleaned up I repayed him by cleaning his cock off of what was left!

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38 minutes ago
A great introduction
2 months ago
love good neighbors
5 months ago
Verrry hot :)
6 months ago
Loved that super hot story...beautiful encounter!!
6 months ago
That was one great story! I loved it just wish this kind of stuff would happen to me!
9 months ago
So hot!!!! I can only imagine how much fun the future held for you
9 months ago
love it I want more just wish that was me getting fucked
12 months ago
Wow. What a great story. The only thing missing, was me. Wish I was there with you. :)
1 year ago
That was awesome man.
1 year ago
Liked this story. And thanks for paragraphing it. So many people don't.
1 year ago
another fantasy to be filled
2 years ago
great profile & story , my first experince was with a married woman then later my first bi 3some was with the same couple !
2 years ago
Great story. Thanks for sharing. Wish my first experience with another cock was as exciting. It helped me discover I was bi also. I had never cum that hard in my life until then.
2 years ago
likewise, i'd love a bi threesome with another couple
2 years ago
A fantasy of mine, one day hopefully.
2 years ago
I hope to try it myself someday!
2 years ago
I hope to do this someday.
2 years ago
Wow, HOT! I'm jealous!