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Hey it’s me Azeem again with different story. This story is about me and my mami (my mamoos wife.) This happened about for years ago. First let me tell u about myself. I am a Punjabi boy no a man from Pakistan well built and hung. If u know what I mean. So this happened when I was visiting my mamoos village and had to stay there because my mamoo was going out a town and he wanted me to be the man of the house until he comes back. Cause he has three older daughters and doesn’t want any outsider to enter the house. Okay so while staying there I never had these kinds of feelings before but now that I am grown up my dick has also grown and it has needs also. My mami wants me to marry one of there daughter because my f****y is blessed with land and money. My mami wanted me to marry her daughter which I just listened because I couldn’t give her a answer back because she is older. Well that night everyone was sl**ping on the roof because it was winter time. My manji or char pie other word bed was next to my mami and she was telling a story. To me and I was listing her daughters heard all of her stories and fell a sl**p. Because the story was long and everyone fell asl**p she started to whisper and I could hear her so I went to her bed which she didn’t mind because I am like a son to her. While on her bed my leg rubbed against her leg and I got a hard on. It was the hardest I ever been. My head was next to her shall and head right in front of her huge tits.

I wanted to touch them so with all my courage I put my hand on her tits. And thought to me if she gets mad I will say sorry if not I will suck them like mangoes. She didn’t say anything but gave a smile and the was the green light to move so I started to squeeze them hard and put my hand down in her kameez and pulled the kameez over her chest and started to suck on them they were huge the nipples were long and hard. I was sucking her tit and masturbating at the same time. After I cummed I fell asl**p with her. So the next day after breakfast she came upstairs to talk to me. Her daughters were doing chores and cleaning the house. She came sat next to me on the bed and said "I know u are really horny" "that is why u need a wife to fuck hard everyday and night." hearing these words my dick got hard and asked her to lay down next to me and well talk so she talked and I played with her tits. While lying next to her I said "mami why did I need a wife when I have u" she smiled and kissed my forehead. So I told her to get sideways cause I want to feel your ass and she did slowly I rubbed her waist and took my hand down to her pussy it had some her on it and trust me it was the biggest pussy I have ever touched. She grabbed my hand and said “no not there only the boobs are good enough.

But I wasn’t ready to give up yet. I said I want to put my dick in your ass and see how it feels she said no I said please mami I never ask for anything and this might help my marry your daughter. She was quite and I slowly pulled down her salwar and took my dick out and put some spit on it to make it lubricant so it could go in a flash. With my thumb I opened her ass cheek and put my dick on top of the hole and pushed it with f***e man it went in and I stared to fuck first slowly but then fast and mami had her eyes closed and was saying huhuhuuh ohohohoho beta stop and I said no mami your my mother and I am a motherfucker. So I grabbed the edge of the bed and started to ram her ass hard and she moaned hoohohhohohohhhhhhooooooooohoh. Azeem you’re just like your mamoo. Our bodies were touching and rubbing in heat then I felt the juice get ready to rise in my legs and I straightened my legs and spotted the hole load in her ass over and over again. I was sweaty and weak in my legs. She said u finished I said yea. As I was getting off her I looked outside and saw that the room door was opened and noticed that some one was watching. Then I noticed that it was one of her daughters. She saw everything. After that mami got up went to the bathroom and washed her ass and came back and said so u gonna marry my daughter or what I said cause u gave my ass I will think about it but if u give me some pussy I will give u a answer she looked at me and said maturchood which means motherfucker and I said yes mami I am and I proved it to you. Mami left in anger she never gave anything to me after that but the daughter that was watching fulfilled her and my needs later that are another story. So send your comments to So any Indian or paki girl’s wives or mother need some Punjabi dick in California, USA please do reply. Halla back bitches

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Loved it
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that was a great story....thanks
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Very good