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My hormones were out of control and all I wanted to do was fuck. Not helping matters was my cousin living with me, she was 17-18 during these times and a little shorter than me(5 ft range), she had the prettiest face that was made for porn, 40 DD tits (for her age, all the guys wanted to fuck her) and a nice tight ass.

She loved to flirt and tease guys and post the hottest pics of her delicious looking tits (non-nude) to her social profiles and I know deep down she loved having guys compliment her and I know she knew all those guys including myself jacked off to them and I bet she thought about it and loved it.

I always had the urge to sneak a camera into the bathroom to see her naked but never had the guts to do it, I was always thinking about the consequences if I got caught.

I loved watching her walk around the house, she always wore tight shorts that would just cut off at her ass cheeks (some a little more short than that!), it would make her ass look so nice and tight and delicious. I always had a thought that she knew I liked her and that she was teasing me around the house. She would shake her ass when she walked by me and I bet she knew my dick was throbbing sometimes to just bend her over and go to town.

Overtime I got brave and when she slept over her friends house (probably actually to get fucked or blow someone) I slowly overtime collected a few of her lovely small thongs and panties (some clean, some dirty), each I would put the crotch on my face and on my dick and would cum all over them and kept them for future use, she never noticed I took any. One time I got really lucky and she had just changed to go out to another friends house in a hurry so I knew some panties/thongs had to be somewhere close so when she left I went to her room and right there on the floor was a small red thong, I picked it up and the crotch are was still wet from her lovely pussy juices, I immediately got hard and put the lovely wet part on my cock and even licked it a little. It felt so good knowing that that was her lovely pussy juices on my cock still wet.

We all kept our toothbrushes in the same bathroom so it was only a matter of time that her toothbrush found a big cum load. I jacked off and came on her toothbrush a few times but then got bored of it.

I would love when she watched TV because she would watch TV laying down on her smooth stomach and with shorts on so her ass looked delicious and ever so fuckable, I would record it and jack off to it later. I gave everything to not just go up behind her, grab her ass, eat it and cream it.

Her tits were so big and perky because she was still young and fresh, god me and probably every other guy she knew wanted to tity fuck her and give those lovely tits a nice coat of cum. She also had lips that were made for cocksucking and a face made for cum, mmmmmm.

I loved when she wore her yoga type pants, her ass and crotch are would look fantastic in those pants, they made me just want to eat her up and fill her to no end but I was smart and always kept my composure.

She would sometimes dance to music in front of me and I knew that every time she did that that she was teasing me. She would dance and mover her ass great and of course in shorts, mmmmm. Would've loved to pound her little tight ass.

I would give anything to see her in one of her thongs or to see her naked. I have jacked off many times thinking about it.

She has moved out and she is going to turn 19 in a few months, I never cared that she was my cousin all I wanted to do was make her feel very good and myself of course LOL.

Let me know down below what you would have done, did you ever have anyone in your f****y you liked as well, etc. I basically just rambled on in this but I thank you.

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2 years ago
you sick monkey...............sweet