From Daddy and beyond

As I sit here, my mind drifts back to the year in which I began to reach puberty. I was at the age where mu little breasts began to form bumps as though they were swollen. I also was beginning to grow fine hair around my the area where my pee came from. I wondered what was happening and asked my mom if I was alright. Mom told be that it was the time in my life that my body was beginning to mature and that soon I would have my first period. Mom had to explain to me what a period was that being the time of the mouth in which women’s bodies release bl**d threw their vaginas. This period will come around each month of a woman’s life when is capable of getting pregnant and have a baby. Boy this was a lot for me to get my head around. She also explained and showed to her crotch and what it was called and how were babies were made. Wow, that sure is something.

As the months went by my breasts slowly grew larger and the hair around my crotch got thicker. I noticed that sometimes during the night while I was sl**ping, I would get nice feelings and in the morning I would notice that my crotch was moist. The next month I awoke and my sheet was covered in bl**d. I ran to mom and dad’s bedroom and told mom. Mom gave me a hug and said that I was now a woman and we went and change my bed sheets and mom got a sanitary napkin and showed me how to us it and said for me to change as need be until the bl**d disappeared.

I also was having more episodes of great feeling during my dreams at night and my pussy, (I now call my crotch “my pussy”) is always very wet when I wake up.

I got into the routine with having my monthly period and my breasts seem to be getting bigger by the day. Daddy took notice and told me “My little girl is growing up.” and gave me a hug and kiss. In a couple of months my breasts were bigger than moms were and I noticed that dad was looking at me more and more.

My mom left one day to visit her s****r who lived out of town. She was going to be gone for a few days so daddy and I were home alone. That evening I was in bed reading a book when daddy knocked and entered my room. He game over and sat on the side if the bed next to me. He told I was very beautiful and that my breasts were much bigger than moms. He then reached over and felt my right breast through my pajamas. I felt a warm feeling as he slowly massages my breast. Daddy then said “Take you PJ’s off so I can see your breasts” I was afraid to do it and daddy said “Let me do it darling.” Daddy grabbed the sides of my pullover pajamas and pulled them over my head. Here I sat in bed with my breasts exposed to my daddy. I was kind of excited as to what daddy was going to do next. “Let me kiss your tits.” daddy said and bent over and with his tongue, licked my right breast and with his tongue made circles around my erect nipple. This sent shivers through my body and he reached over grasped my other breast with his free hand. He stopped licking my breast and just massage both of my breasts. “Does that feel good baby?” he asked me. I let out a little moan and said “Yes.”

Daddy continued to play with my breasts my massaging them and pinching my nipples with his fingers. All this attention to my breasts were having an effect on me as my pussy had a very warm wet feeling and all this was making me feel very nice. Daddy most of sensed this as he stood up and I saw that his pants had a very big bulge. Daddy did not say a word and undid his belt, unsnapped his pants, pulled down his zipper and pushed his pants down around his knees.
He was now standing there in his undershorts with the top of his bulge poking out the top of his shorts. Daddy then pulled down his shorts and his erect penis popped straight out. It looked huge to me as I looked wide eyed at his 6 ½ penis twitched in front of my face.

Daddy reached over and took my hand and brought over to his erect penis and place my hand around his hot penis and slowly rubbed his penis up and down with my hand. When we got to the end, he rubbed my hand around the end gathering the liquid it was emitting from the end and brought my hand back to stroking his penis. After a while, daddy gave out a moan and began to pull my hand faster up and down his penis. I felt his penis expand some and daddies body twitched and he squeezed my hand tighter around his penis and his penis began t o squirt white liquid from the hole in the end as daddy shook and moaned as his penis throbbed and squirted. When he stopped squirting, he released my hand and his penis started to get smaller and daddy pulled up his pants and left my room.

With all that had just gone on, my body was feeling strange and I took my breast in my hand and massaged it like daddy did and a good feeling began to overtake my body. My pussy also had a good feeling and I reached down to find that it was very wet and when I touched it, a tingly feeling passed through my pussy. I did not put my pajamas back on and just laid back and bean to rub my pussy lips and as the feeling got better, I reached over to by bed stand and open the drawer and took out a hair brush with a ling handle. I rubbed the handle of the hairbrush between my juicy pussy lips and then pushed it into my vaginal opening until it met with resistance. My body was feeling so nice as I pushed on the brush harder and with a quick sharp pain it went deeper in mt pussy. The pain turned into pleasure as I continues to push the brush handle in and out of my pussy. The pleasure increased and suddenly I felt the most pleasurable feeling in my pussy and felt it contract over and over til it finally subsided. I put my hairbrush on the night stand a fell asl**p.

I awoke when I felt a hand on my breast and I looked up and saw daddy standing over me without anything on from the waist down and his penis was sticking straight out. “Honey.” daddy said, “I need to cum again and I want you to let me cum in your mouth!” So that’s what daddy did before. When he had me stroke his penis, I made him cum. “Please lick the tip of my cock honey, I want you to lick my cock.” I loved daddy and want so to please him so I motioned for him to come closer and I opened my mouth and took my tongue and licked the tip of his penis. It tasted somewhat salty and as I liked around the tip of his penis, daddy pushed forward a little and the tip popped into my mouth. “Suck on it honey. Suck on it”. Daddy moaned. I obeyed and started to suck and as tried to keep liking. “Aaaaahhh.” daddy moaned and pushed forward and more of his penis went into my mouth. I could see that I had about half of his penis in my mouth and her took my head in his hands and moved back and forth on his penis and then pushed my head further down on his penis and I gagged as it hit the back of my throat.

I pushed back and his penis popped out of my mouth and I said”I can’t take it all daddy.” “OK.” said daddy and rubbed his penis on my lips and said “suck on it and jerk it at the same time.” So I took him back int o my mouth began sucking on the head and with my hand jerked the rest of his penis. In a few minutes daddy said”I’m going to cum honey, I’m going to cum and fill your mouth with my cum!!” I continued to suck when I felt his penis start to grow and a hot salty gob of cum filled my mouth followed with three more spurts of hot cum and I tried to swallow what I could and the rest dribbled out of my mouth and down my face. Daddy backed up and his shrinking penis popped out of my mouth. “Good night sweetie.” and daddy kissed me and left my room.

I played with my pussy after daddy left and got to feel that wonderful sensation through my body again and then fell asl**p again.

After that night, at every opportunity when mom was gone, daddy would come into my bedroom and have me give him a blowjob, as I found out what it was I was doing with daddy. Daddy liked to play with my breasts as his penis grew hard and then he would have me go done on him until he came, usually in my mouth, and then leave. He never tried to have intercourse or play with my pussy. Daddy just wanted to have give him a blowjob, nothing else. Of course after these sessions I had to either use the hairbrush our by fingers to satisfy my desire to have my own orgasm.

A couple of years later, I went out with this guy and we parked and had a hot make out session where he felt my breasts and got his hand down my pants and played with my wet pussy. I didn’t want to give him a blowjob like I did with daddy, so I took his erect penis out of his pants and stroked until he came.

As we got to know each other better, we were home alone and busy feeling up each other and this time as he lay on the bed with his erect penis pointing skyward, I leaned over and took the head of his penis into my mouth and proceeded to suck and stroke his penis until he unloaded his cum in my mouth. After he came down from his ecstasy he asked where I learned to that. I just smiled. He then pushed me on the bed and pulled my jeans and under ware off exposing my wet pussy. He spread my legs, brought his mouth up to my dripping pussy and licked my pussy from my ass to the top of my pussy lips. This sent shock waves through my mid section as I had never had anyone do this to me before and it felt oh so good. Le licked my pussy for a while and then her moved up to the top of my pussy and concentrated on the little bump there. Every time he touched it, bolts of pleasure shot threw my loins. He then form an “O” with his lips and encased the bump and began to softly and slowly suck on that spot. As he continued, the pleasure began to build and I knew what was going to happen. I was going to get that same feeling I get when I play with my pussy with my fingers or hairbrush. The pleasure was building and building and all of a sudden pleasure gripped my whole body as I could feel my pussy contract in shear ecstasy, my ass was also contracting as wave after wave of ecstasy ravaged my body. He did not stop when I reached my orgasm but sucked harder. I must of shook for a couple of minutes before I came down and he released my, as I know it now, clitoris.

Needless to say, both of us experienced pleasure that day that we both had never experienced before and form that day on we continued to explore different ways of pleasuring ourselves..
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Very sexually stimulating.
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keep them
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very hot & naughty