Older Women Pt 2

Older women seem to desire the younger men as thy seem to enjoy the young hot stud to the utmost.

I do odd jobs around the neighborhood from cutting grass in the summer and shoveling snow in the winter and some minor repairs for the people in the neighborhood. I have been cutting the grass for Jean , a divorced women in her late thirties. She called and asked if I could come over to her house and cut the grass and other yard work. I told her that I could probably come over tomorrow in the am.

The next day, I went over to Jean’s later in the morning to see about cutting her grass. It was already 80 degrees with a cloudless sky. When I arrived at Jean’s house, I went to the garage where the mower and weed eater were stored. I gassed up the weed eater and then began trimming in the front yard. When I finished the front yard. I took of my tee shirt to cool myself and to get some sun while I worked. I trimmed the back yard and proceeded to get the mower out and cut the grass. I started in the front yard, and went I got to the back yard, I found Jean out sunning herself. She was laying on her stomach on a blanket. She had on a two piece outfit in with she had untied the top as not to leave any tan line. Jean’s body looked a lot younger than a woman being in her late thirties.

I stopped the mower and headed off to the garage to retrieve the gas can to refill the mower. As I passed a window I saw Jean get up with her bra in her hand, garb the blanket and go into the house. I Got a glimpse of Jean’s breasts bouncing freely as she walked. I returned with the gas can and filled the mower and resumed cutting the grass.

When I finished and was putting the mower away, Jean opened the backdoor and asked to come in and something cool to drink. I yelled back “I’ll be there in a minute.” And put the mower away and went back and entered the house through the backdoor. Jean said “I’m in here.” and I made my way into the kitchen. Jean was wearing a house coat and when she saw me she said “Sure is hot out there.” “Yes it is .” I replied. Now I did not put my tee shirt back on and was standing there in front of Jean only in my cutoff jeans. “Here, this should cool your hot body.” as she handed me a glass of cool aid. As I drank my cool aid I could not help to focus my eyes on Jean’s partially open housecoat reveling most of her breasts.

Jean smiled and said ”Do you like what see?” I just nodded. “Come.” Jean said “follow me.” I put down my glass and followed Jean as she lead me to the bedroom. Once we were in the bedroom, Jean turned around and opened her housecoat and let it drop to the floor. “Do you like this better.” as I gazed at her firm nude tanned body. Her body looked my younger that a woman in her late thirties. Her breast were the size of small g****fruit and firm with erect nipples. As I let my eyes wander lower, her belly was also firm and her the pubic hair above her pussy was neatly trimmed. “I”ve been wanting to do this for a long time.” Jean said. “Now let me see what you look like without your clothes.”

I could hardly believe what I was hearing. He I was in a house with a naked women and she wants me to get naked like her. I did not have to be asked trice to take off what I had on as I unsnapped, unzipped my cutoffs, grabbed my underwear with my cutoffs and promptly pulled them down and let them drop to the floor. As the clothing got by my cock, my half erect cock sprung fourth. Jean reached over with her hand and took my engorging cock into her hand. “What a beautiful dick you have.” My cock grew to it’s full size of six and a half inches long and two inches in diameter. Jean then stuck her tongue out and licked the rim of my purple head and with the other wrapped her hand around my cock and began to stroke it up and down my shaft. Boy, this woman sure know how to give head.

As she was licking and stroking me, I reached around and began to massage her ass checks. This made Jean begin to stroke my cock faster while sucked harder on my head. I knew that I was not going to last long at the rate Jean was going. “You’ll make me cum if you keep this up!” I said and Jean squeezed my cock harder and also sucked my harder. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming!!” I groaned as I felt my sperm rising in my shaft. I pushed forward as I released a spurt of sperm into Jean’s mouth. This was followed my spurt after spurt into her hot mouth. I looked down to see rivers of sperm escaping from between Jean’s lips. When I stopped spurting, Jean let my cock slide from her mouth as she swallowed what sperm she had in her mouth.

Jean looked up at me and said “I want you to do me now” and laid back on the bed and raised her legs up, bent her knees to expose her bare wet and dripping pussy. “Eat, me, I want you to lick mu cunt and suck my clit. I want you to fuck me with you mouth!!” I got down on my knees and moved over to her dripping pussy and I got near her, the smell of her hot pussy was intoxicating. I began to lick her pussy starting from her asshole and licked up her wet slit to the top and then began all over again. “Suck my cunt lips, suck my lips!! Jean moaned. I obeyed her and sucked each of her pussy lips as she rocked her hips back and forth. I figured it was time to pay her clit some attention and encased her engorged clit with my lips and started to suck on her little dick. “AAAAAHHHH” Jean moaned “Don’t stop, suck my clit harder!!” I obliged as Jean’s hands grabbed my head pulling it into crotch and at the same time pushing her hips upward and screamed “ I’m cumming, I’m fucking cumming!!!!” Her body shuttered and I reached down to her asshole and scooped up some of her pussy juice and pushed my finger up her asshole. I could feel her asshole clamping down on my finger as her orgasm got more intense.

As her orgasm subsided, I got up off my knees, my cock was stiffer that what I ever knew and I looked down at Jean and said. “Now I’m going to fuck you like you never been fucked before and you’re going to feel every inch of this fat cock inside you.” I then moved between her legs and shoved my cock into her pussy til my balls slapped her ass. I rammed and rammed her as hard as I could and Jean began to yell “Fuck me you bastard fuck me harder.” I continued to ram my cock into as hard as I could. I began to feel my body telling me that I was about to climax and shoot my wad. “You’re going to get all my cum up you pussy, I’m going to fill you up with cum!!” I yelled. “Cum in me fill my cunt with your seed, give it to me!!” Jean yelled. I drove my cock in one last time and began to shoot my sperm into her pussy. Jean felt me getting my nut off. “I’m cumming with you, I’m cumming with you.” yelled Jean as we both orgasmed together.

We took a shower together to wash off our sweat, juice and sperm form our sexual escapade. Then paid me for my lawn services and I left.

A footnote to this is that a couple of weeks later, Jean found a male friend older than herself and they hit it off and she put her house up for sale and the got married and left the area.
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2 years ago
Sam experience here.....18 & 38
2 years ago
My experience was not as great as this in the first encounter doing her lawn work. Still I came back again and again to trim, hedge and weed once she had started me off licking and sucking her nipples. Gradually she taught me more and more of what a woman needed.
3 years ago
dam i only wish something like that happened to me