Barb and I Part 3

Now Barb and I had both been introduced to the pleasures our genitals could bestow on our minds and bodies at an early age. The both of us being with the same sex at one time or another. This continues on today as neither Barb or I ham any qualms with being with the opposite sex.

A while back, Barb and I were out making the rounds of the local watering holes when we ran into a couple we were friends with. We got together with them and made a couple of more stops and then decided to finish up over at their place. Once at their place, Jan, whose place we were at mixed us some drinks and when she gave Barb her drink, she gave Barb a quick kiss and a big pat on the ass and then gave me my drink.

After a few more drinks, Mike, Jan’s date began to make out with Jan. We watched as he proceeded to remove her blouse and bra and fondled her breasts. He looked toward us and asked “You two should come over here and join me.” I looked at Barb, smiled and nodded in their direction. Barb smiled back and we went over to Jan and Mike and Barb reached up and took hold of one of Jan’s breasts and lowered her lips on her breast and licked her erect nipple as she squeezed her firm breast.

Mike backed away and let Barb continue to pleasure Jan with her tongue as she massages her breasts Jan then removed Barb’s blouse and bra and then massaged Barb’s ample tits. Mike went back over to the women and rubbed Barb’s ass and Barb then reached over to Mike’s crotch and squeezed his manhood. Mike gave a low groan and Barb then pulled the rest of Jan’s clothes off and then knelt on her knees and started to tongue Jan’s belly and then made her way down to her neatly trimmed pubic hair and flicked her tongue on her pussy.

I was taking oll this in and my manhood had now grown and wanted to get in on some of this action. I unzipped my jeans and retrieved my throbbing cock from its restraint. I slowly stroked it as I watched the three of them continue to pleasure each other.

Barb motioned me to come over and join them. I went over and got on my knees and along with Barb kept Jan on edge as we both were licking her pussy. Mike then came over and pushed Barb to the side and robbed his cock all over Jan’ juicy pussy. Now I was still down there by Jan’s pussy when Mike’s cock arrived. I though “What the hell.” and reached up and grabbed Mike’s cock on popped his cock into my mouth. Mike pulled back and his cock popped out of my mouth and I told him “Mike, fuck Jan and I’ll help.” Mike then pushed his cock into Jan and I grabbed his balls and began to lick his hairy nuts. Mike was all wrapped up in screwing Jan with me playing with his nuts and had forgotten about Barb being there.

I glanced over to Barb and she had her hand buried in her crotch masturbating herself for all she was worth. Just then Mike gave a load groan and muttered that he was about to unload his nuts and I pushed Jan away and put his throbbing cock in my mouth and sucked as hard as I could and Mike hollered “SHIT!!” and I felt his cock grow and then contract as he shot his hot juicy cum in my mouth.

Now Jan moved over to Barb and they both laid on the floor and Jan laid atop of Barb with her mouth buried in Barb’s pussy and her pussy in Barb’s mouth. They sure made a good looking 69 that I had ever seen. Both Jan and Barb has simultaneous orgasms as both women moaned and there bodies shook from their ecstasy.
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