Ass to Mouth

Every once in a while my 65 old wife will have me lay on my back while she takes my limp cock in her mouth and begins to suck my cock til I'm fully erect and the she begins to slowly bob her head up and down on my engorged cock til I start thrusting my hips up and down. She knows that I am getting ready to release my load.

She then pauses and crawls on top of me, lays down facing my feet and takes my stiff cock and places it between her extremely wet pussy lips and begins to slide up and down on my cock.

As she get into her rhythm, I take my fingers and get them wet on her juices an rub between he hot pussy lips and my hard cock. As she moans with pleasure, I star to run my finger up to her hot tight asshole and begin to lube her hole. As her humping increases, I slowly star to push my finger up her hot tight asshole. The more her rhythm increases, so does my finger fucking of her asshole.

It usually does not take long and she begins to moan and I can fell her asshole beginning to contract on by finger as her orgasm begins to peak. As her asshole spasms in her orgasm , I ream her asshole as hard I can as she reaches her ultimate pleasure.

As soon as her orgasm subsides, she gets up, turns around and finishes the blowjob she began. Needless to say I have an extremely powerful orgasm as I blow my hot cream in her hot juicy mouth as she savors the taste of her cum along with my hot cum.

Sometimes, I fuck her in the ass just after her orgasm and howls like a banshee begging for more cock and and cream and for me to go down on her and suck her clit and lick her spent cream.....
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3 years ago
Good on ya mate..