The Vagina

I want to take a moment to celebrate the most sacred part of either of our human bodies. I want to take this moment to shower gratitude over whatever benevolent f***e created us with the art and love that it did.

Nothing remains so delightfully mysterious to me. It requires great care and tenderness and is so beautiful and elegant that words sometimes escape me.

Yep, I get it, some of you may think I'm just being the typical pervin' dude out here. And in fact maybe in some ways I might be, but I mean what I'm saying with reverence.

So what?

Is my journey quixotic? I sure hope not. Then again maybe it's okay if it kind of is....

I'm blessed to be a man and be just a step (or maybe several steps away for that matter...) further away from understanding the vagina as well as women do, it makes it all the more magnificent. Part of my journey thank goodness includes unlocking the beautiful mystery with the right woman.
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