Addicted to Cum

When I was twelve, my divorced mom, older s****r and I moved in with a man who would become my stepfather and his fifteen year old son. The house only had 3 bedrooms so I had to share my "stepb*****r's" double bed. We had some previous sexual encounters, basically every time we were alone. It started with him talking about hard dicks and cum and quickly led to him showing me how he could jerkoff. I was captivated the first time he shot a load. I couldn't wait to see him do it again.
I could get hard at the time but couldn't cum yet. He taught me how to give a handjob and the thrill of knowing my stroking got him to shoot that creamy white stuff was amazing. Obvously, the first night in our bed led to the same. Now he wanted me to kiss and lick his dick. He told me about blow jobs and that he couldn't wait for his first one. I decided to try!
It took a few nights of sucking him and ultimately jerking him off, but I got the nerve to taste his cum. I LOVED IT! The following night I gave him his first blowjob....swallowed the whole load and had him push me off his cock becuase it got too sensative for me to continue sucking it. I sucked him off every night until he graduated from high school and left for college. But now I was addicted to cum.....I had to have it.
What to do? I began eating my own. Not as good as having it shot in your mouth by someone else, but better than nothing. I got off so much that I could suck my own cock by the time I was s*******n. I continued that until I went to college and found a guy to fill my needs. Eventually had to resort to eating it out of girls pussies, including my wife's. I still ate my own when I got a chance to masturbate during the marriage and had to learn new ways to keep from ever wassting a good load.
Today, now a retired guy with a glass of my cum here ready to drink, has decided to try to find a guy or two around my age to share their delicious creamy nector with me every few days. I'm tired of wearing a condom to catch my loads when I get the urge to masturbate. I have finally cum to realize I'm a dick ted to cum!
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4 months ago
me too!
8 months ago
we could orally catch each others cum and then snowball our wads back to rightful owner
1 year ago
you can drink my anytime.
1 year ago
I swallowed my first creamy load at age 14 and fell in luv with right from the start.That was also the same encounter that I first recieved anal sex...what a great summer that was!
1 year ago
I know what u mean I'm the same way always looking for the next load
2 years ago
I share your facination with sperm. I just love it, too.
3 years ago
i want some