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I am a cum slut in the st louis area always looking for someone to suck off or fuck me and i never spit or waste cum by having you shoot on my face. I SWALLOW EVERYTIME!!!!!!!
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I wish I had a nice stiff cock in my mouth right now. Filling me with hot cum. Can anyone help me out?
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[Story] My First Cock

When I was 15 my friend Eddie who was 14 were inseparable, we ran everywhere together. Well one day we were out running around on a hot July day when we went into my basement to cool off. Well we both dozed off and when I woke up Ed's legs had separated and his cock and balls had fallen out. I was awe struck by the size of his cock for such a small boy. That I slowly got down between his legs for a better look. Calling his name quietly to make sure he was asl**p. And getting closer to what I was wanting. Wanting to touch it. Calling his name one more time and no response I got right up ... Continue»
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