b*****r and s****r games

when i was a young girl about 10 yrs old i can remenber me and my b*o always play a round when one day we were wreslting and i felt his boner i dident say anything or move away it felt kind of good poking my pussy! so we got up and we were doing wat we usually do watch tv u know a normal k** thing we were always alone my parents worked and i had older sibling that had alredy moved out but he was only like 5 yrs older than me. we got along just fine and always seem to play around till one day again we were wreslting around till we locked eyes and starded to kiss one an other i can feel his cock against my hot lil pussy and he told me to take off my pants to i did becasue i wanted this as bad as he did. so i took of my pants and he took off my panties i told me to get on my hands and knees so i did i remenber he spreded my ass checks and he stared to lick my ass and all my crack til i felt his tounge onmy pussy i have never flet this feeling befor and i loved it i knew he have been wanting to do this becasue i would always catch him jaking of to porn!. so he told me to pull down his pants and he took of his boxers and he showed me dick lage dick i touched it it was so soft and warm he told me to opean my mouth i dident really know wat i was doing i was only 10 at the time so he stuck his dickinmy mouth and for like 5 seconds i dident move he told me to suck it like a cany and to lick it like a lolipop so i did he moad a lil and i was just doing it until he stoped and he told to me to hold on then he went out the room i fallowed he was locking the windos the doors and than he loook at the time and said wen is mom geting off of work i told him i think at nite he said ok good to than we went to the room ans he told met o suck his dick again so i did than he got hard again than he told me again to get on my kneeds i can feel his dick press against my pusyy it felt so good and warm i loved it than he stuck his dick inside i really dont know if it hutred me or anything becasue i sont remenber but i jus knew i liked it and he did to he was fucking me hard and fast till he nuted inside of me but i dident know guys can nut til he moand than he stuck his dick out and said if i liked it told him yes he told me it was our new game and he told me wat do u want to call it i said kiss kiss h e said ok than he told me everytime no ones was hoem we would fuck and we did soon afther we did it even wen our parents were home... part two will be addded soon this dosent stop here!!

sorry if the spellign isent so great thanks fro reading everyone true stoy

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3 years ago
Nice story