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if u want a tribute please read

My name is Andrew, and I'd like to answer some questions you may have about me. I hope to tell you what you can expect if you choose to friend me on xHamster.
If I friend you, will i turn out to be an asshole?
There are MORE than enough jerks on xHamster. I do NOT want to be another one of them! I will respect your time and your boundaries.

Am i going to hound you to death?
I plan NOT to, and I pride myself in that. Every time you sign on, you are staring at a dozen friend requests and two dozen fresh comments. If I send you a PM or an email, I will strive to be brief, and to ask intelligent questions. Also, I will be patient about hearing back from you. If we have communicated for a while, and you enjoy being flirty and silly, I can do that too. ;-)

Am i going to creep out on you?
I understand the following: Just because you friended me, posted a comment about me, or sent me a PM - that doesn't mean you want to fuck me. I am not going to hop on a plane and show up outside your door. I am not going to tell you that we were meant to be together. I am not going to beg you to get on cam with me.I will ask for email but this is only if you want to watch the video more quickly as it sometimes takes up to a week for xhamster to upload a video.

We've been friends for a while. Why haven't i tributed you?
Have you asked nicely? :-) I will never just assume that you want a tribute. I will sometimes ask you if i see on your profile that you like or want a tribute.

Would you please tribute me?
Honestly, thank you for asking me! In order to meet a tribute request, I prefer to hear directly from females, or from couples who are both active on xHamster.I will take requests from males to tribute friends or gfs but real ladies requests will take precedence.

Where's my tribute?!?!
I desire to post only quality, and only for ladies who will sincerely appreciate it. I also have to "store up" between each try. All this means that I value your patience, and it will be rewarded with my very best.

So, really, how much longer is it going to be??
There is most likely a short(sometimes long) line of nice girls ahead of you. That being said, I trust that all NAUGHTY girls already know the techniques of how to cut to the front of the line. ;-)

Sometimes i will also see a pic that excites me so much that i will tribute it immediately as well. So sometimes you might get lucky with a pic. :-)

I also will only tribute a pic that has a face in it.So please dont ask if you dont have a face pic.

For Males: If I send you a friend request, it is most likely because I have seen your profile and that you are a fellow tributer.

Thanks so much for taking the time to get to know me better. I hope you find what you're looking for on xHamster. Have a great day! :-)

Posted by iwant2fuksamellis 3 years ago
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1 year ago
I read your post and like it! Will you please tribute me?! It would mean alot to me. Thanks!!
3 years ago
We am AnonyMoose!

We find you are a man of tributes!

We applaud & laud your efforts & your succinct blog!

We love love love them line-jumping wanton wenches in dire need!
3 years ago
G'day from Aussie, Andrew. You might be the one to tell a tired old Hippie from the Sixties what I'd like to know. I've been called Doc (it's the English version of an Indian name) and I want to find a good NVE video of some babe like Renae Cruz saying, "Oh, D0C, you're so..." You get the idea. Where can I post such a request where it will reach the maximum number of Little Helpers?
3 years ago
do my gf's face and ill do yours