She tricked me & am I glad

My most frequent fantasy is to be dressed like a slut for black men. I think about it at least 3 times a day. The most recurring fantasy is when I meet this black woman that turns me on. We talk for awhile and it seems like we are hitting it off pretty good. Then out of the blue she asks me if I want to continue this conversation at her place. Could I be this lucky? This fine black woman was inviting me to her house? Yes I told her smiling from ear to ear. She smiled back and told me to follow her. We get to her house and she tells me to have a seat while she gets more comfortable. I am sitting there so nervous and wondering how I got so lucky. About 10 minutes go by and she hollers from the other room for me to come on back. God yes. This is going to be so great. She has the bedroom door cracked open and peeping through it she is smiling. I also smile and lean up and kiss her. She opens the door and comes out in the hall wearing a robe. We pull each other tight and our tongues explore each others mouth. My cock gets so hard as she rubs it and giggles.
" White guys are small aren't they" she snickers. I should have been hurt, but actually I t only made me more excited. She could tell too because she started saying more things about my little dickie as she called it while rubbing it more.
" I knew you had a little dickie, thats why i wanted to bring you home." She whispered in my ear while grabbing my ass and pulling me closer.
" I am a kinky girl. If you come in my room, you will have to play my game of dress up." She whispered just before grabbing my ass hard and grinding into me and sliding her tongue deep in my mouth. She pulls back and says " well?" I am so horny for this sexy woman that I'll do anything. I tell her yes as she smiles takes my hand and guides me in her room. On the bed are stockings, garters, panties, a bra, a short plaid skirt, a white blouse and a blonde wig.
" Strip" she tells me more like a command as she rubs my cock again. I begin to undress while she watches. After i am naked she beckons me over with her finger. I stand in front of her, my cock grown to it's meager 6 inches. She holds it as if inspecting it.
" God it's so tiny. But it is cute." And she bends over and licks it. I moan and my knees get weak. In between licks she ask me things like.
" Are you going to be my little girl?"
" Will you be a good sissy"
" Are you going to do everything I tell you"
I keep moaning yes, anything as she licks my little cock.
" Good. First lets go remove that nasty body hair." She stands and guides me by my little cock to the bathroom. She has me stand in the tub as she makes me lather up while she gets a razor. She shaves my chest, arms, legs, ass, and balls. She tells me to shave my face really close and come back to the bedroom. I do and come out.
" Good girl. Now Put the bra and panties on"
I pull up the panties, but she has to help me with the bra. She Tells me to sit down as she grabs her make-up. She applies rouge and blush, eyeliner and shadow. Then some really shiny lip gloss painted on my lips. I try to look in the mirror but she stops me and says not yet missy. I blush. I cannot believe how far I am going with this, but I am enjoying it. She tells me to put on the stockings and garters. I do and love the way it feels on my freshly shaved legs.
" I knew you would like this. Most little dick white guys are sissies at heart. Tell me you like it. Tell me you like being a sissy."
I blush again and do say I like it.
" No No. Say it. " you tell me as you rub my ass over my panties.
" Oh yes. I like being a sissy." I moan.
"Good girl. Now the blouse and skirt."
I put the blouse on and smile at how the false bags in the bra make my chest stick out. I step into the skirt and pull it up, tucking my blouse in. I turn around and she is placing the long blonde wig over my head. She straightens and brushes it a little then steps back and smiles. She tells me to close my eyes and guides me to 5 foot mirror. I look and cannot believe the transformation. I know its me, but it looks like a woman.She stands behind me, reaches around me and raises my skirt. I watch in the mirror as she rubs my pantied covered cock. Her other hand grabs my fake tit as she grinds into my ass. I moan and push my ass back to her. She laughs and whispers in my ear.
" Does it feel good baby. Being my little sissy. You like me rubbing your little dickie huh. But girls don;t have dicks do they. So this must be your clit I'm rubbing. Tell me what I am rubbing baby."
" Oh god. my clit. Your rubbing my clit." I moan and push my ass back at her grinding body.
" Good girl. You like having a clit don't you?"
" Yes Ma'am, I love having a clit." I am now so into my role of being her girl as she can tell.
" Good girl. So this must be your little cunt" She says as she rubs the crack of my ass.
" Yes Ma'am.
" No Baby. Say it. Tell me what this is."
" Yes Ma'am. That is my cunt. my pussy."
" Good Girl. And I like it when you call me Ma'am. Now my little sissy, don't you wish you were a real girl?" Would you like for me to turn you into a real girl?"
"Oh god yes. Please make me a real girl." I moan rubbing my ass back harder at her as if she could fuck my virgin ass.
She pulls away from me and has me lie across the bed wide ways with my head over one side and my legs over the other. She tells me to reach down to the floor and she attatches some cuffs to my wrists. I look at her and she tells me not to worry she won;t hurt me. I smile as she finally opens her robe. Her tits are so perfect I think as she leans forward and tells me to lick her pussy. She straddles my face and I lap up all the she offers. I notice the scent is strong but think nothing of it and keep lapping it up.
" Oh yes my little sissy. eat me. I fucked my boyfriend before we met and his cum is in there. Yes sissy eat that cum. gonna make you a real girl. eat all that cum."
I could not believe what she was doing. She was having me eat her old mans cum out of her. god so humiliating. I don't know why, but I loved it. She leaned forward and played with my clit while i devoured her cream filled pussy. Then she screamed and rode her orgasm on my face. She got up and told me not to leave now, giggling . I must have been exhausted because i nodded off still cuffed over the bed.
I was awakened by voices coming from the hall.
" Oh Lionel, you were so right. White guys are natural sissies and they do have such tiny dicks. I got one right here Baby. come check it out."
The door opens and I am horrified as not one. but 2 black men follow her in the room.
" Haha. We told ya. All white guys are just bitches. The only thing they love more that being dressed like a girl is getting big black cocks in thier holes. Ain't that right bitch?"
I start begging and apologizing. " Please let me go. I am so sorry. I thought she was single. Tears were in my eyes.
" Haha. Dis bitch don't get it. My lady wanted to see a white sissyboy get fucked so we told her if she got one here we would let her watch." He said as he pulled his pants off. His friend grinning from ear to ear was also getting undressed. She sat down next to my head smiling as one of them placed his huge cock on my face.
" Now stop that. You said you wanted me to make you a real girl. well it don't get no realer than this, haha. You've already eaten cum, just now you get it fresh."
She held my face hard and told me to open my slutty lips. Tears in my eyes and unable to do anything else I let this big black cock slide over my lips. He took his time and slowly stretched my lips wider as he went deeper down my throat. I don't know why but i guess it is true about white sissies because i began to enjoy it. I sucked this big beautiful black cock like a pro. She was rubbing my throat and really getting off on feeling it expand when his cock went in.
" See baby. white boys are natural born cocksuckers for black cock. See how heshe likes it. Yea take it bitch. It's a shame though. cause after tonight, this white sissy will be craving black cock constantly. Yea suck it slut." He went on and on letting me know what I was truly born to do. Born to be a black mans white sissybitch. Then I felt my legs being lifted and my skirt pulled up and my panties pulled down. I screamed over the big cock in my mouth and he looked down and said just don't fight it girlyboy. We're takin both your cherries tonight one way or the other. You know you love sucking dark meat, so what would be the next step, haha. now if you be a good bitch we'll make it worth your while. so realx slut boy and take what your born for." I felt his cock head against my ass, god i thought. no way. Then she jumped up and got some lube for him thank god. Once he was well greased up he pushed and pushed, but my ass would not open. My white lips stretched with juicy black cock made it impossible for me to scream. Then it happenned. PLOP. and I lunged forward making Your huge cock go deeper down my throat than anything ever has. He stopped and let my ass feel the burning as you pulled back to hear me cry and scream. "Oh god please take it out. I can't take it. Your killing me."
You both just laughed and said relax bitch. Be fore too long you'll be begging to put it back in. Oooeee Lionel. Dis ho is tight. Your friend said as he pushed another half inch of his monster cock in me. You held my legs up high and told me to lick your balls as your girlfriend started playing with my tiny white cock.
" Oh look fellas, her clitty is so hard. She seems to like it to me."
Deeper he drove that big hot black cock as i whimpered and licked your delicious balls. It seemed like hours of pain but it was only 10 minutes when he finally got his balls against my ass. I could not believe he had every beautiful inch of his ebony man meat inside of me. You all watched as my whimpers turned into moans and I sucked your balls with excitement. You slid back and put your tasty chocolate candy back in my mouth as he began a slow rocking back and forth. Oh god. I was in heaven. I could not stop myself as cum exploded from my little white dickie. You and he picked up the pace and i rocked back and forth trying to get every inch of those black wonderful cocks in me.
" Look at dis bitch go. Yep a white ho. You like black cock now dontcha bitch. You gonna be suck and fucking black cock every day from now on, aintcha sheboy.' Both of you were fucking me hard and fast as i pushed and pulled to meet each thrust. I could see flashes going off and new your lady was taking pictures and although it was humiliating it also made me so proud to be taking care of 2 dark and handsome studs like this. You were so right about me wanting it. I could not get enough. I wanted so badly to taste and feel the cum I was soon to get. You were first as you pulled back just a bit giving my mouth enough room to swallow as that first delicious jet of your creamy juice hit my throat. as if possessed, I locked my lips around your cock head and sucked and swallowed while moaning at my new addiction.
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1 year ago
great scene and setup
1 year ago
very nice
1 year ago
really good
1 year ago
Wow that got my clitty all hard and leaking in my panties. Thanks
1 year ago
Well thank you somuch I just came again so good
1 year ago
Damn, i just came!!! Thx