The Sex Machine

Maddy had fallen in love with him when he was a brilliant student and they had married after graduation and just before the discovery of his degenerative condition. They had explored their physical attraction alongside the periods of paralysis which developed. Maddy had not conceived and the periods when he could not achieve or sustain an erection, as his body failed him meant that they had shared emotional love and been excited physically when this was mutually possible. He had encouraged her to masturbate and show him and overcoming her initial shyness she had loved his gentle love and the freedom to play mentally and physically in his company. They were devoted to each other and difficult though his severe disability had become life was good for them both from the strong love they had together.
He had grown over the years to be a distinguished professor and she had loved to share in his work and to be credited with co-writing and presenting papers and lectures.
Maddy felt satisfied with her life and the freedom to share her sex with him; she loved the ability to lead him and to please him and this aroused her intensely.
She expressed her unfulfilled need for prolonged penetration and he had an answer. During their lecture tour in California their ideas became prototype reality with the help of engineering colleagues and so Maddy came home with the small metal suitcase eager for the privacy of their home and the possibility of her new machine.
Since she dreamed of a range of lengths and thicknesses inside her (either just inside or deep deep inside) a variety of latex heads had been manufatured to fit on the driving shaft and the electric motor had a wide speed variation. He controlled the motor; Maddy selected the head and adjusted the shaft movement which was capable of delivering small entry movement or huge piston thrusts to withdraw and re enter massively. The case was discreet and had a controller lead and a power lead for English power supply but the company had developed similar models and sold them worldwide.
Maddy waited for the monthly time when she desired prolonged sex and outlined what she was dreaming about. The unit stood near the end of her bed and he was watching her as she lubricated the selected latex head. She showed her stretched open lips and her white creamy natural lubrication and asked him to enter her slowly. She gasped as the head thrust inside her and slowly pushed into her eager vagina; she had little difficulty in saying yes and deeper as the thrusting began and soon she was pushing against the whole lenght of his thrusting and squeaking with her shuddering orgams. He began to power into her and she came again and again taking her to her desired long thrusting session. He pumped so fast now she was unable to speak coherently but had continuous orgasm loved every one of them. As she became a little tender she used their safe word and he slowed to allow her to buck hard against the buried shaft as he fulfilled her desire for the hardest fastest and deepest orgams she had ever desired.
Yes the machine was state of the art and deserved success; she had all that she needed to be loved by him and she was equally happy that he was given the chance to be the most rampant of men inside her whenever and wherever they travelled. Maddy could over the course of the evening fulfill her desire for a dzen different penises inside her each one able to offer er for hours on end what she desired. All the time the man she adored was gently pleasing her and being fulfilled in his desires, overcoming his disabilty and her arousal excited them both to the ultimate.
Maddy stood against walls, knelt on the floor, lay with her knees on her breasts and was filled with her desired pleasure. She loved to take it for 20-30 minutes and if she could cope physically liked to try to break personal records. She was fit and powerful vaginally and was amazed what she could now do. She loved how the units developed and were enhanced and how succesful the company had been in manufacturing and selling pleasure to women all over the world.
Life was good!
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