The mystery gift

Jenny was puzzled by the delivery note that a packet had not been possible to deliver; she had not ordered anything since she was never home to take deliveries.
She wondered if she should go to collect after work or whether to ask her mother who lived nearer to collect. Jenny thought she had better collect herself.
She would have the rare evening with her teenage son out tomorrow and could collect the package and open in privacy.
Jenny was looking forward to a relaxing evening alone and she toyed with playing with her Ann Summers party purchase which had performed so well last month. In the company of women she had bought her first vibrator a cheap and cheerful one and found it had worked admirably releasing four huge orgasms one after the other. Yes she was horny this week and tomorrow evening would be a chance to relax for an hour in her bedroom.
After work she collected a padded bag from the collection office. The bag offered no clues; her name and address and postcode were handwritten on a label and the postmark was not local across the other side of the county and she did not know anyone there.
She decided that her vibrator could wait a short while but she would undress and slip on her kaftan and stockings and belt. She had been horny at work she noticed her underwear was wet and she needed some release. It was rare for her to have male company and the privacy for sex did not exist as she spent most of her time with her son, at home and in social groups and summer schools and activities. In fact she seemed to know more gay men than straight!
So feeling not only her curiosity aroused she used scissors in her bedroom to open the package to find within it two more vibrators. The smaller had a latex sleeve which produced interesting veins and a foreskin roll as well as an interesting thick dick head. The larger measured 12 inches and had a variable speed by rotating the flat end where the provided battery pack had to be inserted. If only she could handle 12 inches for real she smiled. She was puzzled about this. Who would send her these? It did not appear to be a company since there was no documentation or invoice and the correct batteries (two different types and quantities) were not in commercial packaging but had been provided.
Her wetness and horniness got the better of her and she decided to try both out immediately. Jenny had been celibate for much of the last decade. She wanted to masturbate but her son would be able to hear and she was not quiet she thought to herself, perhaps she should try to be quiet now as the neighbours may hear the vibrator noise- but she relaxed they were away on holiday.
She liked the feel of the latex sleeve on the smaller machine but this was much stronger than her simple vibrator, she thought that a deep powerful vibrator would probably fill her hunger for deep sex. But she also had to try to imagine what a foot of stiff plastic would do to her inside. She decided to sit on the smaller and bend over and ram the larger up as far as she could. She was very wet and could smell her juice now as she slid the kaftan away and turned the power on. WOW that was really strong in her hand so what was it going to do inside her? She took a deep breath and slid on top and loved how powerful that was up inside her convulsing vagina then she came hugely from relief/release and pent up needing to. It didn't stop there but carried on she was gasping and trying hard not to moan but she was grunting she thought. Horny was not the word and she could hear how wet her contractions were.
I must have the big one she said out loud and bent over the edge of her bed she decided that the monster needed to slide in and out. She had dreamt sometimes of being roughly taken almost resisting the man with the long cock who was intent on rough deep shagging. With just a little vibration she rammed it home savagely and came for minutes, one leg on the floor the other along the bed and loving the deep powerful thrusting, she then went to maximum power and came messily with it somewhere around her navel she thought/wished!
I am so horny she thought between orgasms I am so desperate for the real thing I would let anyone big have me. What a horny slut I am. Jenny hated to end but she needed a bath now after panting and slopping her creamy wetness on her bedding and herself. she had kept her first vibrator at the back of her bedside drawer but 12 inches was too big to fit there. She wold have to clean it and hide it in her clothing.
She was mystified who her benefactor might be; it could not be anyone of her friends at the Ann Summers gathering she had only gone with one colleague from work and knew no one else and these were not from Ann Summers catalogue or range.
The following day as she felt satisified from her relief of the night at home she knew her neighbours had been away on holiday so could not have been involved. She wondered about her son but he could not have known about vibrators or have afforded to buy one let alone the cost of both and batteries.
The mystery was never solved but in her free time both fulfilled her hunger for excitement and eased her solitude and commitment to care for her son and enable him to go to university. She tried to find free time to use them and developed fantasies of men watching her and wanking themselves and spraying her stout boddy and large breasts. She bcame a complete slut and was wild with desire to come and come again.
Replacement batteries deepened the mystery they were expensive and so whoever send that parcel had both knowledge of two unusual vibrators and had spent some money to provide them. She began to imagine she was showing how she used them to him telling him about them and showing her excitement.
Who do you imagine could have sent them to her?
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3 years ago
LoL, a very sweet friend. Good story