No Picnic

Deirdre had volunteered for over a year now in the wake of her divorce. She had a comfortable flat and was provided for financially and the daytime and evening volunteer role involved driving vehicles for a local community transport scheme. She was happier now not drinking as much in order to drive safely.
Her marriage had ended and she felt relief that she no longer had to endure the sexul frustration of a husband who ejaculated on the inside of her thighs before he entered her eager vagina and then fingered her when what she wanted was him inside her. She had felt good recently and was aroused almost always secretly. She had been chatted up by both men and a woman so she knew she was communicating sexually.What she lacked in her life was cock; she positively wanted one she thought.
She had wondered about the possibilty when she had collected a male amputee to drive to an appointment and return him home. He lived at the top of house with many stairs. His room had contained stacks of porn magazines and she knew he had a hard for her, but had not wished to be anything other than compassionate and professional. His pain and discomfort had caused her to lift him over her shoulders and return him to his room. She was large and powerful, worked out with weights and as a party piece tore up telephone directories; she liked the attention this brought her.
Recently she had driven a bus group for a day trip. The youth group had been predominantly black 16-18 year old male offenders and one or two female shoplifters who had been part of a youth scheme. Their youth workers had planned the informal outing as a way to try to engage them in a group activity. Deirdre had been asked to identify a local swimming pool and since she had a her period she had watched from the spectator area as the group had been in the pool. She had noted a trio of young men who were obviously well endowed; Darius who stammered could not swim but had enjoyed playing in the water. Deirdre thought he was erect in his trunks but no it was just his natural size she saw through the wet material. She had felt aroused and could stare at him without anyone noticing her excitement. Darcus was the dangerous sullen member of the group. He wore knee length swim shorts and was muscular. Deirdre could not see a clearly defined cock in those shorts but sensed he was big; she had been told that he was a already a violent offender but had not been prosecuted for v******e despite involvement in several thefts where knives were used to threaten victims. Within the group he had attracted Stephen another unemployed and alienated 18 year old on the fringe of knife crime.
Deirdre had driven each of them individually since that trip and tried to be friendly but discreet as she had ferried them to appointments and groups in the evenings as youth workers had tried to offer an alternative to the streets. Darius lived with an alcoholic father who had beaten him and Darius' mother. She was shocked by the poverty of their housing and by the attitude of his father.
She had longed to see these 3 in swimming gear again; it had been a recurring fantasy as had the unfulfilled desire to handle a black cock. She was wet and tingling whenever a thought entered her head. Perhaps the proximity to this group or simply her need to have men enter her to satisfy her had caused her to want to be with them. But there were no other trips planned she was told. Darius's youth worker told her he faced another court appearance in a week's time as a witness. Deidre felt she neede to act then and had managed to phone and arrange to meet the trio one evening. She was wet and longing to ask them to show her their cocks, to play with them. Deirdre realised this may end her volunteering if any of the trio spoke of her sexual behaviour but each of them was adult and she felt probably unlikely to mention it to any of the authorities.
So braless and without underwear in a skirt and blouse rather than her support briefs and slacks she drove to collect them hoping that they would turn up at the park entrance she had suggested.
To her flooding excitement she saw the trio walking along the road as she approached in the estate car she had booked for the evening. They got in and she drove to her pre selected isolated picnic site in the approaching dusk. In the back of the car were sl**ping bags and cushions and a supply of XL condoms from the Sexual Health worker at the Youth project. She hoped for enough interest to use them!
She parked and told them what she wanted; let down the seat they were seated on and she would open the tail of the estate car and they could see her naked; she wanted them to take her provided they wear protection. Darcus smiled broadly and agreed, Darius she thought seemed nervous and maybe this would be his first time. She bent over the rear sill of the car and dropped her skirt whilst Darcus reveled the kind of black cock she had only ever dreamed of. It was long and ebony with a rolled back foreskin and she thought that the helmetwas like a black mushroom cap. That was quite weapon and his ball sac hung low. That was a seriously big weapon and she wanted it in her. Darcus eased his length into her and she heard her eager wet slurping; he latched onto her breats through the blouse and began to open the blosue. She felt him start to hammer her hard and came repeatedly saying YES YES as he delivered a pounding piston f***e in her creamy depths. Everything she had ever desired was punded into her; he slowed and withdrew almost only to ram deep about every 30 seconds she came in anticipation as he teased and delayed the inevitable slam back to fill and stretch her; "I love your cock" she gasped between her shuddering climaxes "I want to climb on top Darcus next time" he held off coming for as long as he could but in a powerful series of her orgams he lost control and began to pump hugely inside her. As Deirdre watched him withdraw his cock was white with her cream and the condom was so full of his spunk she wndered how it did not burst. She gasped as a new shorter and thicker cock was f***ed inside her noisily. She was doggied from behind by a mystery cock who did not have the cotrol on staying power of the monster Darcus had introduced. Deirdre backed against the deep thrusts and came repeatedly how she had always longed for this much cock inside her. He came and a beaming Darius pulled out to be replaced by a third black viened offering which was longer an intermediate in the trio. The shortest mount of the three took a little over a minute to pump in her very hard strokes which left her swimming with panting sweaty orgasms.
Darius the climbed onto the sl**ping bags and held a vertical cock; she needed no further invitation to slide down his pole and began to work out on it as he lay quietly without moving. She soon came and managed several before he rolled her on her back and slammed harder and harder to pump her full.
Deirdre worked on whatever was given her that evening; she was delirious with pleasure had the roughest sex of her life with a pummeled vagina enlarged beyond belief.
The following week she was told that Darcus had been arrested and held in custody and his evidnece in court had implicated him in offences; in subsequent weeks the other two were also imprisoned but Deirdre wet herself whenever she recalled that trio taking her repeatedly in the desrted picnic area that evening.

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Nice story.
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good story, nice to hear of a well filled cunt properly used.
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very very hot
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good story.more more!