The Holiday

Bridget had grown up on a small holding in Ireland in a Roman Catholic parish and had enjoyed her s****r's company through their teens. They were told to leave the small holding when the stallion visited their mares but of course they always found a covert way to creep back close enough to see the mating.
Bridget had been a bright young girl and encouraged by the parish priest's sponsorship she had been sent to boarding school and then she won a place at University and trained as a pharmacist. She had met and married Tommy in her late twenties and he had been her first lover that night in the hotel room. She had imitated the mare at home and knelt on all fours for him to mate with her and he seemed to her to lack the vigour she expected and which the stallion had always delivered.
Her father had died suddenly of a heart attack and one week after the funeral her newly married husband was killed suddenly. Bridget's world was shattered by these losses and she drank for consolation. Anti-depressants helped gradually on the road to a painful recovery and she returned to her mother's home to try to keep her housed there but it proved too much and they left Ireland to live near her s****r and husband in the English Midlands. Her mother was depressed and there were life threatening ilnesses which meant that Bridget began to care for her. Now in her 40's and rather exhausted her f****y had suggested the holiday to allow her to relax. She had not had a holiday since her honeymoon partly through lack of money and her and her mother's health worries and had felt that a holiday alone was rather difficult for her in any event.
Through these years her sexual desire for men had increased and she had felt that she would love to have the company of a husband. Oftern alone in bed she wanted the warmth and intimacy and she felt the hot desire to be mounted and satisfied with powerful,vigorous masculine effort. She often dreamed of the immense warm pleasure her view of the rampant stallion of her c***dhood had given her. "Bridie you were so innocent" she often thought, sometimes aloud and savoured that short marriage and the joy she found in encouraging Tommy to be rougher inside her willing body.
The holiday perhaps with a girl friend might give her a sexual oppurtunity she mused. In that case better to go alone somewhere where she could have privacy. The thought of a retreat to a convent began to fade. The idea of a secluded self catering cottage or unusual place grew and with it the desire for a man. She confessed to her priest that she was having impure thoughts and then regretted blurting out her desire for a return of married conjugal pleasure. The priest was warm and sympathetic to her needs and desires though and asked if she might like some support from a counsellor in view of her difficulties of bereavement and the grinding challenge of caring for her mother. Shortly after this several men began to seek her company and she sensed some match making had been attempted. She resolved to be independent and finally found a holiday let which she discussed and took for 4 weeks in a village.
Feeling comfortable and confident she then turned to what to wear and do to find a man. She considered a number of possibilities and chose 3 options:
To seduce any age etc at the outset and have a regular holiday stay fling
To try to pre-arrange a visitor or two to stay overnight
To advertise beforehand and then welcome someone she had met.
"Bridie are you really able to seduce someone?" she asked herself one day and immediately felt a flooding arousal. It seemed simple enough to be herself and chat warmly and flirt with anyone who looked a possible. She liked the thought of someone powerfully built who laboured as this seemed the human equivalent of the stallion. She explored finding someone before the holidy and advertised in the area she would stay in flat above an out building of a large house with garden and fields. The owners mentioned horseriding as a possibility and this appealed to the young teenager within her who had always ridden.
So she arrived with some potential dates and an overwhelming desire to bed a man at the first oppurtunity.
The main house provided bed and breakfast for guests but she had chosen self catering and the end of lane village store met her needs. On arrival and at the owners reception area was a builder contracted to work that week and Bridget smelled his fresh cologne and felt aroused. It was simple to smile and chat and the man offered to carry her luggage to the flat for her to the evident relief of the owner! Bridie was dressed ready to turn her charm on and had hesitated on the train before removing her french panties so she was naked beneath her skirt. The stranger invited her to go ahead up the staircase and she very blatantly lifted her skirt from her knees and then stopped to adjust her stocking tops almost dreaming of a bulging reaction. She apologised and turned to face a very rewarding and obvious male reaction in his crotch. Bridie smoothly turned on the blarney and mentioned she had so looked forward to the privacy of a small private room where she could relax and possibly be with some male company and explained she cared for a sick relative. She knew this was working and once inside the flat he shared in the exploration of her accommodation and approved. She rapidly moved to compliment him on his erection and mentioned her c***dhood experience of the stallion and how long she had gone without a man; he had no opportunity to interrupt until she asked what colour underwear he thought she put on as she had none there at present. He asked her if this was true and she slipped off her skirt to lift her black slip and confirm that her naked smooth lips were available to him. Kneeling on the floor she mentioned her stallion and how forcful his thrusts had been. She felt him enter her urgently she squealed and panted as the waves of excitement and relief flooded her.
"Rougher" she urged and he duly obliged ferociously slamming into her and pullng her back to him. She also gripped and moved rythmically back to get him deep he then slowed and moveed her to the bed where he spread her wide and angled a very deep all in one slam into her to cause a long series of orgams.
Bridget was loving this and he continued to be just what she had dreamed of for a long time before he finally pumped and sprayed inside her, deep inside and ramming fast and hard to her enormous panting and prolonged orgasmic pleasure even when he with drew she was in spasms of relief and excitement. Bridget said I have only four more weeks left for this and grinned at him.
The bright colleen had triumphed and she shone brightly with him as they continued to satisfy her desires that evening.
In the days which followed she managed to seduce a stable hand who was simply delighted to become a stallion for a month and wined and dined by her dates she glowed with sexual maturity and lustful blarney for the month.
Little wonder then that she floated homeward with radiant twinkles in her eyes rosy cheeks and aching from both having ridden and been ridden for the first time in years.
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3 years ago
Very nice story, thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
very hot & good