The Longing

Marilyn was feeling tense and uncertain Last night the sound for over half an hour of her neighbour's orgasm indeed the slapping of flesh upon flesh had alerted her to the intensity of what her neighbour was receiving in a long sex session. She remembered sex like that rough pounding and deepness always had been exciting.
This had added to the frustation of recent day when her body was biologicaly signalling her need for such arousal with a man. She had been wearing a pantypad to cope with her wetness and the intense arousal had been unbearable and constant.
Marilyn's teenage daughter's and her values prevented her from feeling comfortable with masturbation and she had not found since her divorce that there had been a suitable man she felt comfortable with to share any intimacy- emotional or pysical. The pain of her divorce and physical abuse that preceded it had left her numb for the first few years; beside she had only had the one lover her husband and had been a virgin when she had married him. Their honeymoon and three years together had been very active sexually and very exciting for her although his violent temper and maltreatment durng her first pregnancy and later v******e to her had meant that she had had to take her daughters and be sheltered from him until legally he was removed from her and their life.
She was happy with her daughters both bright and talented young women and they clearly felt she deserved a new relationship as they had enocuraged her to meet men they knew for dates and meals. But Mr Right was not available and despite her involvement at both local parish and Diocesan level the only men to seek her company had been either disreputable or simply intolerable.
She enjoyed sunbathing in her garden in her swimsuit aware that on occasions she was overloked and probably watched. She was quite modest about gradually exposing more of her top to the sun and felt sure that she was being watched by both men who were neighbours and she considered what they might do after seeing her. One man was loud and uncouth; the other very quiet and she knew was a good listener and compassionate to the sufferings of other locally.
Both had jokingly chatted to her in different ways and she imagined that both were sufficiently interested to look inquisitively at her in her one piece swimsuit in the garden.
Marilyn loved to read in the sun but found that she could become embarassingly wet if the reading material stimulated her mind and body. She found it hard not to flood with eager anticipation and there had been the knock at the door one day from her loud neighbour and the glance at her which she thought indicated an awareness that she was blushing and probably had failed to hide her moistness. No overt sexual conversation but his offer of needed help had meant he was in her home for 10 minutes and she was aroused and embarassed and uncertain how to handle the situation. Just before her daughters came home his wife had returned and she knew that sex had followed very quickly and thought she had probably aroused him in some way. this bossted her sense that she was a very sexy woman if only she could find the right man.
She longed for an attractive man to enter her life and allow her to remarry and fulfil her body's insistent craving for release. She was waking at nights clearly aroused even touching herself in her sl**p but she had only ever masturbated with her former husband and she felt uncomfortable about attempting to do so now with her daughters in the house and aware that she could hear both neighbours clearly each time they had sex.
Her drowsy dreamy moments had her bathing naked alone in pools in a forest but being observed by a man or even more than one man. Where this dream had originated she was unsure perhaps it was linked to her sunbathing and her thought that despite her large legs and buttocks and the size of her breasts she loved her body and it's power to feel intense emotions. Often she awoke from this dream with a very wet and powerfully contracting vagina and the longing to have a man inside her to sit on top and hang her breats in his face and to use his hardness to satisfy her wet quivering near orgasmic arousal.
She had also had that orgasm when riding a bicyle! She had cycled from the church on a borrowed bike from one of the women. The pleasure of a warm sunny day and the rhythm of climbng the steep hill had brought her already wet crotch to the point of no return and she had felt the explosion subside as she coasted down a slope. That day her briefs had to be changed at home before she could return to church and she had imagined that men had been looking at her crotch all day, she had been looking at their crotch and spotted some bulges and felt that she had been signalling her sexual feelings almost u*********sly.
She had not been able to tell anyone of her feelings and this was an additional frustration.
Marilyn eventually decided that her wetness was such she simply had to masturbate to relieve her body but she was reluctant to do so-she needed some way to feel she was with someone and showing him her excitement. She decided to wear only her large kaftan and to pretend that man lay on her bed erect and watching her reveal her naked body to him, bending over lifting her large buttock cheeks and pushing them apart. She knew that she was visibly contracting now, her heart was racing and she could imagine him stroking his male member. She wanted him very stiff and swollen purple with desire to enter her body. She stood with one leg raised on the bed, pulled her lips wide glistening and could feel her powerful muscles shaking the bed so intense were her contractions vaginally. She could just imagine now squatting on his engorged purple tip and she allowed a wine bottle neck to enter her and soaked the bottle with intense orgasms as she imagined a man in there to grip and lodge deep inside. the waves of pleasure and the flood of relief washed over her panting hot body and she did not regret her decision to opt for physical relief.
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3 years ago
hot & sexy
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Good story! xx
3 years ago
totally agree with Alared there
3 years ago
very good and a hot story.should be more.