My friend Deborah

Deborah is an elegant 52 year old professional woman who is single. We have known each other for a decade and she recently confided in me of a secret life which was dramatically different from her appearance.
She introduced this into a conversation by mentioning her menopause had passed and then came the revelation after a request for confidentiality. She has worked with me as a fellow counsellor and therefore we trust each other implictly. I must confess what she told me did indeed reveal what she referred to as a dark side her personality.
She explained that she had been sexually active as a student and in her twenties but her career and other factors allowed little scope for a permanent relationship and after a one night holiday fling 12 years ago when she was slightly taken off guard by a direct sexual request to take her to her room and have sex from a young man she had been celibate.
She had however felt frequently aroused and to calm her at these times she masturbated sometimes for long periods and readily achieved repeated climaxes. She then revealed her fantasies and said these had become almost compulsive since her menopause and she desperately wanted to fulfil them in reality. She had been lead to believe that her menopause may lead to a loss of desire and that intercourse might be dry painful and that her desires may subside to almost memories. On the contrary she said she was extremely aroused continually and found in everyday life triggers for her secret and unfulfilled sexual desires.
Well spoken immaculate Deborah who is very professional and caring in day to day life confessed she craved the sexual performance of groups of men; she wanted to be taken by a lot of men continuously but had been deterred from risking doing this openly through fear of her safety, disease and so on. She was aware that it is possible to go outdoors to certain locations to meet strangers but felt unable asa single woman to do so; nevertheless she WANTED this kind of anonymous sex and told me she spoke to herself in the filthiest way she knew to imagine such sex. I asked if she was asking me to help her and she said yes in two ways; both to share her secret with a trusted male friend and to ask to find out how she could safely attempt this.
I asked if one man could satisfy her desire and no only temporarily she wanted sex to last for hours and that meant a group. I told her I had a friend who had introduced me to a dogging spot(see my story A Country Lane) How would she feel about me accompanying her? She said she had almost hoped I might offer to do so as she trusted me but wondered how our friendship might be affected?
I too needed to think of that as we have been friends for years and we do work together from time to time as volunteers. I also needed to adjust to the thought of a highly aroused friend turning from a sophisticated woman to someone with a filthy vocabulary and repertoire of multiple stranger sex. I also asked how she felt she could physically cope with repeated sex over a long period. She said she was unsure but that her masturbation was rough and for hours so was confident. She said on reflection she would prefer to be indoors in a room than out of doors.
So we embarked on a litle homework; contacted people we knew to be involved and arrived at accommodation which was secluded and some recommendations of likely and reliable men who would both arrive and as it were deliver! Deborah's dark side involved a new name, a desire to exhibit herself and talk extremely dirty and to have minimum of 5 men in the room at any time and to encourage the roughest deepest sex she could dream of. She hoped to end a long drought and to then repeat every month or so.
I have to say Deborah earlier this year achieved her goal-but that is another story which satisfied her enormously and left me quite amazed at my friend's lusty joyful celebration of her sexual freedom; her power over the male body and her breathtaking stamina to drain a group of 9 seasoned doggers overnight.
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3 years ago
Nice story. Would love to hear the details of that night.
3 years ago
wow she sounds so hot
3 years ago
3 years ago
Very nice, a good story. Thanks for posting.