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We have known each other since we were 18 and both have successful careers in differing fields and disciplines but have shared a common interest in sport, food and much else. She is independent, brilliant and focussed. From time to time her body reminds her that it too has needs and she first mentioned these to me in her final year at university. She was aroused and finding concentration difficult and suggested she needed simple silent no questions asked sex but also needed to feel safe and wanted to simply be in a hotel bedroom. She quizically suggested we stay in a country hotel/restaurant for two nights and I wanted her then.
She wore only self support stockings when I returned that afternoon from a run in the lanes and fields and lay her on her back and I began to explore her wetness with my lips and tongue to her evident pleasure. She had described the need she desired for entry and I duly did so offering her my manhood which she soon moved along and grasped eagerly in her muscular womanhood. I began to move more confidently and she approved a little more powerfully each thrust and then a stabbing lunging f***e inside her produced tight contractions forcing me out ward until I slammed roughly back against them a****l thrusting her extreme pleasure shook her body and she laughed uncontrolled as she craved more and for longer. I was in no hurry to climax and varied the speed and angle that went in deeply to her moaning lack of control, her panting laughing monosyllabic "yes" repeated to guide and encourage the more vigorous passages in this symphony of her pleasure. After some minutes I began to lose my iniital control and slapped hard against her and exploded with great power and continued spasms of liquid pumping from me.
I immediately went to her lips with mine. She was swollen exposed with wet thighs and white with a mixture of our bodies and she had intense convulsions when I ran my tongue over her hood mounde and around each lip. She stood and bent forward reaching to handle my revived and engorged manhood and encouraged me to take her again. I became a b**st inside her ramming and thrusting again then withdrawing to slam back inside to her encouraging "more, more".
We are both abstinent for several months each year due to career pressures but she will indicate a wish to unite silently when her need arises. We rarely speak of these encounters and if she has other partners she has never confided them. We spend time together and yet live very individual careers and lives with our own circle of teaching, tutoring and commercial workplace meetings. It became practical to share a house which is a place to entertain and work for each of us which is cleaned and stocked for us by others where we sometimes sl**p and could accommodate others if we wished. We run, swim and cycle together regularly and with others including like minded students and friends.
I am fortunate to have such a brilliant colleague.
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3 years ago
Mea culpa I can't disagree with two brilliant women. There had been our first year meeting which preceded this it is true. I plead some artistic freedom to overlook that in favour of this occasion and ofcourse being a man I don't recall the ensuing tutorial or the day and time! I concede to 2 much more brilliant women!
3 years ago
This is a very touching and exciting account of your feelings for Penny. I am privileged to know you both and this excites on several levels! It's interesting that the male recall differs from the female memory of your first year third term. I am sure you will be teased for that oversight in the years to come. An older colleague recalls a female first year's evident joy that day!
3 years ago
Thank You Mikey1ra (Penny)
3 years ago
a hot exciting bed partner
3 years ago
Very good story.Glad you have such a good friend.