perfect slave

last two years many girls and women pass through my hands,everyone talk how is good slave,how is very good in submissive games and likes same.few are asking humilation,few hard spank,but many ask BDSM+humilation.most are quit but one is ask more after all.this is story about her

Hi,my name is Vanesa,told me a brunette in coffee.want to be hurt,beaten,want red ass,pussy,all body.i can be a your slave all time who need to punish me good.i have only one request:on each 2h must kick me in you agree?
Vanesa take me for hand and we are gone in her apartment.i start beaten her from coffee to her apartment.when is open door i kicked in ass,slap by face and start undress.she was surprised,but very fast her hands was handcuffed,and beaten over body.suddenly i was kick in cunt,she fail from pain,start piss and got so many slaps,whips,kicks why urinate without permission.tortured her breast,nipples,ass,pussy.with whip and stick i destroyed her back,stomach,but she ask more and more.her ass was changed colors and she is constantly ask more.putt thong in her mouth,tie for pillar and whipped her breast.when start pee,i am collect her urine and she drink.after 10 min she start suck my cock,take deep in throat.she swallow all cum,start lick balls.when was hard my cock start slammed in her pussy.she scream,but every loudly scream was punish with harder sex and red cheeks.when was close push cock in mouth,fulfill with sperm and keep mouth closed.she swallow sperm and i start urinate on her body.
release her hands,kick in cunt.till roll on the floor from pain,continue kick by stomach, one moment i raised up,beat by stomach and till fall on floor kick twice.she roll on floor couple minutes,till i urinate by her.when rest and recovery she got it another tour whip on ass and breast,cock in ass and drinking piss
when try stop humilation she got kick in cunt,shaving pussy and hair.beautifull girl became monster in pain
after all tell me:must repeat this soon,next time be a bit tender,don t be brutal as today
she kissed me for goodbye,she got couple slaps on cheeks and kisses to confirm new meeting
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2 years ago
Ouch!! be a little bit gentle.. :) Cheers!