Bbw transformation part 1

I had just gotten home from a long day at work and felt really horny so i decided to wack one off. logging on to my favorite porn site I started browsing new uploads. After about 5 minutes or so I stumbled across the name sexy bbw voodoo transformation and in the picture was the most beautiful face I had ever seen so I thought what the hell, I'm not really into larger woman but dam she has a gorgeous face so I clicked on the video and started jerking my dick. The girl came into the screen wring a sexy black corset with bright green lace accents and matching green panties sat down in a chair and started rubbing her pussy threw her panties which all ready had a wet spot. I couldn't taker my eyes off of her, thinking to my self how beautiful her plump curves looked or how her huge tits filled her corset. Even her chubby face was infatuating. At about that time I felt a strange pressure in my gut,but thought nothing of it and continued to beat off unknowing about the can of worms I had opened. The girl started to pick up the pace rubbing fast on her clit as she pulled her tit out. I could of sworn she was getting thinner by the moment not to mention her hands looked bigger, but at that point I could care less I was so horny. I started stroking my cock faster and faster feeling like i was going to blow my load soon. Man this is an amazing porno I thought to my self. She finally pulled her panties to the side reveling a huge clit that looked like a small dick but i couldn't stop jacking off to her. It was like I was in a trance and nothing else mattered but that i was horny an in need. I didn't even notice her tits were but a fraction of there former size when I felt an orgasm roll over but it felt different time my hole body quivered yet I didn't feel the cum shoot out of my cock. Watching the screen the girl began to reach her orgasm but to my shock a thick white rope of what i could only describe as cum shot out of her now enormous clit. I thought to my self what the fuck how is that possible but the thought was cut off by a wet felling on my chair, almost like someone split a glass of water on it. jumping up in horror with my hand still on my cock i saw the distinctive look of s mound and my cock looked just like a big pink clit shrinking smaller and smaller with each pulse. Reaching down I went to check balls but was grated with a pair of wet lips. it was at that moment that I noticed that my belly had looked bloated,but it wasn't until my arms started to swell that I realized my hole body was ballooning. I watched in horror as my once fit body became larger and more pronounced by the second. I could feal the fatcells growin as my body continued to change. As I stood there frozen from fear I watched my once hard cock settle into its new position becoming a small clit disapering between a par of fat lips. Without a notice my ass and thighs began to swell getting fatter and fatter creating a pear shaped curve. As my thighs continued t grow so to did the mound above my new slit. Even the outer lips of my new pussy plumped with jucy fat. Still in shock I felt my shirt start to constrict as my belly started to spill out and two tender mounds began to form on my chest. Frantically I tore off my shirt only to be greeted by a pare of growing breasts becoming larger and heavier by the second. My body continued to change grow heaver, and right when I thought my skin couldnt strach anymor I began to get light headed. I must of passed out because I found my self laying face down on my bedroom floor.still groggy I stood up and almost fell over as my now pendulous breasts swong back and forth. I thought to my self what the fuck this cant be real as my hands felt my still expanding belly. As I stood there trying to figure out what had happened I heard a voice. Noticing the video was still up I began to scan for the girl but she was no where in sight. A few seconds later a man who looked unmistakably like i once did walked into the screen and said to me I hope your getting used to your new body, this one will do me just fine, nice cock by the way. he spurted out some numbers and then said see you in a year all of a sudden the screen blacked out. Unable to comprehend what had just happened to me I started freaking out. Passing back and forth I finally looked at what I had become in the mirror. There i stood about 5'4 with long read hair bright green eyes and pale white skin. by this time my body had stopped growing. A pare of heav g-cup tits with big creamy pink areolas and thick pink nipples hung from my wide chest.They felt so heavy and were sensitive to the touch. My belly was huge with a slight overhang and small role, yet it was soft ad squishy. Even my fingers had little bit of a cute plumpness to them. As I spun around and began to bend over to looked at my now fat ass nearly falling over again from my monster counterweights of tits. As i stood there bent over looking at my wide hips and chubby calf's.As I stared there at my round ass and chubby lips I realized what those numbers were.They were measurements of my new form. 50,54,52 I thought to my self I had to of gained at least a hundred pounds putting me at around 280, but as I looked at my voluptuous figure I couldn't find a single stretchmarks on my pale skin. As I continued to admire my new plump form by rubbing and squeegeeing my new round belly and tits when I started felling a strange wet felling grow between my thighs and without thinking my hand instinctively moved south I began spreading my chubby lips and in an instant felt the humidity radiate onto my hand. Without even pausing to think I slid a finger into my fat wet cunt. It was so tight snd like someone socked me the pleasure was so intents. I decided it be better to do this laying down so I garbed a towel placed it on my bed and layed down. my huge new tits sagged to the side a little but gave me an amazing view of my new plump belly. as I spreed my legs I felt a cool breeze blow on my dripping pussy that sent chills of pleasure thought my body. ok here I go, I thought to my self as my first finger barred its self in my tight cunt I had to bight my lip to keep my self from screaming as the second went in. Grabbing my tit I finger fucking my self for what seemed like hours, squeezing my tits needing my soft belly and fingering my hole in every position I could. All of a sudden I felt as if I had to pee. Without hesitation I removed my fingers from my sobbing cunt which were soon fallowed by a gush of clear liquid fallowed by my hole body spamming. After it subsisted I got a unusual desire to make some food. I had never been this hungry in my life. Feeling like I could eat a hours I began making food. First some mack and cheese fallowed by a frozen pizza and about 40 minutes later finished with a small cake. Grabbing a 2 liter some chips and waddled my way back to my room. Turning on the tv I plopped my wide ass into my chair and and began to chow down.It felt to good so stuff my plump belly and as I finished the last slice of cake i could feel my belly distend a little but it felt so amazing. I sat there for another hour or so playing with my newly fattened form felling how soft and squishy I was made me feel good. I finally started to get tired so I decided to get some sl**p. It took me a little bit to find a comfortable position because of my monstrous melons,Having a bra to hold them in place really would of helped but after a few minutes of figiting I found a comfy position. As I started to doze of I thought to my self, you know what being a bbw for a year might be fun.

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The stories was great ! Place have a part 2 . Love stories about BBW .