Best friends scince kindergarten True story

Joshua and Me rosalie were best friends scince kindergarten.We met each other on the playground at school him wearing overalls hanging around a bunch of his friends me in my blond pigtails and pink flowerprint dress.I never realley got along with girls i was more of a tomboy I walked up to him and we conversated he thought i was cool and different from most girls we grew up best friends and people would always ask if we dated In middle school we werent as great friends he started to become a jerk and thought he was all that he was on the football team and every girl fell for him i think i became jealose he would always say no when a girl asked him out i was beggining to think maybe he was gay? I mean he hung out with me more then anything.I'm was never sure if he had a crush on me but somewere deep inside there was a thing between me and him.We soon went to high school with eachother Him being the coolest guy in school and me being a total freak it was almost as if it was are lil secret that we were bff's.When i finnaly got to college and turned 18 I was sad me and him were going to different colleges i thought he would always be by my side and i was starting to think about my past and he was one of my only friends I guess a had a couple of girl friends.One day he hit me up And asked if I wanted 2 go 2 his BIG 18th birthday party his parents being wealthy i responded quickly saying Yes! i would love to.The next day i realized this would be the only birthday party I have been 2 scince third grade I decided scince i missed out on prom i would get realley pretty.When i arrived the music was loud and almost everyone was d***k.There was Alanna The coolest girl in high school that I believed Josh had a crush on I always hated her.when josh greeted me he acted as if he was scared to look at me I began to feel as if i was ugly i sat there alone for a while when he finnaly greeted me he hesitated and took a deep breath and Wowed at me checking me out saying i looked beutiful as ever.he led me up stairs to his bedroom wondering what he was doing we sat on his bed for a sec he gulped and started to speak "look rosalie I feel horrible we will never be seeing eachother or i dont know for a while at least and i just wanted to let you know before you go that Well... ive loved you ever scince i set eyes on you on the playground In kindergarten" I looked down trying not to blush even though my face was BRIGHT red I quitly put the words "I kinda always loved u 2" "kinda" No ALOT! scince i was 5 to we gently put his hand on cheek and we began to lay down Him slowly kissing me and man was he a great kisser his lips so warm and soft we slowly began to take his shirt off I began to get nervous and shutter Man did he have a great tan body with FAB abs.he began to strip me till i was just wearing my black lacy thong and red bra he undid his jeans he tayed kissing for a whil until he took his boxers off and damnn was his cock big and thick guessing 9ins.wich was also a little scary.he began to take my thong off and asked if i was sure i wanted to do this i said "yes I'm sure Joshua" God I love it when u call me my k** namehe began to press me against the bed hard taking off my bra he began to suck them hard slightly biting my nipple i loved his hot mouth and perfect teeth sucking on them he rubbed my pussy a little and slowly putting his cock in me moaning a little trying to hold back tears he kissed me slowly going in and out he became very hard and felt he had already expanding inside me making the pain rise badly he went faster and faster slamming me on the bed both of us scared someone could walk in at anytime he went so fast i could feel all the cum leaking all over my ass and his balls he bacame tired and lyed down next to me both of us breathing hard we layd there for a long time me wandering Oh my god i just fucked my best friend he finnaly speaked after 20 mins just lying there in his big strong arms embrace he said the people are probably wondering where I am "yeah go ill be cleaning up we were both still all sweaty i could see the sweat glimmering off his abs turning me on he got dressed and went down stairs i took a quick shower and went down stairs leaving.I got a call from him later that night and in the morning but I never called back
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3 years ago
duh you should have answered & called
3 years ago
why didnt u call back?
3 years ago
so, were u disappointed?
3 years ago
This might have been a better story had there been some better spelling and puncuation. Had a hard time following it...