as im at home alone and as always thinking of exercising my kinky freaky side I decide im up for sucking a bbc on the down low. I open up my laptop and search the Craigslist M4M ads. after responding to 15 ads in hopes of hearing back from a few sooner then later. I get a response from a man that's not so close but he is a black man that says he's 8+ & cut so im thinking of the hr drive. so it being a craigslist thing I know its a pull the trigger sooner then later or your searching all over again I respond with a ill be there in an hr. I pull into the given address and I see its a over crowded section 8 housing complex and the only place to park is by the entrance far from the complex. looking around im thinking it would be best to leave my wallet keys and phone in the car. I have a hide a key on the car so in a bad spot im just in need of getting inside and im good to go. as I make my way to the guys front door its becoming clear to me that its the good old yea its always the last and farthest apartment door as always. so after walking more then 5 minutes threw a complex that its tenants are for the most part outside hanging out drinking and grilling. there had to be 500 tenants between hanging out in the center common area and sitting on the second floor railings and all for the most part took a minute to watch me this stranger walking threw there complex. I arrive at the mans door and he answers quickly and I quickly walk in his front door and wondering where he was going to have me get on my knees for him. the man says to me did you have a hard time finding the place and I say no it was rather easy to find. im not much for chit chat I tell him and wanted alittle direction and to get down to it. the man says I want you over here in front of my favorite chair and I want you naked since ill be naked. I don't think he was done saying naked when my clothing hit the floor. the man walked over the front of his chair and asked if id like to see his cock and I say yes please. the man says why don't you pull my cock out and tell me what you think. so here I am on my knees naked in front of this huge black man and as im pulling his pants off im looking up as he's taking his shirt off and I finally look down and theres this 9"fat cut cock in my face and im hard as a rock. Im looking at it and holding it in complete awww. I start licking his cock head trying to get it in my mouth witch I finally get to do. im working away on his bbc and he's calling me a cock sucking pig and to do as im told. he's pulling his cock out of my mouth and slapping my face with it asking me if I really wanted to suck his cock and be his little cock sucker. my cock sucking urges where going threw the roof and I was begging for his cock and that I wanted to be his cock sucking pig. I was so turned on I started humming and moaning over his cock with my eyes rolling so it felt to the back of my head. I was so wrapped up into this magnificent bbc that I didn't hear his hidden company walk into the living room. there stood 12 black men completely naked stroking there cocks with huge smiles on. I looked back at the man I thought I was alone with and he's looking at me with the biggest shit eating grin on his face. the man says to me ,boy your fucked if you make this hard on us so open wide and enjoy cock sucker.. with in a minute or 2 I was getting cocks slapped in my face and was taking turns sucking them off. whoever I was sucking was holding my head and pumping there cock in my mouth as I was jerking off 2 others and this went on for about 10-15 minutes when one of the men grabbed my hair and pulled me back with very little thought of my balance and I ended up on a big ottoman on my back and my ankles where grabbed and my legs spread wide and pulled back towards my shoulders. once again cocks where back in my hands and I was getting throat fucked and im feeling someone trying to shove a cock in my ass. ive never had a cock in my ass before up till now ive only been into sucking a cock and swallowing. so here I am starting to really enjoy having a cock in my ass and the feeling of being such a cock slut was really making my cock hurt with its pressure building. this bbc gangbang went on for another 30 minutes and with all my loud moaning and begging them to fuck me I thought id beg for a grand finale and blast my face and mouth with there hot loads. the men had me get back to my knees and beg for there loads and I found that funny and one of them said you think were k**ding and I said no im not taking you lightly im smiling because I was going to beg for your hot yummy loads anyway. with that being said I started helping them by jerking there cocks and sucking what I could and wham oooooooo I started to get loads shot straight at my nose and they where big loads !! I was in heaven.. so there I am getting dumped with cum and its running down my face and dripping from my chin with plenty of it getting matted in my hairy chest. the guys step away and I see they've taken the clothing of the guy I originally stripped and my clothing from the living room floor and I say wheres my clothing and can I get a towel with a overwhelming smile on my face of complete joy thinking nothing could be any better then right now. the guys say no you may not have a towel you cock sucking fagot and you better think twice before coming into our neighborhood and the front door opened and one of them grabbed my elbow and swung we out the front door completely naked and covered in cum. seconds later the guys window opened and the guys started yelling here comes a cock sucking fag !!! right then I could feel eyes everywhere starting to look in my direction. now scared to death I know I need to get to my car sooner then later. I started running past others hanging out on the railings of the second floor and they where just to humored to start yelling here comes the sick fag !! I made it to the ground level and started my way to the parking lot witch again wasn't remotely anywhere close to being close !! so here I am now making my way to my car and theres people running up to me taking pic's and videos with there phones. im trying to hide my face and in doing so ive got my rock hard cock bouncing like a guy doing a reverse cowboy and there cocks bouncing free lke a bird. over 100 people saw me and had something demeaning to say to me. I get to my car and pull my hide a key and im racing out of there.. I don't stop until I get home and I live in a busy complex as well and im left having to wait for the right moment to race to my front door without being seen or ousted. I ended having to wait over 2 hrs before I had a clean shot at getting to my door. I went straight to the shower and relived how I ended up with so much cum on my face and chest. I went to lay my head down for a minute and grab my thoughts but ended up waking the next morning
100% (7/0)
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7 months ago
i love it
10 months ago
Great story and very well written. I had a similar experience only those took place at the adult movie theater. It would start off slow with an older man sitting next to me and I would be sucking his cock and before I knew it I would be naked and there would be men surrounding me and I would be passed around like a piece of meat always with a cock filling both holes and some men cumming all over me. When it was all over I would have search for my clothes and my mouth and ass would be pretty sore but being as young as I was I would be back there the following night.