Part 2 of the Annual Health checkup story.
(I had not written this part thinking people were not interested but I recently received some responses asking for part 2 - so this is thanks to your requests!)

.... continued from part 1....

Alice stood next to the bed and bent over it. Miss Anita was asked to go and pull up her skirt, and pull down her panties for her antibiotics injection. Miss Anita nervously walked over, seeing all eyes on her. As she bent down her large ass clad in her saree was sticking out, and Dr. Rajan started making plans for how he would uncover it next, he could not let such a round ass go untouched!
As Alice whimpered, Miss Anita pulled up her skirt, and pulled down her thin panties a few inches, showing part of a white ass that was turning a bit pink from the spanking she had recently received. Dr. Rajan put his fingers in between Alice's legs and separated her legs.
He had asked Ashok to give the injection this time. Ashok moistened cotton and rubbed it carefully over a large part of her right ass cheek. Alice's breasts bobbed up and down as she whimpered and shivered. Miss Anita started at the large needle in fear as Ashok the young medical student plunged it into the right cheek and everyone in the room watched him push it slowly and deeply in and release the plunger. Alice cried out "Ahhhhh!!".
When it was done, Alice was released and she stayed that way for a few seconds, crying and rubbing her butt before pulling up her panties and going to retrieve her bra that had earlier fallen to the ground.

It was now Pasha's turn. She had been brought in to look at a thigh rash. She was currently wearing her skirt and panties, and a bra that barely hid her large dark breasts.
"Come on Pasha! Lie down on the bed and we'll have a look at you."
Pasha laid down nervously and the nurse was asked to lift up her skirt so that her thighs could be looked at. The nurse ruthlessly pulled up her skirt, exposing her private areas and panties. Her bushy pubic hair could be seen poking up through her thin panties, and around her crotch area. The doctor examined her left thigh which had a red rash. She was then asked to turn over and the doctor and medical student, wearing gloves, ran their hands over the back of her thigh, barely grazing her big dark ass in her panties. The rash was just below her panty line and Dr. Rajan pushed her panties up from her leg area, so that he could see better. Of course, this also exposed part of her large round ass cheek. Once the two doctors examined her and had touched and probed her thigh all over, they decided that an antihistamine injection would be the best solution.

Once again Miss Anita was asked to hold Pasha down for the injection. Pasha was lying face down on the cot with her breasts spilling out of her bra, her skirt lifted up over her back and her panties hardly hiding her buttocks. Miss Anita pulled her panties down her buttocks, but since they did not want to leave the panties over the rash area, Dr. Rajan asked her to take them off completely. Pasha tried to turn around and protest. The nurse stepped in and firmly smacked her butt. "You stay down now or else you are going to get a spanking far worse than the injection!" she said.
Miss Anita nervously took off the panties all the way down Pasha's legs and left them on the chair. Dr. Rajan started by massaging Pasha's buttock ("for the circulation," he said). Then he rubbed the moistened cotton over her ass in a circular motion, slowly, as everyone in the room watched. Finally he took the syringe that the nurse handed him, it had a large needle and Pasha started quivering when she saw it. As Pasha cried out, he plunged the needle deep into her ass and released the liquid.
As Pasha lay on the bed crying and rubbing her ass, Miss Anita heaved a sigh of relief that the whole ordeal seemed to be over.

She started gathering up her belongings and bag that were at the other end of the room, but Dr. Rajan stopped her.
"Ma'am, you have been in close proximity of both these girls. The cough/cold and the rash are both highly communicable. We need to make sure that you are not in any danger of getting them. Can you step over here so we can take a look at you also?"

Miss Anita tried to reply coolly "No, thats fine doctor. If I do feel any symptoms or rash, I'll come back."
"No you won't lady! Come on and do as the doctor says now!" said the nurse, advancing towards her.
Terrified that the nurse would try to spank her (her! a teacher! and in front of this room of people including her students!) Miss Anita tried to put on a brave face and stepped towards the cot.
"I'm quite all right, I don't need to be checked." she protested as she moved towards the cot.
"That's right young lady, you are just a girl too like the rest of them, just a little bit older. Just think of me as your f****y doctor now, nothing to be embarassed about." added Dr. Rajan.
"Now please remove your pallu and unbutton your blouse so that we can check your heartbeat and breathing."
Dr. Rajan licked his lips in anticipation. She was going to do as he said! Very soon he would be rolling those big breasts in his hands. And soon after that - he was getting hard already at the thought that he would be pulling up that saree for a look at what panties she was wearing - and more! He could barely wait.

[to be continued]
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6 months ago
yep, please write part 3 (rectal temp and suppository in hhere would be awsome!)
1 year ago
3 years ago
Part 3 should be really good ;)
3 years ago
very naughty & sadistical doc