I may have found a video of my wifes 2nd Black Bul

After our weekend get away when my wife had sex with a strange black man in his hotel room she was a revived woman. Our sex life picked back up and she was treating me like a king. I never intended it to happen but it turned out to be not so bad. I had gotten use to the idea of another man having fucked my wife. She was thinking I was the greatest husband ever for letter her explore her wild side and I was benefiting from her new found honieness. She even insisted on anal sex one night which was awesome because I love her ass. Anyway, several weeks after her romp during our weekend getaway she had to go out of town for a couple night on business. In her job she travels about once or twice a month so this was nothing unusual. I noticed she packed some sexy lingerie. When I asked her about it she told me she had a surprise for me and would email me the details later. That got me going. I figured she would be sending me some sexy selfies and couldn't wait. She flew out Monday morning and we followed our usual routine when she travels. With the help of the grandparents I managed the home life. We talked late that evening, nothing out of the ordinary. It was a long day so we were off the phone and I was headed to bed. The next day was a little different. Late in the afternoon I get a text from my wife telling me to check my email at home at 10:00pm. I'm thinking Oh Ya. By the time I get home that email from my wife is the last thing on my mind. It's all about k**s practice, homework, dinner and bedtime. And of course our youngest one is missing mommy and wants me to lay down with them in bed. True to form when this happens I fall asl**p and don't wake up until almost 11:00. It takes a couple minutes but I wake up a realize I was supposed to check my email almost an hour ago for my wife. Crap, hope I didn't ruin a surprise for her. I check the phone and no calls from her so I'm hoping that's a good sign. I take my laptop into the bedroom and close the door to check for her email. Now I'm getting excited. Her email subject is "A show for you". All there is in the email is a link so I give it a click. I'm surprised when it takes me to an adult webcam website and I have to create an account which I do in a hurry. Finally it comes through and I'm not real sure about it. It looks like a camera set up on a table aimed towards a bed in a hotel room. The bed looks like someone's been wrestling in it but I don't see anyone. There's a box on the left of the screen that says viewers and the number is about 100 and going down. Total viewers something like 1300. At this point I still don't get it. Then I use the scroll bar to view messages and my heart starts sink. It's stuff like, "that was incredible", "that black dude really fucked the shit out of her", "what a load". Had my wife just done it again? Did she just have sex with a black man in front of over 1000 people on webcam? It looks like I can see shadows moving on the webcam but still nobody has moved into view. I picked up my phone and called her right away and to my disbelieve the ring of a cell phone could be heard over the webcam. After about the second ring she apparently sent it to voice mail. I called right back but it went straight to voice mail. I could see more comments made by viewers, "damn she is hot for his black dick", I'd love to get my dick in her" and they just kept going. My head was about to explode. My wife had really done it again and this time let thousands of strangers watch her. Just then the screen cut out and said the members session had ended, thanks for viewing. But I didn't get to see anything. Are you k**ding me. My wife puts on a show for the world wide web and I miss it. My mind is racing, did she wear the hot lingerie with the fuck me pumps she packed? Who else was in on this? Where did this guy come from? Did she take his seed like she did her last Black Bull? Was it a hot raunchy fuck or a steamy love session? It was killing me not knowing and my wife was not picking up. It would be the next night before I got a chance to talk to her and just like before she gives me the ole' a girl never kisses and tells routine. But also just like before, she is hotter than ever and I'm getting the benefit of it. I could almost get use to my wife fucking Black Bulls once in a while if this is how it turns out.[video][/video]
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