My wifes first time with a Black Bull

This is a re-account of the first time my wife had sex with another man as best as I can recall. Keep in mind I'm not a writer. Just an average guy married to an average MWF, house in the suburbs, career jobs and k**s. You get the picture. Even after begin married more than 15 years my wife can still give me a rise. I think she's still a hottie. Nothing spectacular, just a good looking, well kept woman. Anyway, it happen by complete accident or chance however you want to look at it. We managed to get away for weekend without the k**s. Dropped them off with the grandparents and drove a couple hours to a vacation town to a nice resort hotel. It was off season so it was kinda quiet. Looked like mostly locals, snowbirds and business travelers. Friday afternoon was great. Just kicking around. Hanging out at the indoor pool. We had a nice dinner and a good time that night back in the room. Saturday was about the same. Nothing too out of this world. Just did a little sight seeing, window shopping and hanging out. That night for dinner my wife brought out a new dress she got just for our trip and WOW. She looked hot! Probably not something she would have worn back home. It was tight in all the right places and just enough leg showing. The stocking and heels really set it off for me. We ate at the resort restaurant then headed over to the bar to chill before heading upstairs. She ordered a large margarita and I knew it was going to be a special night. The bar was not full but not empty either. Mostly couples our age or older, a few of the younger bar crowd and a few more business travelers. My wife was catching some stairs that night but one guy particularity was less discreet about it than anybody else. He as a good looking well built black man. A little younger than us, probably in his early to mid 30's and my guess was part of the business traveler crowd. I couldn't say I blamed him, she was looking very fuckable that night. She mentioned him paying attention to her and what could I say. I told her she still had it and could pick up anybody she wanted. She looked at my kinda puzzled and said "hall pass". I joked back and said, sure, why not. Before I could say anything else she tells me she loves me and is walking over to the black mans table. At this point I'm thinking wholly shit, she's really flirting with another man. Then I'm looking at her as not my wife but another woman in a bar in she's turning me on even more. After a few minutes I'm thinking this has been fun and she is on her way back to me at the bar but no. That's when my world spun upside down. I turned around for a second tell the bartender yes to another beer. When I turned back towards my wife she wasn't there. Neither was the black man she had been talking to. I look over and there they are going through the resort lobby headed towards the elevators. I'm frozen and speechless now. I see other people looking at my wife walking with the black man on the way to his room and they know what is happening just as well as I do but I'm dumbstruck. My brain is going 1000 miles and hour in 50 different directions. What is she doing? I thought this was just playing around or a joke? I never intended for her to go have sex with a black man. The bartender brings my beer as I watch my wife get into the elevator with him. She really did it. I'm now realize I'm sitting at a bar by myself and everybody there just watched my wife walk out with a black man to go have sex with him. I waited a little while but I felt like everyone there was starring at me thinking, "hey dude, do you know what your wife is doing right now". I paid the tab and went to our room where my mind really went crazy. All I could imagine was my wife under this big black man getting her brains fucked out. Could the people in the room next to them hear them? Was he hurting her? Was she liking it? Was I liking it. I was beginning to think so because I had a raging hard on and had to whack off. I barely grabbed my boner and shot off the biggest load I've had in years. I didn't want to leave the room because my wife didn't have a key so I was hoping she would come there and not back to the bar. I couldn't stand still. What was going on? What was he doing to her? Almost two hours passed before she finally came knocking at the door. Holly cow she looked like she had been gangbanged. He hair was a mess with a wad of cum in it. Her stockings were gone and she was carrying he shoes. She still had a sheen of sweat covering her from head to toe. I was speechless but she wasn't. My wife just blurted out how hot that was and started telling me how great of a husband I am for letting her have this experience. How great it is we have such a strong relationship that makes these things possible. What was I to say? What kind of schmuck would I be if I had any kind of negative reaction at this point. I wanted to ask her what happen but she said she was exhausted, buzzed and wanted to sl**p. While she was taking her dress off I nearly passed out when I noticed the cum running down her inner thigh. OMG, not only did my wife just have a one night stand with a strange black man but she did him bareback. The next day she was as happy as could be and treated me like a king. She was reluctant to give me any real details of what happen that night and she still doesn't share much with me now when she goes on dates. Just like that first night my imagination runs wild when she's gone and I can't want to see what she looks like when she gets back
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1 month ago
wow now that is what I want my wife to do
1 month ago
4 months ago
These two below don't have a clue! I can see this going down just like you've described! Thanks for sharing!
12 months ago
fucking wall of text :/
1 year ago
This is a what?