Me and the Mother-in-law Pt.2

well as the last story ended i said i thought she was to d***k to remember!

It was a few weeks later me and my wife was just hanging around the house and

the phone rang it was her mom and she wanted to know if i could come by her

grandmothers house before work (she stayed there awhile to) to pick up some

limbs that fell in the yard, so i said sure i will be there shortly. As i pulled up her

grandmother and aunt were leaving to get there hair cut and i waved and walked

in, not noticing that there were no limbs in the yard. I said hey to cindy and she

hugged me as always and as how i was i told her fine and sat down on the couch

she went to the restroom and came out then walked in her bedroom and ask if i

could come there so i got up and walked in her room and she was moving the

whole room around and ask if i could heelp rite quick so we moved the bed and

nitestand and took a smoke break while we were smoking she ask if it was good

that nite i good really red and kinda hard Ummm yeah it was i said she laughed

and said she had never had a cock as big as mine and wanted to know how big

it really was and i said ive never mesured it idk? well next thing i know she had a

freaking tape measure in her hand and said can i mesure it? i laughed and said

its not hard, she laughed and said i can fix that so she came over and sat next to

me on the bed and stared rubbing my rod thru my pants and told me to play with

her tits so i did and she took her top off and i started sucking on her VERY

ERECT nipples and she pushed me back and pulled out my throbbing hard on

and started licking and sucking on it after she about choked she stood up and

slid her shorts off and begged me to eat her out so i started licking and sucking

on her moist thick lips and she was fucking screaming like someone was hitting

her with a shovel and then she started shaking and screaming im gonna fucking

cum in your face and about two licks later she did just that squirted juice all over

me and the bed after she calmed down a little she started blowing me again and

said this time your on top and pulled me to her and i entered her hot very very

wet cunt and she was moaning and screaming fuck my pussy with that fat cock

pound me til cum and i was banging her as hard as possible and all of a sudden

she stopped and grabbed the tape measure and measured me it was 8 1/2 long

and 2 inches thick and her eyes popped out and said damn billy your hung like

a freaking horse i said surly youve had bigger and she shook her head NO as

slid it back down her throat and started sucking licking and gaging until she got

up and squated on top of me as it slid deep in her she moaned and said how

much she loved the way it felt and rode me like crazy for about fifteen minutes

and got up doggie-style and told me to pull her hair as i fucked her and i did i

pounded her for five minutes and we were slamming each other so hard it

popped out and up her dry ass it went i didnt move cause it hurt both of us like

hell, and i said oh crap im sorry and she was froze stiff and said its ok just be

very still and i ask her why she didnt want me to pull it out and she said because

it kinda feels good in there and she reached under and got her fingers wet and

started rubbing her ass and then started moving back and forth a few times

and i could not handle it it was so tight i bust my nut in her ass and she fucking

love that because she moved faster and faster until i was limp. we got dressed

and she told me that was the most awesome feeling she ever had and that she

had never done that before and i said me either she laughed and said now

i got three holes you can fuck any time you want!

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Very good finish,,,or is there more