Me And The s****r-in-law

Well Its Billy again and here's another true story!!

As i stated in my last story i thought my gf s*s was hot but she was young at the time like

15. but 3 yrs later..... Me and my wife had just moved to another place and her mom had moved

back to Fl. and her dad is an ASSHOLE!! so her s****r came to stay with us at our new place

On the Thrid day my wife had left for work,i work second shift so i was snoozing . i heard the

shower on and didnt realize what time it was and kinda thought it was My wife so i nodded back

off then a few minutes later i felt someone get in the bed and scoot up to me half asl**p i didnt

think about it, then i felt a hand on my cock and i muttered if you make it hard you gotta fix it

then i felt lips on my prick and just laid there enjoying it and a few minutes later i heard Amy say

time for you to eat my pussy i jumped up and ask her what she was doing and she laughed and

said fucking my b*****r -in-law lol. i told her we could not do this and she pulled the covers back

to reveal her naked body and DAMN fine looking pussy and said you cant resist! i just laid back

lost in thought when she started back blowing me and then turned and got on top of me and

lowered her cunt in my face, all i could do was what i do best ATE THAT PUSSY! about ten

minutes later she came and said now fuck my cunt with that long hard thick cock and she laid

down with her legs spread wide rubbing herself so i slid it in and started pumping her and she

said OH NO YOUR GONNA FUCK ME HARD and i started slamming it and she was screaming

for me to go faster and harder so i did she came about four times soaking my cock each time

then she got up and got on top and bounced on my prick like i was a damn trampoline and i

told her i was gonna cum so she got off and deepthroated my cock til i shot my load deep in her

throat! i was amazed that she did not gag or choke when we were done she looked at me and

smiled and said she was glad her s****r found a guy like me and she wanted to do it again

when ever i wanted to! (next story will be here soon)

14% (4/24)
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6 months ago
You were very lucky that day,thank you for sharing.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Very hott.
3 years ago
hot one for sure