Her Former Student (true story!)

After reading a response claiming we were fakes (or rather that I was pretending to be my wife), I decided I would write a little bit about this experience we had. It's fine if it isn't believable, but I just enjoy thinking about it. So I"m trying to write about it now.

So what happened was, that in 2010 there was a student at Liz's school, Patrick(not real name), who somehow ended up in my wife's history class pretty regularly after teachers couldn't take him any more. He was put on probation and kept from playing sports until grades improved.

She decided to help him with whatever work she could and they came to be pretty close during his senior year. She's sure he kept coming because he was infatuated with her at some level. But the attention was helping somehow and grades started getting better.

He and his buddies, all grew attached to Liz and hung out outside of school hours when everyone was free. I wasn't really around for those hangouts.

May/June came around. Patrick graduated. Friends graduated. They started hanging out at the apartment occassionally.

One day, Liz actually straight-up asked Patrick if he ever had a crush on her. She told me he was a nervous wreck but admitted he had. She kind of left it there and later talked to me about it. That was when I suggested something.

I basically told her that if she was ok with it, that it would really cool if I could show her off to Patrick. He wasn't a virgin or anything, but he had limited experience with girls. He definitely had NO experience with women.

So a couple of weeks later, Patrick was over playing Wii. Liz eventually got up and went to our guest room and shut the door. I paused the game and turned to Patrick and said something like, "Look, she was really proud of what you did the last half of the school year. I was pretty impressed too. And what I'm about to say can be a 'reward' or whatever you want it to be. But I know you had a crush on her at one point and if you would like to see her naked, all you have to do is walk over and open that door because she's waiting for you."

He was floored. I don't know what I would've done in that situation at that age. But he nervously got up and walked over to the door and opened it and as promised, there she was. From over his shoulder I saw that she was sitting upright with her knees up facing the door.

After letting him take the view in for a few seconds, I walked passed him and I tried to have a conversation with him about what we were looking at. He was very nervous.

This is pretty much what he saw at that moment. (actual picture taken a couple months after. She was 28 then. He was turning 19.)

So we left off with this k** standing at the door gawking at Lizzy who was sitting upright on our guest bed facing the door, with her legs wide open and her knees up resting her elbows on them and smiling. She looked straight at his face. It was fucking priceless!

"Hey," she said and smiled.

"My eyes are up here."

He was making an obvious effort to keep making eye contact with her. Smiling, he finally said something, "Hey. Sorry."

The way she was sitting gave us an unobstructed view of her parts. She was trimmed and only had a thin layer of pubic hair which allowed us to see her outer lips as they open and close with movement over her slightly flappy inner lips. That detail by itself should give you an idea of how close were to her as we stood at the door.

I whispered to him in an 'attaboy' tone, "Mmm! Looks good doesn't it? Let me turn her around so you can see something

"What do you think?"

Now, I KNOW you guys can imagine after knowing someone as a 'teacher' for four years and then having her teach you AND THEN having her tutor you... I mean, as teenage boys, we went home thinking, "Yeah, she was wearing clothes, but I can peel the layers off in my head and she'll make perfect material".

"It's alright, man. Come over here," I told him.

"It's ok, Patrick. You can come closer," Lizzy reassured from her current doggy position. He went in for a closer look.

"I'm letting you explore any part of my body as closely as you want. Personally, I'd love for you to put your mouth on me down there, but it's up to you."

He went in for his first taste of high school teacher pussy - something he was never suppose to see.

I can only imagine what happened after I left the room. But the rule was no more than giving the k** a hand job. But I doubt she could keep mouth off of her student's young, likely-shaved balls. I can't even cook dinner without her kneeling down in front of me to pull my balls out to say hello.

AGAIN, think back to THAT TEACHER and imagine that mouth taking in a pair of balls and licking each one and sucking each one... what the fuck, right??

What Liz said happened after he got done eating her out from behind was that she laid on her back already extremely hot and bothered.

Before he could jump in the bed with her, she said she told him to take off his clothes.

To which he obliged.

She said his young sac hung down and swung side to side every time he moved. After undressing she let him on the bed and told him to describe her down there.

He leaned in and looked...

She said he told her that her lips were open and that there was whitish "stuff" coming out.

"What else?" she asked.

He told her there was hair and that she had large lips. He said she was pink on the inside and that she was extremely wet.

So I just want to finish up with the rest of what I know. If you have remaining questions, we'll do our best to answer them on this thread or via email. Just let us know.

But from what I could see through the door when I looked in every now and then was that he must have spent a solid 20 minutes down on her.

Honestly, there's a lot to do when you're down there. Her vagina is almost ALWAYS wet. We don't really know what's up with that, but she tells me some days she'll be wet through every single class lecture she gives and that she has to 'freshen up' and change her underwear throughout the day.

She tells me she actually feels aroused on those days so it doesn't cause too big of an alarm. (By the way, does happen to anyone else's wife?)

But as wet as she gets, you really have to scoop up those juices sometimes. On top of that she likes nibbling on her inner thighs and butt. And of course, you have constantly lick around the clit area in JUST THE RIGHT WAY... it's exhausting, but I doubt Patrick gave a damn!

At one point Patrick had turned around so that his merchandise was within Liz's reach and so that he could continue to work her vagina. All I could see was Liz's hands petting his sagging ball sack. At one point in that moment she would grab and pull them back and then let them go so that they'd swing back and forth for a second.

On that visit, he happen to look up at me outside the door. He didn't smile or anything, he just nodded. Looked like he was just making sure things were still good. I though that was cool of him.

I walked back to the TV for a few minutes more. And i remember finally noticing that I was hard with all this activity going on. I just pulled it out, laid back on the coup and just stroke myself while I listened to those two.

I didn't let myself finish, though. After just 5 or 10 minutes, it was my turn.

When I came in, he was sitting between her legs facing outward, leaning back against her. His cock and balls were completely shaven and I could see his balls clearly slapping back and forth as she stroke him vigorously with her right hand. Her left hand was around him holding on to his abs and occasionally reaching down to grope his teen balls.

Taking a closer look, I saw that there was a mess on on Liz's hands and on him. I guess he was going for round 2 or something! It was definitely my turn!

He got up from the bed. Thinking i was going to kick him out, I could tell he was taking in the view of her body one last time from head to toe.

"You don't have to leave. I'll leave the door open," I said to him. I just need to take care of this real quick and we'll be done.

"Ok," he said.

I turned Liz over (I really didn't want to get his mess all over me with her hands.) I dabbed on some of my spit and got started...

k** left her perfectly relaxed and wet. I just went off on her from behind.

I will never forget this experience. He stood at the door and watched as I finished what he started, as I shot my cum into his teacher and mentor. The sweet, pale-skinned, brilliant teacher he owed his future to.

When I dismounted, my cock was still just as hard as when I started but soaked and throbbing. Liz was exhausted.

She threw herself to her side facing us, happy and relaxed, "Did you enjoy that?"

"Yeah," he smiled. "That was... great."

"You'll never see me like this again, you understand that?"


"You deserved this," she said. "I don't think anybody else would've done this for you. And it was fun. Thank you."

"Thank you too."

"Ok, go! It's getting weird! Get out."

"Come on, man," I told him. We walked out, closed the door. That was the last time he ever saw her like that.
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