Her first time

I love when a woman tells me what her fantasies are and what to do. Because then they think they are in total control.

Case and point, she told me that she never had anal sex and that she wanted to do it so badly that whenever she thought about it she shook with anticipation. She couldn't wait to get me to her room and at this point I know I was in control. I didn't want her to loose that sense of power so I played along! I kissed her neck as she orders me to caress her ample curves and remove her clothing from her trembling body. Her body started shaking in pleasure as I removed the last pieces of her clothing. Lacy thong panties practically soaking from the flow of juices coming out of her sweet wet shaved flower. I told her that whatever she wants I'll do. She thinks she's taken control and pins me down. Forcing her wet lips on my face as she manipulates my erect and throbbing cock with her hands teasing and rubbing. I remember she told me how she loved to rub her tight little hole as she is pleasured by a man so I used my long tongue to lick her clit and probe her wet sopping pussy then make my way to her sweet tight little ass. She lets out a great moan as she shutter and almost loose control . She turns her head toward my big black cock and begins to lick the shaft making it as wet and slippery as possible because she knows where she wants it to go. I continue to lick from her top to her bottom as she start to engulf my member with her hot sexy mouth moaning as she goes. I then turn the table as I decide to insert my tongue deep in her ass sending her over the edge. "I have her now" , i thought, as she cums on my face nearly drowning me I had no idea she was a squirter. So I continue to probe deeper and deeper with my tongue and rubbing her clit with my fingers as she f***efully continues licking and sucking my slick wet dick finally releasing me as she consume every drop. After that she continued to please me as I also continued to please her already soaked pussy and thrusting my tongue back and forth from her quim to her ass feeling them contract around my tongue like a small vice grip, she explodes again and insist I pleasure her with my member by sliding it in her virgin ass for the first time.

She tightens with anticipation, she feel the head of my cock press against her tight but welcoming anus. Her opening starts to loosen she clenches her hands and grinds her teeth as if expecting the worst pain imaginable. But to her surprise, a mixture of pleasure and pain consumes her as she begins to have her first anal orgasm even though my cock is not fully in. She pushes back wanting more as my hands grip her ass and spread it further open and to loosening her asshole as wide as i can to allow the full extent of my glory to enter her warm gripping wet asshole. She gasped and let out her forth a moan of incredible intensity. As I thrust farther and deeper, she continues to writhe and moan and begs me to fuck her with all I've got as she manipulates her swollen clit and sopping pussy with her right hand barely managing to keep herself up with the left. She scream commanding me, "CUM INSIDE MY TIGHT ASS"!!!! Faster deeper she yells squeezing her tigh ass around my rod until it's unbearable to hold back and I release my warm soothing cum in her ass.

She falls down to the bed still impulsively thrusting, enjoying the electric bursts with the tip of my cock still in her. She then lay on the bed as I lick her pussy and she enjoy the feeling of my cum slowly seeping out of her well used asshole having one final orgasm as I finish sucking the juices out of her pulsating vagina
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3 years ago
very good & hot for so sgort