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Sub-hub's pussy has become a bit unmanageable lately. I blame myself, really. It was I who made him crop it nice and neat this winter, but have not been consistent in having him groom it.

Of course, if I was a bit more domme, and a little less tentative wife, then I would have him "whipped" into shape and wanting to keep his bush kempt for me. I suppose I will get to that point...and he will, too.

For now, though, it's time to have him shave his hairy bush. I really enjoyed the heart he made for me, so I will instruct that again. This time, however, he'll need to add a little color to his clitty crown.

While I'm inclined to pick the color myself, I thought, "It'd be much more fun if someone else took a little control." So, I'm opening it up to you folks. This weekend, the pussy is cropped in a nice heart, and dyed in a color of your choosing.

Comment the video below, or message me, with your color choice. I'll post his pictures as soon as the results are in, and the job is done! :-)

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2 years ago
Another vote for red, to compete with pink! :)
2 years ago
I'd suggest simply red. Nice, warm, striking, celebrating spring, etc.