Caught Unaware - One of the 1st I ever wrote

If I saw you in your office I'd know who you were straight away. I'd see the passion and fire within your eyes and that raw heat. I wouldn't speak I'd just look, giving you a slight nod of the head as I head towards the ladies. I know you'll follow me and as you get inside you stop, all the doors are closed but there's no one there, where did I go?
Turning your back on the stall doors you look around trying to find me, I heard you gasp softly as my hand slipped around your waist and pulled you inside the toilet with me. Holding my hand in the small of your back I push you against the door and lock it, letting you know that you won't be leaving anytime soon and not letting you turn to look at me. Placing your hands against the door I dropped to my knees behind you and blow on the backs of your legs.

Did you feel that?

I slowly trailed my fingers up your stocking covered legs, letting my nails brush higher and higher until I’m at your thighs, pulling your legs slightly apart, until...

... Switching so that both my hands are running up one of your legs then the other, can you feel the tips of my fingers as they brush against the hot skin at the top of your stockings?

Slowly I start to take my exploration a little higher, my hands cupping your sweet arse, squeezing gently as I feel you push back. I can feel how hot you are, I don't have to run my hands along the edge of your panties and feel your dampness seeping through to know how wet you are... but I still do!

I can feel you shivering as I run the very tip of my finger along that beautiful V between your legs, rubbing back and forth harder as I push your already damp panties inside you. Your swollen lips aching to escape. Placing my hands on your waist I ran the length of my body against you, letting you feel my breasts rub against your back, your skirt rucked up to your waist as I play with the elastic on your panties. Smiling as you rock back and forth,

You think I'm going to take them off don't you, you want me to take them off but you won't ask.

I felt you relax as I pulled them away from your hips, laughing softly to myself as instead of pulling them down I pulled them up. Rubbing the soaking material back and forth against your clit, sawing away at your flesh. All I can hear are the sounds of your whimpers and they deserve a reward. Slipping my hand back between your legs I reached forward to pinch your clit, holding onto your waist as your knees buckle. Not wanting to push you too far I let your panties fall to the floor, my mouth following where my hands left off. Licking and nibbling away at your skin. Smelling your sweet aroma. Spreading your legs further apart I reach up to pull back your swollen lips, seeing how wet you are and watching your beautiful pink flesh move as you pant softly. Nuzzling my nose against your clit as my tongue reaches out for that first taste. Feeling your hands against my head as you push me against you, running the length of my tongue up and down against your pussy. Blowing on your clit, the tip of my tongue circling around, teasing you. My finger doing the same against your opening.

God you really do smell good.

My finger pushing deep inside as I take your clit into my mouth, rubbing back and forth between my lips my finger slowly moving in and out of you. Humming against your clit, licking hard then soft, changing my direction every so often as I feel you move with me, showing me where you want me to go, your hands twisted in my hair as you clutch me to you. Holding back your lips as my tongue slips deep inside you, fucking back and forth hard and rapid, pushing deep then pulling back so slowly, letting my tongue caress your pussy. My fingers pinching and pulling your clit as you move up and down on my tongue, feeling you carried away with it all, no longer quiet as you whimper and moan. You don't have to tell me you're close, I can feel it as you clutch at my tongue, grinding your swollen pussy against my face.

Kissing your clit goodbye I stand up, two fingers replacing the void left by my tongue. Twisting them in and out of you as I reach forward and undo the buttons on your shirt, your nipples standing to attention against your lace bra. Undoing the front clasp I let your breasts free, my finger tweaking your nipples lovingly, knowing that you can feel what my fingers are doing all the way down to your clit. Tapping your feet to spread yourself wider I add another finger, letting them rub against the walls inside your pussy. Pushing against your back so that your swollen nipples rub against the metal door, almost losing my control as you moan in complete pleasure, increasing the speed as my fingers fuck you. Your swollen nipples rubbing up and down against the cold steel as you try to fuck yourself harder on my fingers.

Can you feel my other hand playing with your clit?

My mouth licking and nibbling on your neck. Judging by the moans that are coming deep within you, you've about to pass that point of no return. Grabbing your hips as my fingers fuck in and out of you slower, curling then straightening. Pulling you around to the basin and placing your hands on the worktop, smiling wickedly as you stare at our reflections in the mirror. My hand leaving that beautiful clit of yours to hold up your left leg as I drive my fingers home, loving how you whimper and beg to make you cum. Watching you close your eyes as I add a fourth finger and feel you thrust back against them. Resting your leg on the ledge as my hand goes back to your clit. Pinching and pulling wanting to take you over the edge.

Wishing that I had a camera, watching your reflection, seeing my sopping fingers glide in and out of you, my other hand on your clit pinching and pulling with one of your legs stretched out and resting on the bench, your pink pussy in full view. You fingers pinching hard on your nipples as you begin to bounce on my fingers, lost in that world, your head thrown back as I fuck you as hard as I can wanting you to remember this. Feeling your pussy clutch at my fingers and your body shudder in my arms as your climax takes over, the incoherent mumbling from your lips confirming it. Your back arching against me as you begin to shake all over and your beautiful juice flows freely down your legs ruining your stockings.

Hearing you beg me not to stop, I drenched my panties.

Momentarily pulling my fingers from inside you I lift you up onto the wash basin on your hands and knees. Stopping to take in how swollen your pussy is before I latch onto your clit and slip my fingers back inside you. Hearing you go wild as I finger fuck you deep and suck hard on your clit, rubbing my tongue against it. It isn't long before I feel you tense, your moans getting louder and louder still as you climax again. I slowly stroked back and forth with my fingers, my mouth nibbling your sensitive clit before moving away and helping you get down. Leaning against the basin as I rest my chin on your shoulder, looking at each others reflection, my fingers tracing your lips as your nectar runs free.

What do you see now?


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4 years ago
good realy good