Saying goodbye to Erin

Erin rolled the window down, squinting her eyes from the bright light as the officer looked into her face. Tiger had scrambled under the seat and was growling softly in fear as the cold night air, the wind and rain, rushed into the car parked along side the deserted highway.

She is only 18, still in high school really, but returning from a weeklong trip across the country. Barely out of New Mexico where memories were made, she sat nervously wondering why this cop was knocking on her window, she didn’t do anything wrong.

“Is everything alright, Ma’am?” My voice was deep and confident, a man certainly in control of every situation he finds himself. This isn’t my first overnight shift and I know that no two traffic stops are ever the same. You never know what you will come across on theses lonely roads so late at night and early in the morning. This is the kind of stop all cops dream about though, she is young, maybe 18, but I won’t know for sure until I see here ID. And she is attractive; long, soft looking brown hair and smooth, youthful skin. Her dark brown eyes reflect in the beam of my flashlight. She will certainly be in my thoughts and fantasies when I get off shift later.

The young lady in the car, held up her hand to shield the light from her eyes as she answered my question: “yes, Sir. I was just waiting for the rain to let up so I could see…I think I fell asl**p a little, but I’m okay.”

Smart enough to be respectful, but still nervous having never been pulled over before, Erin just waited to see if she was in trouble or not. “Well, you shouldn’t really be parked on the shoulder. This area is for emergency stopping only. sl**ping here can be very dangerous. Let me get your license and registration and I will get you on your way.”

Erin dug around in the passenger seat, moving maps and fast food wrappers away until she found her purse. Pulling out her wallet, a picture of Maria slipped out and landed face up in her lap. She just took the picture a day before in a hotel room in El Paso. Maria is lying on the hotel room bed, naked, on her belly facing the camera, feet in the air, her ass clearly exposed as Maria blows a kiss to the girl behind the camera. Erin tries to cover the photo before I see it, but the damage is done. Remaining professional though, I pretend not to see the picture as I take her license from her. She leans across the seat to look for registration and insurance in the glove box. “I’ll be right back,” I say as I retreat to my car parked behind hers.

A quick check indicates everything is alright, but seeing that photo…I can’t just let this one get away. I walk back to the driver’s side window and tap on the glass. “I need you to step out of the car, Miss. Have you been drinking tonight?”

“I’m only 18.” Your voice has a touch of sarcasm in it as you answer my question, enough for me to pick at.

“That wasn’t my question young lady. Have you been drinking tonight?”

With a defiant attitude you answer that you have…”water and I had a Coke about an hour ago.”

Ignoring your smart mouth response I tell you to step to the back of the car. The rain has let up a little bit, but it is still misting in the air. “What did I do wrong?” You step back towards the back of the car stomping a little harder than you need to, clearly hurt and now angry that you have to do this.

“There seems to be a problem with your license and I think I smell alcohol on your breath. We can do this the easy way or the in a way that is much more difficult. Cooperate with me and you will be on your way soon enough. Before we go any further, for my own safety, I need to pat you down. Do you have any weapons, sharp objects or anything else I need to know about before I begin?”

Instead of answering you just shake your head back and forth. Only after I ask a second time to you say no. I instruct you to place your hands on the trunk of the car and to take one step backward. As you do this you also spread your legs a touch further apart. I admire the shape of your tiny ass, the soft curves inside the tight jeans. I know there is nothing hiding in those, but just to be safe…

With one hand in the center of your back I lean down to start with your right foot, sliding my hand along your leg all the way up and over the back pocket, feeling the tightness of your ass with my hand. My hand wraps around the front to feel the pockets but finds a way to graze over your crotch.

I position myself to do the same thing to your left leg, starting at the ankle and sliding my hand up over your ass again and wrapping it around to feel your pocket, but his time I am more brazen as my hand clearly slips across your pussy, and presses, sliding back between your ass and lifting up slightly.

You are taken aback by this invasive “pat down” but are too shocked by it at the same time to protest beyond the sharp intake of breath. My hand slides up along your spine and to the top of you blouse. I notice the lack of a bra strap as my hand slides back down to your waist. I wrap my hand around your waist and up your ribs before repeating the motion on the other side. This time, my hand slides across the bottom of your breasts and over the top before sliding back across each of them and finishing with the edge of my hand sliding between your small, perfect breasts.

I end the frisk by stepping back and tell you to turn around. In the light of my headlights I can see you are flushed. The frisk was as exciting to a young 18 year old exhibitionist as it was to an experience cop. I told you to lean against the car while I searched it, but asked if there was anything in the car I should know about.

“Just Tiger,” you said as you folded your arms across your chest covering the hard nipples that were not just a result of the cold air.

It took several minutes to search the car and all I found was the picture of Maria. I took my time to take it in and when I found your purse I also found more pictures of Maria in various other poses, but all of them naked. In the stack of pictures I also found a few of you and my lust grew. Having felt your ass and tits, and now seeing them in the light of my flashlight, I knew I had to take advantage of my position.

Using the oldest trick in the sleazy cop book, I “found” a small bag of pot in the center console of your car. Before revealing my find I told you to turn around as I reached to my belt for my handcuffs. I grabbed one arm and pulled it behind your back. You felt the cold steel close around your wrists and protested before the second was trapper by the shiny steel.

“What are you doing??? I didn’t do anything!!!” Your protesting screams are filled with hysteria as I show you the bag of marijuana…”that’s not mine!”

“Look, Erin, this is a simple thing. I asked you if there was anything I should know about and you said no. It’s time to start being honest. We could call this in, write a citation or I could take you to jail. Tell me the truth and things will be a lot easier. Is there anything else I should know about?”

You started crying, afraid of going to jail and all you could manage was a shaking of your head back and forth. “I…I can’t go to jail…my cat…I just want to go home...please...”

I want to be a good cop, but in moments like these, the power rushes straight to my head…and not the one on my shoulders. I have to take advantage of this…”there is one way we can avoid that, Erin….step over here, around my car.”

Taking your arm, I lead you to the side of my car, away from the highway, the rain is picking up again, but neither of us seem to notice as I lean you back against the side of my car…”take of this Erin, and I can ignore the whole evening. After all…no one will believe a little pothead over me…”

You look down to see what I am talking about, the belt of my utility belt has been undone, the top of my uniform pants has opened and you are watching as I pull the zipper down. A moment later, poking out from the top of my underwear is my cock, hard and way too ready for this. The frisking must have been more of a turn on for me than just business.

But, looking around, you wonder what choices you have. And its not like you haven’t done this sort of thing before. Just, it doesn’t feel exactly right as you slip to your knees, your tears mixing with the rain. Your hands still behind your back, chained together, helpless as you lean forward and take me into your mouth. Your eyes close, but the tears stop as soon as you feel that familiar smooth, firm skin of a man inside your warm mouth.

Your head bobs back and forth taking me deeper with each stroke. You want to reach up and feel the thickness of my shaft in your hand, but instead let your tongue try to wrap around the massive width as you fuck me with your mouth. You are eager to get this over with and at the same wondering how many of your fantasies might be coming true tonight.

My cock swells even bigger in your tiny mouth. Your wet tongue dancing across the head of my cock, your lips sliding along the length from the tip to the base taking me as deep as you can, wanting to please me, wanting avoid jail. You moan around my cock as your pleasure from this increases. Helpless and at my mercy, you find yourself turned on, wanting to be used by me. And I have every intention of doing just that, even if I am unaware of your private thoughts and fantasies.

“From the pictures I thought you might be a lesbian, Erin, but I guess you like it both ways.” My hands tangle into your wet hair I pull you to your feet. You gasp as my cock pops out of your mouth. Hanging open, saliva dripping from your mouth, you pant with lust and wanton desire. I reach down between us and open your jeans and f***e them down your thighs. You offer no resistance as I expose you to the rain and my hungry stare.
I push your jeans and panties down around your thighs before I turn you around and push you forward. You lean over the hood of my patrol car, the lights flashing and dancing off your naked ass as I take hold of my cock and feel it twitching in my hand. With my free hand I spread your ass cheeks apart and press the tip of my cock forward. You feel it pressing against the tight hole of your ass.

With a sudden panic, your body lurched back and you tried to stand up straight to fight off the intrusion into your ass. But my strong hands pushed you back down, my strong cock pushed harder against the tight, resistant hole. You cried out as my cock shoved its way into your ass.

You felt your ass expanding, stretching to take the thick head, popping around the shaft as I filled you. The rain began to fall even harder now, the raindrops echoing off the patrol car, the flashing lights catching water dripping from your face. Even though you had often fantasized, alone in your room after hours on, about having your ass taken, the reality of it was more than you expected.

You screamed out into the night air of the desert, hearing your voice trail off quickly, swallowed by the rain and wind and the dark of the night. No one was out here to hear you, not a single car has passed in the 45 minutes you have been held prisoner by this cop. And now you felt the end of my uniform shirt and my belly pressing against your ass.

I pulled back and slammed my cock into your ass again, grunting as I filled you, feeling your tight hole relaxing, but still squeezing my cock. I thrust into you faster and faster, your cries becoming moans, your ass becoming mine.

You r began twisting your hips in a circle, pushing back against my thrusts, fucking me as much as I was fucking you. Your moans of pleasure became screams of delight as you felt your clit, banging against the side of the car pulsing, vibrating ready to explode. Your ass squeezed my cock again as I reached for your hiar and tugged your head back.

Your orgasm raced through your entire body sending you crashing over the edge just as my cock began to swell even more in your ass….you knew I was about to fill your ass with my cum and cried out for me to do it: “cum inside me – fill my ass with your cum!!!”

I was not about to disappoint such a plea for release and let myself go, a hot blast of sperm splashing against the walls of your ass, before I pulled out of you and spun you around and onto your knees, fast enough to catch the second blast of cum across your face, your squeezed your eyes shut and squealed as a third blast splashed across your lips and into your mouth. You swallowed it before realizing what had happened.

The head of my cock wiped across your face, spreading my sperm around your cheeks across your pursed lips. You were breathing heavy, and wanting more. I bent over and pulled my uniform back into place and reached for the utility belt as you knelt on the ground in the rain and mud. I rearranged my uniform before telling you everything was square and you would be free to go.

Undoing the handcuffs, you rubbed your wrists looking down able to see the bruising from my abuse in the flashing lights of the car. I walked you back to the driver’s side of your car before telling you to be careful…”you never know what kind of pervert may pull up behind you.”

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3 years ago
next story will do you in rhe ass if that is what you like!
3 years ago
wow, straight in my faves, thanks for sharing
3 years ago
You are a sleezy cop! Letting the power go straight to your "head" and then abusing it. But it was still more than fine with me after you fucked me up my ass like that. But next time i'll get a motel room instead of sleeping in my car because all the other cops might not be as considerate or perverted as you.