A Small Town in Indiana

A Small Town in Indiana

I am driving south along highway 31 headed towards a small town in Indiana. Actually, I don’t care so much about the town I am headed towards, its more about the girl. Its funny how you meet someone online and share so much with her and then find yourself driving towards her. She knows I’m coming, but I don’t really know what will happen once I arrive. I can feel the butterflies in my stomach growing with each passing mile. As I approach the town’s limits, I can feel the sweat on my palms as I grip the steering wheel. I don’t know where she lives, we are not meeting at her house. I don’t even really suspect that we will even go to her house for the three days I am here. I imagine every street I pass as I head toward my hotel, is the one that she lives down. I imagine that she might even be in the car in front of me, headed to the same hotel.

She is supposed to call me at five, by then I hope to be checked in and showered, ready to meet the girl I have only known online. But she can never wait and my phone buzzes as I wait at a traffic light still seven miles from the hotel.

“Are you here yet??” Here voice is filled with excitement and here question is straight to the point. I know she is as anxious to see me as I am to see her. She has talked about this non-stop since I told her my travel plans. Every text message, every email, every phone call has been about this moment. I knew she would be uncontrollable if I told her I was there, so I lied.

“Not yet, Honey…another hour I think.” She growled with cute frustration and told me to hurry up. Usually she will keep talking and never want to hang up the phone, but this time, she let me go so I could concentrate on the drive and “hurry up.”

With only a few blocks to go I knew I would have time to get checked in and showered and maybe even something to eat before I met the girl that has been in my dreams these past couple of months.

Stepping from the shower, I hear my phone ringing again. I rush to it, dripping water across the floor and pick it up before it stops. Of course, it’s Lauren again – she never was a patient girl. “Well, are you here yet??”

It sounds like she was being mean, but if you could hear her voice…it was higher pitched than usual, filled with excitement and anticipation – something she doesn’t handle well. She can’t even wait in line at Six Flags, making friends with people near the front of the line just to be that much closer to the roller coaster! I couldn’t lie again, not to such an adorable girl.

“Yeah…I just got out of the shower. I’m in room 346.”

I pulled the phone from my ear as she squealed into her phone. I didn’t hear what she screamed, but the connection went dead. I laughed and went back to the bathroom to finish drying off. But, still naked and less than a minute later there was an eager knock at the door! She had been here waiting the whole time??? I’m surprised she wasn’t asking every person that walked into the lobby.

I wasn’t sure how to answer the door. I knew if I kept her waiting she would be upset, so I wrapped the towel around my waist and stepped toward the hotel room door. It didn’t matter if I wore a towel, a three piece suit or my Army uniform, she was taking it off in about two seconds anyway!

I looked through the peephole on the door and saw her soft shiny hair, her eager eyes waiting, darting around. She reached up and knocked again….I flipped the security bar on the door and opened it, ready to see her face to face for the first time.

Another squeal, but this time she was jumping into my arms. No hesitation, no fear, no remorse. My arms wrapped around her and I kicked the door closed as she pressed her lips to mine, lifting her legs and wrapping them around me. My towel fell to the floor and officially, in the first second of meeting her, I am naked.

Her kisses were rapid fire, fast pecks against my lips then my cheeks, then back to my lips…I staggered backward as I carried her into the room. Her lips touched my nose, then my eyes. I was laughing as she attacked my face with her lips happy and overjoyed to be in my arms.

My legs hit the bed and I stopped. She dropped her legs from my waist but stayed close, leaving her arms around my neck as she leaned up on her tip toes to look into my green eyes. She was smiling. I know this smile was bigger than any she had wore before this moment. She couldn’t stop looking at me, couldn’t stop smiling. She was my girl and I was her Soldier and in this moment – nothing else existed.

She pulled her hands around across my strong naked shoulders, along my chest and stopped for a moment before pushing me backward. I fell on top of the bed and she crawled up over me. She straddled my waist and leaned forward. This time, her kiss lacked the eager playfulness of a moment ago – this time her kiss was all about the passion and desire we both held for each other.

Her hot lips split between mine. Her wet tongue dipped into my mouth to seek out mine. I felt my arms reach up around her body, sliding across her back. She fit perfectly against me as she leaned over me. Her mouth lingered across my lips, our kiss growing in passion. I closed my lips a bit to suck on the tip of her tongue which sent a jolt through her. She moaned softly into my mouth. My teeth grazed over her bottom lip. My tongue slipped out to trace the soft curves of her mouth. I felt her wet tongue touch the tip of mine again and our mouth opened wider, locked together our tongues battling between us.

My cock grew beneath her body and her hips began to grind above me. I arched my hips a bit and rolled her over onto her back. I knelt backwards between her legs now d****d over my thighs. I looked down at her, watched her chest rising and falling with each breath. She was so beautiful in this moment. Her mouth open, her hair spread out behind her on the bed. Her lips were wet from our kisses, and I was ready for her. My cock jutted our between us and she, with her head still on the bed reached for it.

I slipped backwards, out of her reach and grabbed her hands. I pull her up to me, her legs still wrapped over mine. I lifted her hoodie up as she lifted her arms for the first time in her life, not worried about what someone would think when he saw her naked because she already knew how I loved her. Her hoodie was gray with a Army written across it in black, a daily tribute to me. But she wore nothing underneath it today and as I lifted it a small metal clicking echoed in my ears. Hanging between her breasts were the dog tags I sent her a few weeks earlier. She never takes them off.

I tossed the hoodie across the room and it landed across the arm of a chair. I reached down between us and found the button of her jeans and popped it open. She was looking into my eyes as I concentrated on getting her naked. She leaned back and let herself fall back onto the bed as I pulled the zipper down. She lifted her legs together arching her hips off the bed. I tugged the jeans up and off, her legs falling back around me. She wasn’t wearing any panties either. And now, except for her socks, was as naked as I was. And she was wet.

She was spread open already and I could see all of her. She displayed herself unabashedly for my eyes only, feeling safe and confident. And looking at her now, I knew this was worth waiting for. I leaned forward and kissed her mouth. She responded by lifting her head toward me to press her lips to mine, but I slipped the kiss away and pressed them against her throat. I felt the vibrations of her moan as she reached her hands up to the back of my head. Her fingers slipped over the short hair cut and held me to her as I nibbled across her neck towards her ear. I sucked her soft earlobe into my mouth and then let my tongue slip along the outer edge. She arched her hips up against me as I breathed a soft whisper into her ear “I love you Lauren.”

She tried to arch her hips up and twist us over at that moment filled with love and passion herself, but I was stronger and I held her in place. I kissed quickly from her ear along the side of her neck and let my lips find one nipple. I sucked it into my mouth and let my tongue dance across her. She arched her back and moaned again, the feeling sending electric jolts racing through her. Her hands held my head as her own head rocked back and she let go with a louder squeal.

Her legs wrapped up around my waist and tried to hold me there, but I slipped lower anyway, eager to taste the love she had for me. I kissed a wet trail along her round belly, savoring each inch of her flesh. My hands trailing along her waist. I could smell her intoxicating scent now and my kisses increased in pace. My tongue dipped through her belly button for a moment and I slipped my chest along her swollen mound as I continued my journey to her treasured center.

I kissed along the edges to her thigh and dipped my head between her legs. My teeth nibbled softly at her thigh as I kissed my way higher. Her legs spread more, her hands now leaving my head and twisting into the bedspread. My first taste of her was along her thigh, her wetness having covered her legs and dripped through her ass. I let my tongue continue along the outer edge of her lips catching every loose drop. I kissed to the top of her wet slit and then let my tongue slide down.

She arched her back as the breath was knocked out of her, I slipped my tongue over her clit and down to her wet entrance. I let my tongue slip even lower, dipping between the cheeks of her ass to tickle the tiny hole there. But soon I was moving back up. My mouth open, my tongue sliding over her. I pushed my tongue into her opening and savored the flavor of her silky walls. I let one hand slide between us as my tongue circled inside her.

I moved my mouth higher, letting my fingers slide up and into her as my lips closed around her clit. My tongue danced over her, flicking back and forth as I pushed one finger into her. She arched her back again encouraging me to go faster, deeper.

With my fingers I fucked my girlfriend even though it was only five minutes ago that we met. My tongue moved faster and faster and the more she moved beneath me, the faster I went. I moaned against her clit shooting vibrations through her body. She cried out as I pushed a second finger into her. Her orgasm was fast and powerful, gripping her entire body. I felt those silky walls collapse around my fingers, felt her thighs tighten around my shoulders, her breath was knocked out of her and her scream was silent. Her hands pulled the bedspread over her face and finally her voice recovered, muffled by the bedspread she screamed out my name – her Soldier’s name --- “Taaaaadddddd!!!”

And this night…was just beginning as I looked up into her face, her cheeks flushed, her breath escaping in ragged gasps….hunger and desire in her eyes….she wasn’t taking no for an answer and she reached for the sides of my head and pulled me to her, pressing her lips against mine, tasting the last bits of herself as she flipped us over. Her mouth moved to my neck.
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4 years ago
Very Hot!! I'd love to meet someone from on line (especially if they were like that!
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and so....
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very good but you need to continue this one