Road Trip Part II

Road Trip Part II

The rest of the trip was not easy. I wanted to know more about what Becky had planned, but she just teased me, not really offering anything helpful. When I asked what she wanted to show me, she just winked and said a side of her she hasn’t shown before. When I was more direct and asked if I would be allowed to touch her naked body, she coyly shook her head back and forth saying, not for the first time in our teasing relationship, that she doesn’t sl**p around on her husband, but she likes to dream.

I gave up as we crossed the final bridge into Atlantic City, finally the lights of the casinos and boardwalk came into view. I was hopelessly lost though as I tried to find my way to the Caesar’s Palace Hotel and Casino. Navigating the crowded weekend streets was enough for my hard-on to finally subside and the line to check in was equally daunting. But, it was nice to have such a sexy woman holding onto my arm as everyone walked by.

Becky is confidently sexy and tonight as we stood in the lobby of the crowded hotel and casino she was certainly earning her share of second glances while boyfriends and husbands earned their share of punches in the arm. I admired her as she held onto me.

She was wearing really tall heels that made her already tall body appear even taller. She chose to wore my favorite white stockings. I knew from the car that she was not wearing panties and where those stockings stopped high on her thighs, was pure, pale skin likely still wet from her earlier orgasm. Her white dress, from the right angle, allowed the outline of her lean body to show through. But I also knew that she was wearing a tight, sexy corset under the dress. This pushed her breasts high on her chest, forcing her cleavage to become exaggerated, but certainly not causing any complaints form the multitude of men that passed by.

I tapped my foot anxiously knowing only that I wanted to get to the room. But also, knowing the rules. Becky was married. Her husband was out of the country on business. She really doesn’t sl**p around, but that has not stopped her from playing with people, both men and women, online. But up until this weekend, she has been able to resist the temptation to actually meet someone in person. She only agreed to because I offered to take her to AC and that I would obey her rules.

She was allowed to do anything she wanted to me, but she would not sl**p with me. I was not allowed tot touch her the entire trip and could only watch unless she changed the rules. And so far, that wasn’t happening. Despite her horny show in the car on the way here. Now I wanted to get her to the room to see if I could tempt her out of her resolution.

But as we dropped the luggage and checked out the large room (with two beds – she made sure) she announced that she wanted to go to the casino. Great…more teasing. But I knew this would be a large part of the trip before we left. Despite what happened earlier in the car.

I followed her around the casino floor for awhile as she played a variety of slot machines, but I never did like the video game style of gambling. I broke away from her to go play roulette for awhile. I was having pretty good luck using a system that sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. Tonight it was working. And when Becky slid up behind me, wrapping her arms around me and kissing my cheek, breathing into my ear, I was up several hundred dollars. She squealed with delight when she saw the large stack of colorful chips in front of me and whispered in my ear that someone as lucky as me should test that luck upstairs. It was only a second longer before I pushed my chips toward the dealer asking to cash out. He passed back eight black chips (each worth a hundred dollars) and some smaller chips. Before we left, Becky asked me to place a bet for her. So I of course asked what was in it for me. She smiled and whispered in my ear again: “if you win, I will change the rules.”

I pushed five of the black chips, the maximum bet for this table onto red. The dealer cried out for the pit boss “five on red.” He came over looking sternly at the five chips laid out and nodded to the dealer who stacked them back and placed them back on red. I was more nervous than usual and barely registered the pit bosses voice when he said “good luck, Sir.”

Everyone watched the dealer as he flicked the little white ball into its track above the wheel. I could feel the sweat building on my palms and it had nothing to do with the five hundred dollar bet, but what this outcome might mean upstairs in our room. The ball spun around slower and slower. I held my breath as it slipped from the upper track and dove onto the wheel hitting two silver stars before bouncing off a green zero. The ball bounced and ricocheted off the numbers before seeming to settle for a moment and then popping out the back onto the inner wheel and then resettling into number three. The dealer cried out “Three – Red – winner!”

I threw my hands in the air and around Becky’s neck pressing my lips hard against hers in celebration. It was our first kiss despite having seen her naked in the car a few hours earlier.

I took the thousand dollars and we headed for the room. I was floating on air ready for her rule change.

Back in the room, Becky told me to relax and sit back on my bed. She headed into the bathroom with her overnight bag. A few moments later I heard the shower. I kicked my shoes off and opened my shirt before reaching for the remote control and turning the TV on.

I think I dozed off for a minute or two and it was the bathroom door opening that woke me up. I looked toward the door as I turned the TV off. A moment later Becky stepped into the light. She was still wearing the white stockings, she knows how much I love those on her long legs. But she left her heels in the bathroom. The tight corset pushed her exposed boobs high in her chest, her pink nipple hard and erect. I swallowed hard as she walked into the room and stood at the end of the bed. Her hips were swaying back and forth. She had no panties on and I had an unobstructed view of her hairy pussy. My eyes bounced up and down her sexy body, from her legs to her cunt, to her belly, to her tits to her beautiful face, her glasses still in place.

My cock stirred and began to rise in my slacks ready for his own exposure. I wasn’t sure what she had in mind, but if she was ready to change her rules and let me be the first she would sl**p with, then I was ready for it. She danced in a slow circle to give me a view of her entire, nearly naked body. Her ass was perfect, ready for anything, a spanking, a licking, a fucking. I wasn’t sure if I would even be allowed to caress it yet. She swayed her hips as she walked toward the far side of the room. She pulled the d****s back, letting in the light of the casinos and nighttime sky. She then walked slowly back to the front of the room. My eyes never left her body. Her long black hair hanging down to her waist provided the perfect contrast to the pure white of her corset. She turned all the lights off in the room before heading towards her bed.

She crawled onto her hands and knees as I twisted to sit up, my legs between the two beds. Her voice was husky and filled with lust when she told me simply to strip. I didn’t waste a moment, and quickly removed everything. My hard cock stood at attention ready for her inspection, ready for her.

She lay across the bed, her feet dangling just off the side near me, before spreading her thighs, bending her knees, pulling her feet up until the soles of each foot pressed together. She reached down and spread the lips of her pussy. I could see how wet she was in the dim light. Her fingers began to slide up and down through her slit, sliding clear down to the tight hole of her ass and back to the top, across her clit. Her eyes stayed open, watching me as I watched her.

I caught her gaze and smiled as continued to slowly play with her pussy in front of me. Her eyes traveled lower and stared at my hard cock. Her fingers began to move faster. I reached down and gripped my own shaft and began to let my hand slide up and down. She moaned when she saw me do this. I leaned back on my bed, my legs still dangling over the side. I kept my head up to watch as her fingers disappeared inside her.

This time I moaned as I watched her fuck herself. But after just a few seconds, she pulled her wet fingers out of her cunt. She leaned back and reached behind her to the floor. When her hand came back into view she was holding a long, thick pink vibrator. She slide the length of it along her wet slit, lubricating with her own juices before she twisted the base. The vibrations rocketed through her and her head rocked back, her hips arching her back off the bed. She cried out and spread her legs a little wider apart. I watched closely as she slid the toy inside her pussy. She looked up at me and in a throaty whispered told me to come closer. I crawled onto the bed next to her. She watched as I knelt beside her. I lookeddown at her body as she fucked herself faster and faster. My hand matching pace as I continued stroking my own cock.

“I want you to cum for me, I want to feel your hot cum on my tits.”

I wanted more, but knew I had to behave, I would settle for watching her fuck herself, while I jacked off over her. She cried out that she was cumming and I stroked even faster grunting as I pulled myself closer. She exploded, her whole body tensing up, her breathing stopped, her toes curling. I let my own orgasm overtake me and let my sperm fly out. I sprayed across her tits, hitting one nipple with the first blast. She gasped as the hot liquid landed on her. Then reached up with one hand. She spread her fingers through the sperm as the second and third blasts landed against her tits and her hand. She pulled the toy from her cunt and said. She was breathing hard, but her hand reached up and around me, grabbing my bare ass.

She looked up and said not to tell her husband as she pulled me closer. Her mouth opened wider and she took me inside, the first cock since she married that was not her husband’s. She moaned around me as her lips squeezed the last few drops out and down her throat.

She opened her eyes and said this was a bad idea, because she couldn’t help herself anymore…it tastes so good. She twisted herself around and pushed me back on the bed.

She crawled up over me, my hard cock still in her hand and she pointed it toward her dripping wet pussy while she looked down into my face – her expression a mix of anxiety and guilt. I felt the heat of her cunt as she paused to consider what she was about to do. I wanted to just lung up into her, but somehow I remained still, waiting as my dick pulsed hotly in her hand just this close to heaven.

She closed her eyes….
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