Thunder Bay Fantasy Part II

It took me a minute more to arrange my clothes before I could safely step out onto the trail. But Denise was there, waiting for me. The sweat covered her pretty little face and the sun was shining just right to make her skin sparkle. Of course, that may have been the afterglow of her orgasms and the feeling of my sperm dripping down her back and out of her pussy.

She grabbed my hand and we made our way back across the long bridge over Eagle Canyon, back toward the parking lot where we would likely share a final kiss of good-bye. She would have to get back to her husband. And her fantasies of an affair would have to remain just that – fantasies.

As soon as we saw her car though, we realized it would not be safe for her to drive back to the city on the tiny spare tire. The kiss we shared against her car was more of a promise to keep her safe as I followed her onto the highway and back into the city. She swore though, as soon as we reached her house, we would have to say good-bye, this would have to be our final kiss…if the neighbors saw. She just shook her head unable to finish the thought. I didn’t know how long the drive would be, but I certainly hoped my renewed hard-on would have the time to subside before we reached her house. I couldn’t make any promises until then.

The drive was not long enough. She pulled into a driveway and waited as the garage door slowly rose. I backed up and parked my car against the curb and walked up her driveway as she was pulling in. When she saw me, she looked around nervously before telling me we couldn’t, that she appreciated all my help and, well, everything else, but this had to be good-bye.

I didn’t listen, I could see in her eyes that this was only good-bye if I stopped and turned around…she didn’t want it to be over any more than I did. I stepped up to her as she turned her back to the car. I leaned in close and pressed my lips hard against hers. She gasped into my mouth, her eyes still open looking around in a panic. She fumbled in her purse and found the remote button that lowered the garage door. As it slid down, I was pushing her shorts back down her thighs, dropping them to the floor as the door came to a stop.

This time I wanted her naked, I wanted her all. I lifted her shirt up over her head, her resistance evaporated. She kicked her shoes off, her shorts and panties following. I lifted my own shirt over my head before reaching for my jeans. She gasped, herchest rising and falling with each breath. I stripped my jeans off and the two of us stood together in her garage, naked, as she leaned against her car.

I pressed my hungry lips against her throat, smiling as she gasped, her fingers reaching up and twisting into my hair. My hard cock bounced against her belly as my teeth grazed over her skin. I lifted her naked body into my arms and carried her a few feet to the front of the car. Her legs opened around me as I set on the hood. She looked down at my hard cock, pointing straight at her wet, still dripping pussy.

She reached down between us and grasped the hard shaft, pulling me toward her. She guided me in knowing it was all too late…please, not inside me this time.

My hips rocked forward and pushed my entire cock into her. Her legs went up and around me, her naked heels pressing against my ass as I filled her. Her pussy was so wet, so hot. Her silky walls gripped at me as I plunged inside her. I leaned against the car hood, pushing hard into her. She let out a little gasp but then screamed louder as I fucked her faster and harder against the hood of her car in her garage.

Her head rocked backward and she let herself go, crying out as I fucked her harder with each punishing stroke. She knew it was wrong, but she couldn’t stop. Her fingernails raked over my naked shoulders as she held on to me. I could feel the sweat forming on my face and forehead, dripping along my cheeks as I fucked her, slamming into her inside this hot garage.

Denise’s feet dug in harder as her body was suddenly gripped by a strong and powerful orgasm. Her scream was trapped in her throat as her head rocked back, I leaned forward as her cunt squeezed down on my shaft and slammed harder into, scooting her along the car hood. I felt my own cum boiling inside me, ready to fill her despite her pleas earlier.

Her eyes shot open as her scream finally erupted as a second wave of orgasm took over her body, she collapsed back onto the hood, her ass lifting off the hot metal and she let her scream loose. As her voice echoed off the walls, I felt my sperm blast from the end of my cock. I stuffed my cunt hard into her, deep into her as I let it all flood out and into her, grunting with each new blast of hot semen. She wrapped her legs tighter around me, her voice filled with lust and desire: “yes…oh god yes, give it to me, let me feel how hot your cum is inside me, fill me up…”

I couldn’t have stopped if I wanted to and blast after hot blast of cum poured into her filling her pussy and when I leaned back, pulling my cock from her tight little pussy, some of it ran out and onto the hood of the car. It was only then, as it flowed out of her that reality hit her.

“Oh my god! What have we done???? You shouldn’t have….oh god! I’m sorry…I should have stopped you….but….but I wanted it at the same time….”

I stepped back looking at her sweaty body, her stomach and chest rising rapidly with panicked breath, her nipples hard, sweat pouring off her body, between her breasts. As I was admiring her naked body we both heard a car pulling into the driveway.

At first we looked at each other. Then back at the giant door when we heard the engine shut off. “Fuck! My husband’s home….quick… have to go out the side…wait until he is inside the house…”

We both rushed to find our clothes and pull them on. She moved to the house door and waited as we both heard the sound of the car door opening and then slamming closed. A few seconds later and I was out the side door headed for my car.

Denise stepped inside the house and despite her promises to herself, she knew this affair was just beginning. But even in her wildest fantasies, she never would have been able to predict the turn this adventure would take in the morning a few minutes after her husband left for work….
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4 years ago
Great story!!!
4 years ago
Can't wait to see what happens next.
4 years ago
that is great