A Fantasy Meeting Part II

Sarah took my hand as we navigated through the crowds of San Francisco. As we walked we talked about our trips to the city, the flights, the food, the waiting, the anticipation of meeting each other. Kind of weird topics given that we just had sex for the first time and just a few feet away from the crowds gathered to watch the sea lions.

She had already checked out of her hotel and her luggage was in her car. That is where we were headed. Without dropping her volume to a whisper, Sarah told me that she could still taste my sperm in her mouth. I laughed and turned red wondering how many people around us heard. I didn’t make eye contact with anyone. Sarah laughed a soft giggle knowing she had embarrassed me a bit, but her hand squeezed mine letting me know it was okay. When we reached her car she tossed her keys to me and said since I knew where my car was parked, I should drive and besides…with this stop and go traffic, she would only get irritated.

Her car was smaller than I am used to but with her tiny frame, it seemed the perfect car for her. Granted, it was a rental and not her normal car, but it was still smaller than what I am used to driving. As I started to back out of the parking space Sarah reached into my lap and began to caress my cock back to life through my jeans. In the state I was in, she didn’t have to work hard and just as I eased the car into traffic, she reached over with both hands to work the jeans open.

I looked over at her, but here eyes were looking down as her hands worked up and down my shaft. She used one hand to open her seatbelt and with a quick glance around, she darted her head down between me and the steering wheel. I gripped the steering wheel tight and tried to focus on the traffic all around us as she just stared at her hand sliding slowly up and down the length of my shaft.

Her warm hand touched all the right places as she let it slide up past the head and then back down to the top of my jeans. I closed my eyes after stopping the car again, just for a second, as her magic touch sent shivers through me. I could feel her hot breath as her parted lips hovered just a hair’s length away from the hard cock in her hands.

At the rate the car was moving, it seemed like it would take 30 minutes or more to go the ten blocks to my car. But I was not feeling any frustration at all. Sarah licked her lips and I imagined that I could feel the wet tip of her tongue just barley skip across the tip of my cock. I sighed and lurched my hips upward, but Sarah was ready for it and her head moved back at the same time. As I settled back into the driver’s seat, Sarah let her head settle back just out of reach.

I wanted to feel the warm wetness of her mouth again, but she just stroked me, tantalizingly slow. Her hand pulling my flesh, and sliding back down. My cock grew in her hands, just this close to her mouth. She licked her lips again and this time she moaned softly sending another shiver through my whole body. My cock twitched in her hand and I could actually feel her smile.

My hand left the steering wheel and moved over her back, tugging her dress up. She lifted her hips and ass just a bit to let the dress slide up. In such a small car, people walking on the sidewalk or driving next to us would be able to see her cute little ass if they were looking our way. They would see her head hovering above my lap, and yet, neither of us cared. I leaned a bit to my right and let my hand slide between the cheeks of her ass. She rewarded my searching fingers by letting her head move forward, the tip of my cock trapped between them.

Her tongue circled the head and slipped through the tiny slit at the top. Her mouth was exploring me in a way no one had before. Her tongue wanted to taste every part of my cock it seemed, wanted to see if any of her still lingered there. My finger teased the puckered hole of her ass as her tongue teased the slit of my dick.

Looking around I saw and elderly couple in the car next to us. Both were looking straight ahead, if they saw anything, they were pretending as if they hadn’t. On the sidewalk, nearest the passenger side, however, more than a few passers-by did a double take. I just smiled and nodded my head. One guy punched his buddy in the arm and pointed as our light changed and I was able to dart ahead several yards before he got to see what his buddy had, which was Sarah’s perfect little ass being filled with my finger.

She moaned around my cock as my finger pushed into her. Her head started bobbing up and down. I was certain that with enough time, I would explode again, filling her mouth for the second time today. But, as it was…I saw the garage where I had parked less than a block away. I told Sarah we were there and even thought about just getting a ticket to park her car for the time, but she lifted her head from my lap, her mouth making a plopping sound as my cock sprang free of its warm embrace.

Licking her lips, she patted my cock and said she would wait for me to come out…and then follow me to the hotel….where our fantasy meeting would continue….
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4 years ago
wow nice details
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that is hot & good