Strip Poker

These kind of things always start out as fun, but sometimes, they take an interesting turn. My poker night a few weeks ago was just such an event.

It was the usual cast of characters: myself, my girlfriend Robin, her s****r Kristi, David and his girlfriend Brandi, but a new girl was joining us. She was new to the area and had just met Brandi at work and was invited to join us. Thankfully, she agreed – Jessica had dark hair and dark brown eyes to match. She was about 5’7” and maybe 130 pounds. The only bad thing about having her around? Robin was with me.

The beer was flowing and the cards flying. Luck was with me tonight and the cards seemed to keep landing my way. I had a huge stack of chips in front of me and no one was a close second. Jessica was reeling though as her luck seemed to be moving in the wrong direction.

I was dealt two aces and the first three cards up were ace, four, ten. I was feeling pretty good and called all in. That f***ed everyone to fold except Jessica who called, but announced that she didn’t have enough chips. Before we could explain the rules to her that I would just have to take some back, she suggested that we allow other bets. And with that she pushed her seat back, bent over and came back up with her shoes in hand. She tossed them into the pile of chips and asked if that covered it.

Neither of us guys wanted to answer right away. Not with our girlfriends there, but of course, I felt my cock twitch in my pants at the idea of strip poker with this group of girls. It was Brandi that answered first, agreeing that the stakes were raised – if you ran out of chips you could bet your clothes. Something tells me this was planned.

The rest of the cards came out and I won the pot which meant I had Jessica’s shoes. The game was changing. It didn’t take long for the chips to be abandoned completely and soon we were all just betting with our clothes.

What turned out to be the last hand of the night had me with a ten and a nine of spades. The flop gave me a straight (eight, jack and queen) and two of those cards were spades so I had a really good chance at a straight and a straight flush. I announced I was all in and tossed in all the clothes I had collected and, was per our rules for the night, stripped naked. My cock was not completely hard, but it was certainly showing interest…as did all the girls.

Robin said she couldn’t let me be naked all alone and stripped off the last of her clothes as did Kristi, David, Brandi, and Jessica. This was it…a winner take all hand. And I’m not sure that anyone cared that the game was over. I pulled all the clothes toward me when it was revealed that I had won and Robin said my victory deserved a reward kiss.

She leaned over and pressed her wet lips to mine, our tongues twisting together naturally. This of course caused my cock to jump and grow, jutting out of my lap. When our kiss broke, she reached down and took my hot shaft in her hand and just held it…as she said everyone has to give me a reward kiss.

Her s****r pushed her chair back and came around my chair and bent over, her tits hanging down as she leaned in to kiss me. Her eyes closed and we shared what was not our first kiss, but certainly the first one Robin knew about. As I kissed her s****r, Robin began to slowly stroke my cock, sliding her hand up and down. I was not aware of what else was going on until Kristi broke away from our kiss and stepped backward. Brandi was already there and she dropped to her knees, leaning up as I bent over. I felt her hand wrap around Robin’s on my cock as her soft lips pressed against mine. Again, not our first kiss, but certainly the first one either Robin or David knew about.

It was also not the first time her hand was sliding up and down my cock. This time was hotter though as Robin’s hand stayed in place. But, before I wanted it to end, Brandi’s hand and mouth were gone, I opened my eyes to see her smiling face and a quick wink as she backed away on her knees. That left Jessica – the instigator of tonight’s fun.

She stepped to me naked and instead of bending over, or kneeling like Kristi and Brandi had done, she lifted one leg, exposing her spread and clearly wet pussy for a moment, straddled my thighs and settled in, Robin still stroking my cock, now between me and Jessica.

Jessica leaned forward, her hands on my shoulders and pressed her lips to mine. I closed my eyes and let my mouth open and my tongue dart out and into Jessica’s. Her tongue met mine inside her mouth and they tangled together. Her hips slid back and forth in my lap, I could feel her wetness against my thighs. I moaned into her mouth which caused Robin’s hand to stop moving for just a moment. But then she was stroking me faster. My hips were moving, my legs lifting Jessica up and down. I could feel an orgasm building inside me and feared the embarrassment of my girlfriend making me cum while I kissed another girl. I moaned again, this time making it clear what was about to happen, and Robin stopped moving her hand, pulling it away.

I heard another moan from across the table and looked opened my eyes. Across the table Brandi was sitting in her boyfriend’s lap, Kristi was on her knees next to them, her hand between them. It was a mirror image of what was happening on my side of the table. Until Jessica leaned back, breaking our kiss. Breathless, she said we should move to the couch.

She stood up over me and my eyes moved down her belly to see the soft hair of her cunt again. She lifted her leg over me and was walking away, her ass swaying with every step. Robin stood from her chair and reached for my hand pulling me from mine. I couldn’t believe this was happening. She led me to the couch where Jessica was standing, waiting for us.

I was twisted around and plopped down onto the couch. With amazement I watched as Jessica and Robin both went to their knees in front of me. I looked over when I saw movement and Kristi and Brandi were leading David over to the couch as well. My eyes darted back to Robin and Jessica just in time to see their lips press together. Robin lifted her arms, wrapping them around Jessica’s neck. I watched as Jessica’s hands wrapped around Robin’s waist and slide over her back to grab her ass.

Robin moaned into what I thought was her first kiss with another woman. David was pushed backward onto the couch nearby. I looked over at him and the two girls now kneeling before him. Kristi and Brandi leaned toward each other and let their lips slide together. I don’t know what David was thinking, but I did know that this was not Brandi’s first time kissing another girl, and if I had to guess, it looked like it wasn’t the first time she had kissed Kristi either.

The two of them let their tongues meet in the middle, kissing hard and with a passion usually reserved for more familiar lovers. Both hand their fingers twisted in each other’s hair, both were purring aloud as their lips slid together, as their tongues crashed against each other.

I felt a hand on my leg and looked down to see Jessica sliding her hand up my thigh towards my now neglected and recovered cock. Her hand wrapped around the shaft and her other hand slide up Robin’s back and into her hair. She gently broke away from the kiss and pushed Robin’s head toward me. Leaning up on her knees as I spread my legs apart, Robin let herself be pushed toward me. Her mouth opened and she let me slide in as Jessica guided her.

With her hot mouth sliding up and down my cock, Robin repositioned herself between my legs as Jessica slid around behind her. She leaned forward and began biting the back of Robin’s neck. Robin moaned harder around my shaft sending strong vibrations through me. Her warm wet mouth slide slowly up and down and now she reached forward with one hand to grip the base of my shaft. Jessica slid down Robin’s back, kissing a wet trail to her ass before she twisted over onto her own back and slid backward between Robin’s spread knees. It was Kristi sucking David’s dick on the other side of the couch, his girlfriend sliding underneath her.

The room filled with moans as the girls lying on the floor began to lick the wet pussies above them. The two s****rs couldn’t help it and stopped sucking the cocks in their mouths in order to let the world know the pleasure they both felt as those feminine tongues slid through their wetness.

Robin looked up at me as she gave the tip of my cock a kiss, then she knelt backward sitting more fully on Jessica’s face for a few moments. Her eyes closed as she felt Jessica’s expert tongue grinding over her clit. She reached for my legs, but used them as support as she twisted around over Jessica. She leaned forward, her ass in the air before me and buried her face between Jessica’s legs. Jessica moaned as Robin’s tongue danced over her clit. I scooted forward and dropped to my knees behind Robin, over Jessica’s face as Jessica wrapped her hand around Robin’s hips and lifted herself up to what I knew was a wonderful, delicious pussy.

I slid the length of my cock between Robin’s ass cheeks, feeling her warm skin wrapped around my cock. I rocked my hips back and forth letting my cock slide between her ass for a few more moments. I leaned back and gripped my cock in my hand and pointed it to her wet opening. Jessica dropped her head and watched as I pushed my cock into my girlfriend’s pussy just inches above her face. Jessica leaned up again, but this time her mouth closed around my balls, her tongue tickling them as I pushed deeper into Robin’s cunt.

Jessica used one finger to reach up and play with Robin’s clit. Robin lifted her head from Jessica’s pussy to let out a small squeal of delight. I rocked my hips backward and looked over just as David was leaning over Brandi. She was laying on her back with Kristi kneeling over her face. Brandi was so busy eating Kristi I’m not even sure she noticed that David was ready to fuck her. He pushed into her with ease, his hips crashing against hers. Her scream was muffled by Kristi’s cunt. Kristi let her head rock back and let her own unmuffled scream escape.

Robin lifted her head to look over at her s****r then back at me. I leaned forward and reached for her hair knowing she likes to have her hair pulled. I tugged back on it as I slammed my cock hard into her. She cried out again, this time her head rocked back. Jessica waited until I pulled back and then grabbed my wet slippery cock in her hand. She pulled me out of Robin’s cunt and when my hips moved forward again, I slide between her wet pussy and Jesscia’s wet mouth.

Jessica lifted her chin and opened her mouth arching her neck back. My cock, wet with Robin’s wetness slid into her open mouth, along her tongue and down her throat. Her tight throat squeezed the end of my dick and I thought I would erupt right then. Somehow I held it back, there was too much to see and do before my orgasm. But Kristi on the other hand, had more to spare and she filled the room with her screams of pleasure as she announced her orgasm to us as Brandi sucked on her clit.

Kristi collapsed and rolled off of Brandi just as David pulled his cock from her pussy. Shiny and glistening with Brandi’s wetness, he grabbed it and gave it a few strokes before letting his load splash out across her belly and tits. She moaned as the white hot liquid splashed against her skin. And Robin, licking her lips crawled away from Jessica and me. She dipped her head to Brandi’s tits and began to lick David’s sperm from her. Her mouth traveled all over Brandi as I continued to fuck Jessica’s mouth. It wouldn’t be long as I watched the scene unfolding and felt the magical caresses of Jessica’s tongue, but I wanted to experience it all and with great effort pulled my cock from her willing mouth.

Kristi lie on her side nearby. Her ass facing me and I could see her wet pussy peeking out. I could also see her tight asshole and I knew how much she licked attention there. I crawled over to her and dropped my head to lick her ass, pushing her cheeks apart. She moaned and lifted her top leg to expose herself more. Jessica had rolled over and was now crawling toward Brandi. I rose to my knees behind Kristi and for a moment, I hesitated. I realized, I was about to fuck my girlfriend’s s****r in the ass – in front of my girlfriend! The thought sent a surge of lust through me and I felt my cock grow even more as I aimed at the tight asshole in front of me. Kristi cried out when the tip of my cock pushed into her.

This night….was just beginning.
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2 years ago
3 years ago
Great story. Hope there is a chapter 2. Thanks.
4 years ago
sounds like this is the 1st chapter as every one has cum only once and its not to long i was just getting warmed-up
4 years ago
agree. chapter better
4 years ago
story a little to long broken up into chapters would have been better