Let it Rain

Just touching your hand turns me on, and the fact that we are walking down the streets of Paris does not change that. There are not many people out today, which is probably good. I’m not sure what the laws are regarding hard-ons in public. My tight jeans do not hide my arousal for you, and the sweat between our palms, tells me, it is a good thing your desire is not as visible.

Whenever we are together, the sparks fly between us. If we didn’t have to go out to eat, we probably never would have left the hotel room. But, our workout this morning has worked up an appetite.

Ahhhh, this morning. Waking up in Paris is just as great as they say it is. Of course, waking up next to Edith is not an experience that everyone gets, but still, she made waking up in Paris a living fantasy. The sun was not quite up yet, just poking over the distant horizon. As I slept, she woke up, naked and still filled with lust from last night. She lifted the sheets covering up and looked down at my naked body, and smiled seeing the soft cock that was so much bigger last night, that worked so hard and pleased her so much. She looked again at my face and leaned forward, pressing her lips to my cheek and then dipping under the sheet.

She licked her lips and held my limp cock in her hand, feeding it into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down, feeling nature take over, feeling it grow in her mouth. She felt me stir above her, but still, her warm, wet mouth moved over me.

She could taste the remnants of last night on her tongue as she let it slide across my shaft. She moaned around me sending little vibrations through across the head of my dick. I stirred again. My dreams begin slipping away, reality slowly setting in. My eyes too sl**py still to blink open. I felt the warm wetness of her mouth, and reached for her. My fingers tangled in her short blonde hair. She moaned again and smiled around my now full cock. Her teeth grazed over the sensitive skin.

I held her head in place as she let her head bob up and down. She felt my cock swelling in her mouth and pulled away, looking up at me with a smile on her face. “Good morning lover.”

“Mmmmm, good morning in deed. Come here!” I pulled her face up to mine and pressed my hot lips against hers. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and let it wrestle with mine. Both of us moaning into our now familiar kiss. I broke away and twisted off the bed, pulling her with me. She giggled as I pulled her along toward the balcony. I flung the glass doors open and led her out into the morning chill. The sun was higher now, peeking over the tops of the buildings of this romantic city that was now going to get a more lustful exposure.

I pushed her to metal railing and she bent over, showing her small, sexy ass to me, wiggling the target back and forth. She looked back at me as I gripped my cock and stepped to her. She spread her legs as I held her hip with one hand and guided myself into her again. She moaned softly as I filled her already soaking pussy. She pushed back anxious to get all me inside her.

I was not ready to disappoint her and began thrusting hard into her. She bit her lip to keep from waking everyone in the hotel as we fucked on the balcony as the set came up. It was a most wonderful morning and the first of an entire weeks worth of holiday for us both.

Now here we are, several hours later and walking towards one of her favorite cafes for lunch. Her fingers are soft in between mine, our passion for each other only barely contained. As we walk along, she points out the buildings to me. This is the most I have seen of Paris since I arrived. Edith met me at the airport, but we headed straight for the hotel in her car. Two days later and this is the first time we have ventured outside. And now, as I feel her fingers tighten in my hand, I am beginning to think it was a bad idea to leave the room. I want her again so bad as she talks to me, her French accent sending shivers through my body straight to my still hard cock.

I stop walking and she looks at me. I twist my body towards her, releasing her hand, reach around her waist and pull her hard against me. My mouth covers hers in a passion filled kiss. She moans and melts against me, one foot lifting off the cobbled street. In a hoarse whisper, inches from her ear, I tell her I need her again, I need her now.

She leans up and presses her lips to mine. A lone rain drop hits her on the head. She breaks the kiss and looks up at the cloudy sky. Another drop lands on her face and then one on mine. The rain is cool, but not cold as it starts to fall all around us and she grabs my hand and pulls my down a small side street laughing as the rain soaks us both in no time.

With the rain pouring down I stop her and tug her backwards. She squeals and lands in my arms, pressing her wet body against mine. Our lips meet again and I let my lust for her take over. Pushing her backward as I kiss, her, pressing against a nearby wall. The water pouring over us both, soaking our clothes.

I reach down and lift her leg around my hip my hand sliding along her wet thigh, pushing her skirt up until I am able to grip her ass in my hand. She moans and leans back against the wall, arching her body into mine, wrapping her leg tighter around me. My fingers slip across the cheek of her ass and pull her open, seeking the tiny hole.

As I press my finger against that sweet tight opening, Edith moans into my open mouth. I press harder and push the tip into her ass causing her to break the kiss and let her head rock back. The rain splatters her face as I press my hungry mouth to her exposed throat. Nibbling her flesh, tasting the rain on her skin, I feel her shiver in my arms. My fingers spread between her ass cheeks and I feel the heat of her cunt. Her panties lie in a crumpled heap somewhere back in the hotel room so my fingers slip through her wetness unimpeded. She whispers softly that she need me inside her again. But I pretend not to listen, and I push my finger deeper into her ass as on slides up into her cunt.

She arches her back again and this time pushes down with her body, bending the one knee holding her up. She f***es my fingers into her body. Then she reaches between us, reaching for the top of my jeans. I step back from her. My fingers slip out of her, her foot drops to the ground. I reach down as her eyes move over my body watching my fingers work. Her mouth is open, her lips wet from the rain and the hard kiss. She is breathing faster, panting with lust and desire, not caring the rain continues to drench our clothes, not caring that we are outside on the street not even trying to hide.

I pop the buttons of my jeans and open them letting my cock, unencumbered by underwear, spring free into the rain-filled air. Edith reaches for me, taking the hot shaft into her greedy hands again. Using both hands she strokes me quickly as I push her tank top up, exposing her tits to my hungry mouth. I lean forward and take one hard nipple into my mouth. She moans out loud, letting her voice echo down the alley.

I feel her bare thigh against the head of my cock as she tugs me closer to her. I lift my head, standing up straight and let her pull me closer as I reach down and lift her skirt. She lifts her leg around me again and guides the head of my cock into her wet slit. Her eyes lock with mine as she pulls me into her. My strokes are slow and short, but she wants it harder, faster. She begs me with her eyes.

I look around and pull out of her, twisting her around. She bends at the waist and steps backward, leaning against the building, the rain pounding against her back. With my jeans around my thighs, her skirt around her waist, I push my cock into her. She squeals again with delight and pushes back against me. I begin thrusting my hips hard against her. She cries out to go faster.

I feel her bare, wet ass slapping against my belly as I fuck her harder and harder from behind. She reaches down and I feel her fingertips tickling my balls every time I thrust deeper into her as she plays with her own clit.

She is moaning louder now, thankfully, the pouring rain is keeping everyone away. I each up and let my fingers twist into her wet hair and tug backward. Her neck and back arch as she slams back against my thrusting cock deep inside her.

Her voice bounces off the wall as she orders me to fuck her harder. I slam her ass with one hand, the water splashing across her back as my hips thrust against her. I spank her again, the wet smack echoing through the streets.

In the short time we have been together I have cum across her face, in her mouth, across her body and her ass, even inside her delicious, slippery cunt. But one place has to feel the heat of my shooting sperm.

I reach down and take my cock in my hand and slip out of. She moans with disappointment but keeps playing with her clit, still pushing herself towards a crashing orgasm. I press the tip of my cock against her tight asshole and she moans again, pushing back to encourage me to fuck her ass on the street.

I push into her, stretching her ass again around my thick shaft. Her orgasm grips her body. I feel her legs shaking, her ass trembling. I push harder into her and fill her ass with my cock. She arches her neck even further and cries out as her orgasm races through her. Her ass clenches around my cock as I push into her. Her squeezing muscles push me over the edge and she squeals with delight when my white hot sperm splashes indie her ass. I have officially cum in every hole, across every inch of her. She knows she is mine now, that I have marked her as mine.

She holds still as I let my cum pour into her ass. I wait for the last drops to squeeze out and pull my cock, still hard and wet from her ass. She drops to her knees, unable to catch her breath for a moment. I lift her up and hold her in my arms, turning her around and pressing my hungry lips to hers. She purrs into my mouth and reaches or my hand. With one hand she adjusts her skirt, I reach down and pull my pants back up.

Lunch forgotten, we turn and head back toward the hotel. We can order room service later.
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4 years ago
Well this is is my favorite story and you, and as you said I never commented, Well now you cant say that anymore!!!
4 years ago
excellent made me hard
4 years ago
10 stars...... this is amazing, i can imagine every position, attitude, sounds. your silk and pervert words are unique. it is great, i loved it, it made me wet in the morning (making be forget about my awful headache). mmmmmm i ll read the other stories you wrote...
4 years ago
very good !!!