Road Trip

I hate road trips. You drive for hours and then, after a few days of fun wherever you end up, you have to make the drive back. I hate road trips. That is, until I took one with Becky. She is married and swears she doesn’t sl**p around, but her husband was out of the country on business and this was our chance to get away for a few days. We weren’t going far, just to Atlantic City, but the drive through the Pennsylvania countryside was looking pretty daunting.

About two hours into the drive, with the sun going down, I looked over at Becky. She was stunning. She had long dark hair that she wore loose so it hung down to her waist and dark eyes hiding behind a pair of glasses. I had seen her body in pictures, but never in real life and now as she sat next to me I tried to picture her naked body again. Her pale skin shining as she lifted her large breasts in her hands, her hairy pussy, that hadn’t seen a razor in several years. I looked from her white legs poking out from under her short skirt, to her eyes. She was looking at me and smiling. I felt myself blush and said I was sorry as I looked back at the road.

I reached down and flipped the switch to turn on the headlights as she said it was okay. “you know I could never cheat on my husband, but I still like to dream.”

I looked back over at her and she looked down into her own lap. With one hand she reached over and pressed the button undoing her seatbelt. She lifted her ass off the seat and reached under her skirt. Her lacey pink panties came slipping over her legs. She stepped free of them and then spread her legs as she reached back and lowered her seat. I tried to focus on the road and her at the same time as she inched her skirt higher over her strong sexy legs.

The white stockings she wore ended near the top of her thighs. I sighed with desire wishing I could touch the top, right where her skin began and the silky softness of her stockings ended. She lifted her leg and put her foot up on the dash as she twisted in the seat to face me a bit more fully. Her white stockinged foot was a lustful sight in its own right. I long to touch it, massage it, and even to kiss it, lick it as I held it my hand.

After looking back to make sure the road was still straight and clear, I let my eyes wander over her foot and then along her calf, over her thigh until her skin appeared. In this position, I had a clear view of her pussy, except for her hand covering herself. I could see her fingers moving up and down, she had to be wet. Her fingers slipped through her own wetness with ease. I reached down to adjust my cock. It strained against the slacks I wore and begged for freedom. I was afraid it would be too much of a distraction as I drove. So, at 70 miles per hour, I just moved my hard on to a more comfortable position as I glanced back at Becky.

Her fingers were now moving apart, opening her pussy, splitting her lips. I could smell her lust now, filling the car, I watched as she let her own fingers do what I wanted to. S[reading her fingers and pulling back over her swollen mound, exposing her wet, hard clit to my hungry eyes. She moaned as saw the look on my face. Her fingers reached down and two of them disappeared inside her. She closed her eyes and let her head rock back against the window. Her fingers moved slowly, just pushing against her opening. She pulled them out with a wet splashing sound. She moaned again and I watched as her fingers moved up over her clit.

She played with her own pussy, her fingers slipping back and forth over her clit. She moaned louder as she pushed herself higher. I couldn’t take it any more and reached down with one hand and opened my slacks. I adjusted my hips and with just a little bit of swerving onto the shoulder, had my cock out and in my hand. The shaft was hard and longing to be inside her, to be tickled by the hair covering her wet opening. But my own hand would have to do.

She opened her eyes at my movement and licked her lips as she saw my cock flashing in my hand. Her fingers moved faster, and she cried out that she was going to cum. I tried not to close my eyes, watching instead her beautiful face with quick glances to the road. She cried out and her leg shot higher, her foot pressing against the windshield. She was cumming and I could actually see her pussy clenching in the fading light. She pushed a finger into herself to give her cunt something to hold onto as my hand worked faster over my own cock. I’m not sure how I didn’t crash the car when she shifted in her seat. With one hand still pressing against her clit she leaned forward and moved my hand away.

“Don’t tell anyone about this.” Her hand moved faster over my cock then mine had been able to do. She stroked me faster and faster while she moaned along with my grunts of pleasure. “Come on baby, cum for me…let me feel your hot sperm all over my hand…”

I was close and I never want to deny this amazing woman what she wants…I just hoped, as my sperm sprang free from my cock, that this would lead to more in AC. The first blast hit her cheek and she squealed, the second blast was less powerful and shot up into the air before splashing back down on her hand and my cock. A few more spurts and her hand and my dick were a slippery and a sloppy mess. She leaned forward and kissed my cheek before reaching in the back seat for her overnight bag.

After wiping her face and my cock she re-adjusted her seat and asked how much longer until we arrived….she had something she wanted to show me….
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4 years ago
yes a very nice story and do want to here more
4 years ago
The suspense for part 2 is killing me.
4 years ago
Nice job, sounds like your going to have a great time in Atlantic City...please share it with us.