Thunder Bay Fantasy

She stood at the edge of Eagle Canyon looking down over a sturdy wooden railing. Denise could feel her heart pounding in her chest. Her breathing was fast and labored. Most people would suspect she was a little wore out after hiking to this suspension bridge. But in reality, Denise could still me inside her. She was till tingling from orgasm after orgasm that had just occurred a few feet into the woods. She was waiting for me to come out so we could walk across the 600 foot bridge and head back to Thunder Bay.
She had a plan for the trip back, and I have the plans for the rest of the evening, but for now, as she waited, her body and her mind drifted back to the encounter that just took place.

Denise is married and has been for sometime, even though she is only 23 years old. But if she were ever to tell you the truth, she would admit that she was not happy. For whatever reasons, but she dealt with it by taking long hikes in the forests near her home town. Today was really now different. She headed up to Eagle Canyon for her familiar trek across the longest foot bridge in Canada. As she pulled in to the parking lot at the visitor’s center, though something didn’t feel right with her car. As she parked and walked around to the passenger side and noticed the flat tire. She panicked. She wasn’t really sure how to fix a flat. She reached for her cell phone but before she punched in those first few numbers she heard my voice behind her.

“Looks like you could use some help?” It was more of a question, you can never be sure these days. But Denise was grateful and accepted my offer with an outpouring of gratitude. She said she didn’t even know if she had a spare. I laughed a bit as I asked to take a look in her trunk. Of course, she did have a spare tire and in just a few minutes she was set with a small doughnut tire in place. She asked what she owed me, and with a twinkle in my eye, I said nothing, I was just glad to help. She then asked if I was there with my f****y or if I would like to join her across the bridge.

Spending more time with this beauty was certainly appealing and I agreed after wiping my hands clean and tossing the rag in the trunk of her car. With a slam of the lid, we were off. We talked and walked along the trail, laughing and smiling as we went. As we neared the bridge and without thinking, I reached out and took her hand in mine. Her fingers slipped between mine casually. It was like an instant bolt of electricity that connected us and neither of us pulled away. We walked the last few steps toward the bridge in silence, enjoying the heat from each other’s hand.

Half away across the bridge we both stopped and looked down at the canyon through the mesh safety net. It was an amazing moment as the breeze drifted over us and the bridge rocked back and forth and our palms slipped together through a thin film of nervous sweat. I look down into her sexy eyes as she looks up at me. I can feel what is about to happen, and lean forward. Her lips press up against mine as we share our first kiss suspended over 100 feet in the air.

It is a soft kiss, our lips parted and slipping together. Her breath is warm in my mouth as she gasps, the first man she has kissed since her wedding day. She lets go of my hand and reaches up, her fingers sliding into my hair. She holds my head close to her as my tongue reaches out to trace along her bottom lip. She sighs into the kiss, and opens her mouth more letting my tongue inside her. I step closer to her and let my own arms
move around her waist and pull her closer. She can feel my cock growing hard between us as her fingers tickle the back of my neck, her sighs grow a bit more intense….

“Not here,” I whisper. “Come on.”

I break away from our kiss and retake her hand in mine. We practically run across the bridge to the far side and just a few feet after the bridge, we slip off the trail and walk deeper into the forest away from prying eyes. I twist her around a tree and push her back against it. My mouth presses harder against hers, she exhales sharply into my mouth with a surprised little gasp. Her hands wrap backward around the tree, pressing her breasts hard against me. My mouth moves over her lips, along her cheek until I am nibbling her earlobe. She gasps and rocks her head backward, exposing her throat to me.

Dipping my head down, I taste her sweet skin, biting her neck and nibbling her flesh. She moans softly before biting her bottom lip trying to keep it in. My hands move to her legs and slide over the bare skin of her thigh, up over her shorts. Still sliding higher, but under the cotton t-shirt. She does not stop me, but instead arches her back against my exploring fingers.

I tickle over her bare skin sliding my hands up and under her sports bra, grasping both breasts. She gasps again and no I feel her hands reaching around me, sliding into my hair as I push her bra and her t-shirt over her breasts. Now exposed to the air, her nipples spring to attention. I drop my head kissing the top of one mound and letting my moist lips slide over her globe of flesh. Her nipple slips into my mouth and I let my tongue dance across the stiff little nub. Somehow she remains quiet as my hand slide back down over her tummy to the top of her shorts. The button slips open easily and the sound of her zipper sliding down mixes with another soft moan.

One hand turns so my palm is against her belly and I slide it down into her shorts, into her panties. My hand slides over her smooth mound and deeper, through her wet slit. Her moisture guides the way for my exploring fingers. She wiggles her hips as she spreads her legs trying to get more of me to touch her.

I drop to my knees, pulling my hand from her wetness. I can smell her lust from this position and feel my already hard cock grow another inch. I grasp the sides of her shorts and panties and tug them down. I lean forward kissing the smooth skin of her pussy.

She spreads her legs and my tongue slides through her slit and over her clit. She moans again as she kicks her shorts and panties off her feet. I turn her around and she immediately hugs the tree while stepping back to bend over. Her ass exposed to me in wonderful amazement. I leand forward, my hands spreading her cheeks apart. My tongue dips into her, drinking her juices and slides up over the tight hole of her ass. If anyone was walking along the trail, they would have heard this one. There would be more to come.

My tongue danced across her tight ass and she pushed back encouraging me to do more. I lifted a hand along her thigh, her legs spreading a bit more. I could feel how much she was trembling as this stranger kissed her in such an obscene way. Yet, she couldn’t let it stop. I felt the heat of her pussy and one ,t hen two fingers slid into her as my tongue pushed into her ass.

She moaned again, this time louder still and dropped her head between her arms. With one free hand I reached down and opened my pants, pushing the down awkwardly to free my hard and ready cock. Standing behind her I Held my cock in my hand giving it a few strokes. I slapped the hard shaft against her ass.

She looked back at me and for the first time told me we shouldn’t. She said no one other than her husband has ever fucked her. I was too far along to stop now, but I also respected her….so instead of fucking her, I just slid my cock up and down between the naked cheeks of her ass. She pushed back wanting more, but afraid.

“Does it count as cheating if I fuck your ass instead?”

She looked back at me. Her eyes half closed.

Her voice trembled. “Yes…oh god, please…fuck me there….it won’t count…it won’t. Fuck my ass.”

I grabbed my hard shaft again and this time slide it up and down through her wetness, between her swollen lips and lubricated the head of my cock with her lust. She moaned and pushed back, the tip of my cock slid inside her wet pussy. She moaned again.

I pull out and lifted my cock higher, aiming for the smaller target. She held her breath, bit her lip as I pushed the tip of my cock against her tight ass. She relaxed a bit and we both felt my cock pop into her ass. She held a scream in her throat, that vibrated through her entire body as I began to rock my hips back and forth. She pushed back against me. My cock was slowly disappearing into her ass. I held still when I was all the way, my cock deep in her ass.

She reached down between her legs and I felt the tip of her fingers tickling my balls as she flicked her fingers over her own clit. Denise wanted to cum around her fingers with my cock filling her ass. I began to rock back and forth. Slowly, pulling my cock nearly our of her ass before sliding back into her. Her fingers worked faster encouraging me to fuck her harder.

I soon felt my stomach slapping against the shaking cheeks of her ass. She was moaning uncontrollably now, her fingers pushing her quickly to orgasm. My cock swelled inside her. Her ass squeezed down around me. I felt her legs shaking and I lifted her up by her hips a bit. She bit hard on her lip but still, her scream was audible. She let it out as her orgasm swept through her, raced through her entire body, my cock still slamming in and out of her ass.

Suddenly, Denise moved her body forward, my cock slipping from her ass. As she was still cumming, she slid back again, her hand reaching back from her clit to wrap around my hot shaft. This time, she guided me inside her cunt.

She was so tight as her pussy spasmed around my shaft, her fingers tickling me with each deep stroke. Her orgasm slowly subsided, but quickly built again as I slammed harder and harder into her. She held onto the tree with both hands and cried out that she was cumming again. Her head rocked backward, I reached up and grabbed her hair, tugging her head back even further as her orgasm gripped her body, as her pussy squeezed around my cock.

I was ready to cum and I told her so hoping she would let me cum inside her. But she heard me and looked back…”Oh god, don’t cum in me, please, you can’t”

But even as she pleaded, my first blast of hot sperm shot out of the tip if my cock deep inside her, scalding her silky walls with cum. She felt it and gasped, but I pulled back in time for the second shot to splash across her back and her ass. She moaned again. More sperm popped out over her ass and trickled between her cheeks and across her asshole.

She turned and dropped to her knees taking me into her mouth to clean my juices and hers off my cock. Her tongue swirled around the head of my dick as she moaned with still hearty lustfulness. She looked up at me. Her eyes sparkling with her orgasms and with the taste of me in her mouth. She stood up and reached for her shorts.

“We should go,” she said as she stepped back into her shorts, her panties laying forgotten in the ground. I pulled my own pants back up as she jogged off calling back over her shoulder that she would wait for me at the bridge….
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4 years ago
yes please continue this story
4 years ago
that was amazing i loved it ... it was very awesome thank you!!
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please continue if there is any more for this story
4 years ago
nice story