A Fantasy Meeting

IT was a challenge I could not walk away from. I knew the risk was high, but if I wanted the reward of her, I would have to take the chance. To fill you in, her name is Sarah. We met online, well, we’ve ONLY met online up to this point. We’ve had great conversations online, some about sex, others about just life. Regular conversations if you will. But there was no denying what our relationship was all about – after all, we don’t usually visit xHamster.com looking for life-long relationships. Our chats would get so heated and would lead to multiple orgasms for both of us. I asked to meet her for real to see if our online connection could be as strong in real life, if the passion we shared online, the mutual goals of pleasing the other, would work in real life – could I make her scream my name? Could she make my toes curl as I blast into her and over her?

She said no. She always said no. But I asked every time I saw her. Patiently waiting until she would give in and then – three days ago, she gave in. She said yes – but that is when she presented her challenge. We both knew what meeting in person was for, but since we would be fulfilling one of my fantasies (to meet her) then she wanted one of hers on the table. We had to meet in a public place. If we left that public place without having sex – we never would. We would have to find a way to go back to online only or lose each other forever.

Public sex with an online only lover? What a challenge – but I am ready for it and today is the day. I would first have to find her. We’ve seen pictures of each other, and she sent me an e-mail a few minutes ago describing what she had picked out to wear: a short blue summer dress that would leave her long, bare legs exposed. In her long dark hair she would wear a matching blue flower. If I would find her dark, piercing brown eyes, I would know her for sure. My imagination filled in what she left out of her description….she would be wearing no panties under that short dress. We’ll see.

I made the drive from the hotel. We had decided to meet in a neutral city which meant flying and getting a hotel room and rental car. Just in case, I rented an SUV for the extra room. We were in San Francisco. I figured it would give us the least chance of getting arrested if we got caught. I headed for our designated meeting place – Fisherman’s Warf and Pier 39. Finding each other in the summertime crowd would be the first challenge.

It turns out that finding a place to park was even harder. Every parking lot was full, every street was jam-packed with people and cars. Driving from one lot to the next only to find it full was frustrating. I kept looking at the time panicked that she would give up and leave. I had to settle for parking ten blocks away from our designated meeting spot. I was rushing through the crowd like a salmon swimming upstream. My heart was racing from the exertion and the excitement of meeting Sarah. I crossed the crowded street, my eyes darting back and forth looking for long black hair and a blue flower. My heart skipped with each glimpse of dark hair. My cock twitched each time that was matched with a blue blouse or dress. But still no Sarah. The crowd was thick and difficult to see only a few people at a time, but then I noticed the stairs and the second level of shops. I rushed up two and three steps at a time. Stopping on an overhead walkway to scan the crowd. This really didn’t make things any easier, but I felt I had a better chance of finding her from up here.

The minutes passed with no sign of her. But I also knew that if I had trouble parking, maybe she had the same trouble, so I waited. And finally, after 40 minutes of scanning the crowd, I saw her. She was walking out of an ice cream shop with a giant waffle cone sundae in her hand. She had been in there awhile it looks like, since the ice cream was nearly gone. Her long tanned legs made an exciting sight. I could feel my cock jumping. Okay, I thought to myself, I found her…now what am I supposed to do about it?

She walked between buildings and I knew where she was headed. This could be a good chance. I turned from the railing and raced along the walkway to a back stairway. Instantly, as I rounded the corner to the docks, I could hear the sea lions barking. There were a lot of people leaning over the sides watching the sea lions, but I was only interested in one. She was right in the middle of them all. The back of her dress was flying a bit in the breeze giving small peeks of the back of her thighs. I scampered down the stairs and walked towards her. She never turned around, but I was certain it was her.

I squeezed in next to her and looked out at the sea lions without saying a word. She looked over at me but then back to the docks. I leaned over the rail and my hand moved into hers. She smiled as our fingers twisted together. Somehow the moment seemed to call for no words. And we let it rest that way. I was wondering though, how will we get this to the next step, there are way too many people here….but, I also know these piers are filled with hidden nooks and alleys… we just have to find one. I tugged at her hand and pulled her away from the sea lions and led her through the crowd. If anyone were to glance down, they would know what I was in the mood for.

We rounded the corner at the end of the pier and saw more people lounging on large steps watching the bay. We crossed in front of them to the other side and just before the last corner there was a small employees entrance. I pulled her inside with a glance backward. It was dark and narrow back here, but we had all the room we needed. I took her in my arms and pressed my lips against hers. This is a moment we had both described with words many times online. And as eloquent as her words had been, they did not prepare me for the electricity that sparked between us. Her soft lips parted into our kiss, sliding between mine. Her tongue danced along my upper lips and into my mouth, her breath crashing against mine. He hands moved around me and slid up into my hair holding me close as my hands went around her waist and against her lower back.

My tongue danced with hers in my mouth as my hands slipped over her tight ass. She stood on her tip toes into the kiss letting my hands grip her ass and lift her slightly. She moaned as my fingers pressed against her, kneading the flesh of her well muscled ass cheeks. But this moment was not entirely about passion. It was about speed and not getting caught. If we pulled it off, we would have plenty of time for the heat of passion to burn down our hotel room.

I lifted the back of her dress, exposing her ass to the cool sea air. My imagination was not wrong, she left her panties back in her room. My hands slide across her bare ass. She broke our kiss and moved her lips to my ear “now, I need you now!”

She turned away from me in my arms and leaned forward bracing her hands against the far wall. I looked to my left and saw the ocean and people standing against the rail of the pier watching the waves and the boats and looking toward Alcatraz. I looked back down at her tiny, strong ass. Her tanned skin lined with tan lines revealing how she wore her bikini. He white ass gave me the perfect target and I open my pants. My hard cock sprang out and against her skin. She moaned as she felt the heat of my cock against her ass cheek and then again when it slipped between the two perfect globes of flesh.

I rocked my hips back and forth, teasing us both for a moment letting my cock slide between her ass. She reached back under her dress between her legs. I felt her fingertips tickle across my balls first and then up reaching for my shaft. She pulled me back through her ass and pointed the tip towards her wet opening. She has wanted this as much as I have and I felt her silky walls open and stretch around me. Her hand slipped from my cock but moved to her clit, rubbing as I rocked my hips back and forth sliding deeper into her with each thrust. She moved her fingers rapidly across her engorged clit, pushing herself towards her ultimate goal.

I held her hips in my hands and thrust hard into her. She moaned and bit her lip to try and stay quiet as I fucked her from behind. She thrust her legs backwards, slamming her ass against me, encouraging me to go faster, harder without words. Her wetness seemed to increase. I could feel her body shaking in my hands. Her whimpers letting me know I was doing something right.

Her head dropped forward between her arms. Her knees buckled slightly and she dropped to her knees breathing fast and hard. She turned around on her knees, her eyes half-closed, her cheeks flushed, her entire face covered with sweat. She reached for my cock, glistening with her wetness and pulled me into her mouth. Using her hand and her mouth, my cock was soon swelling inside her. I held her head and she held on.

The first blast of my sperm hit the back of her throat. She squeezed me and urged more from me, filling her mouth. She swallowed as much as she could, holding the rest for a moment and then swallowing it as well. She gave the tip of my dick a final kiss and stood up, leaning up against to press her wet lips against mine.

This time she took my hand. I quickly readjusted my pants as she said “well, I guess this means we get to spend the rest of our vacation together. Good think I already checked out of my hotel.”
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that was a great story write more :)