Bored at home alone

Allen was trying to get the damned computer to work right after the k**s had downloaded another stinking virus. The house was quiet for a change—k**s all at school, wife off to college, or shopping or whatever the hell it was she did all week. He had sat down to watch a little porn, maybe jerk off a few times when he discovered that one of the k**s had probably done just that the night before and infected the computer.
“Damnit! I really need to teach these k**s the right way to watch porn without fucking up the computer!” He wanted to teach a few of them much more than that, but that would come later, when he convinced the wife to work the opposite shift from him! For now he just really needed to jerk off and lighten his load. His balls felt the size of bowling balls after the hot dreams of fucking his 2 beautiful daughters he had all night and he just wanted to watch a little porn to help himself get off quick and stop the ache.
He was running the last, clean up scan when the new pup came wandering in whining. His wife had bought him a pretty black and tan German Shepherd pup a couple months ago- now 6 months old she was coming into her first heat cycle….he thought maybe he could ease his ache and hers too. It had been a long time since he had fucked a dog and this one was a “virgin” so she should be hot and tight! Just what he needed!
He quickly found some tape to muzzle her so he didn’t get bit as soon as he penetrated that tight little hole, then 4 socks so she couldn’t scratch him up struggling….it was a lot like planning a ****, he thought. Not that he had thought about that..
“Elsa, here girl” Allen patted his leg and she came wiggling right up to him, still whining quietly. God he hated whining dogs! But she was very pretty and rather well behaved most of the time and he HAD asked for a bitch of his own (that didn’t talk back like his wife did).
He scratched Elsa around the ears and down her back to her tailhead-what dog didn’t love the base of the tail scratched? While he was scratching, he got a good look at her swollen twat. It was practically grabbing his cock, begging to be fucked and filled with his cum. Well, he could just do that! God knows he had a heavy load of cum needing a home right now.
After he had locked the doors, he took her to his bedroom, shut the door and pulled out his “**** kit”. He taped her mouth shut, petting her and telling her what a good girl she was, slipped the socks on all 4 feet, much to her annoyance and made her lie down on the floor. Telling her to stay, he stripped off his own clothes and set up the video camera for stroking material later. Grabbing the bottle of lube he used when he fucked Heather’s ass, he generously coated his large (and getting larger with excitement) cock then rolled Elsa onto her back to have better control and access to her virgin cunt. He spread a little lube on her red, swollen pussy telling her what a good girl she was the whole time. She seemed to be enjoying the attention and was holding totally still as he rubbed her pussy up and down, around in circles then gently slid a finger inside a little. She seemed to be enjoying, or at least tolerating this very well, which made his cock surge in anticipation. “Maybe this won’t be so tough after all” he thought as he slid his middle finger in and out of her tight cunt several more times, lubing it up well for his big cock. “Ok baby girl, it’s time I break you in like all the females in this house should be broke in”. With that, he rolled her flat on her back and grabbed her hind paws. Her tail was between his knees, giving him perfect access to her red and swollen hole, now slick with lube and her own slime. He grabbed his hardon with his other hand and rubbed it against her tight opening, back and forth, back and forth. Elsa was whining almost nonstop now “just wait a few second you sweet little whore and you will have a reason to whine” Allen told her in a kind voice. She still wasn’t struggling however, so he started to push his cock inside the tiny hole of his bitch. That was when all hell broke loose and she started to frantically thrash around the floor, which excited him even more! He LOVED it when his fucks fought him! Hell yeah! He threw himself on top of her thrashing legs, knowing her mouth was taped shut and since she was still young he easily over powered her. Once she was still for just a second, he rammed his hard cock into her as hard as he could. She let out a howl of pain while Allen let out a groan of ecstasy. Holy fuck she was hot and tight and he had actually felt her cunt tearing and stretching to fit his engorged cock. He was in heaven as he started to hammer in and out of her causing her to yipe on every in thrust, which just made him f***e it deeper and harder the next thrust. It only took a minute before she submitted to her master and he was able to sit up straighter and fuck her better. He pulled out just long enough to put her on her back on the bed so he had a better angle, then stabbed back inside her now extremely swollen, bleeding and battered pussy. He continued fucking her fast and furious until he shot a huge load of hot cum deep inside her. He rested half on top of her, just like he did with everyone he fucked, and caught his breath. After a minute or two, he pulled his now soft and dripping dick out of her, watching his cum follow in long clumpy, pink streams. He took the socks off her feet, untapped her mouth and told her what a good girl she was, then took her to the kitchen for a big handful of treats and lots of pets! Positive conditioning for the rest of her life-she would forever associate her loved master fucking her with treats and affection.
He called Elsa over to clean off his messy crotch, training her on the finer points of sex clean up, then went back to his computer work. He still wanted to watch his c***d porn damnit! Soon, he had it working again and was happily cruising site after site looking for the perfect jerk off video….the girl had to be young, the man close to his age and the girl needed to resemble one of his daughters or their friends for it to be worthwhile. He would watch almost any porn, but to really get him off good, that was what he needed.
At last! The perfect video! The girl looked to be about 11 (Molly’s age) thin, bald pussy (not like her) and very cute. The guy looked close enough to his own age to pass the test. Time to get off. It was a nice long one too, about 15 minutes. Even better. He leaned back to watch and started stroking himself. The guy in the video had the girl naked on the bed, she appeared to be d**gged or d***k. She was slightly awake, but not enough to fight. So he could pretty well do anything he wanted with her. Nice. Allen wished he was that guy and the girl was Molly. As he watched the video he stroked faster and faster, imagining it was his cock popping that cherry. The man in the video had the young girl folded in half, legs over his shoulders which opened up the girls tiny slit wide so Allen could see her clit, pussy hold complete with hymen still showing and her tight pink asshole. He hoped this guy fucked all her holes because if he was in that place he sure as hell would, more than once before those d**gs wore off! The man fingered her cunt a little, opening it up slightly but mostly just getting the lube in there. Then he greased up his hard-on and placed it at her tiny hole. The girls eyes were open slightly, but she was still in her stupor from the d**gs, so the man slowly pushed his big cock into her tight virgin hole, so tight that he started pushing her across the bed just with his cock! Allen groaned and gripped his throbbing cock tight mimicking what that guy must be feeling, pumping faster. The man readjusted the girls legs on either side of his hips so he could grip her hips and keep her from sliding away while he f***ed his cock into her. As he pulled her hips towards his he pushed his pelvis forward and suddenly his cock head disappeared inside the young girl. Her d**gged face grimaced and her arms flopped slightly, but that was all. Hymen broken now, he pushed his cock and pulled her hips forcing it in the rest of the way, right to the base. With her not awake and fighting, he could go much farther than when he f***ed them to take it awake.
Now that he was in, he placed her droopy legs back over his shoulders and rolled her up again, giving the camera a better view of the virgin bl**d, lube and how stretched her cunt was when he started actively fucking her. A good inch or two of pussy was following the man’s cock in and out with every stroke. That’s tight, Allen thought! Continuing to strangle and pump his own cock. The man pumped in and out faster and faster until he came on her bald mound, the girl still out from the d**gs. He wiped the cum off, grabbed 3 pillows which he placed in a stack in the middle of the bed, then picked the girl up placed her face down, ass in the air on top of the pillows. He spread her thin, long legs wide apart giving the camera a view of her recently ruined pussy, still leaking semen and virgin bl**d, her suspiciously hard, erect clit and that sexy pink asshole. The man grabbed his bottle of lube, greased his finger, and dripped a few drops right on her asshole. He then proceeded to start fingering that tight little hole with one hand while stroking himself hard again with the other. Allen was leaning forward in his chair now, to get a better view-rarely did these videos contain both! While still rubbing his hand furiously up and down his shaft.
The man got hard again and lined up on her pick love hole. He had fingered her enough that, with the d**gs, she was relaxed enough that he was able to just gently slide inside a little at a time, stopping every inch to let her tight hole to stretch to accommodate his size. The view made it look like his cock was almost half as wide as the girl’s tiny ass. The man started pumping in and out a little at a time, gaining a few centimeters every stroke. He could see the girls hands and arms twitch as he inched inside, so he knew she could feel the cock entering her virgin ass, making Allen and the man in the video both more excited. Finally he was in! He grabbed the young girl’s hips to pull her fully on his cock and ground his pubic bone into her ass cheeks. Her entire ass, with legs spread wide was narrower than the man’s hip bones. He let go of her hips and started sliding in and out of her tight ass. Within a few moments he was fucking fairly fast, taking full strokes and occasionally pulling all the way out to show the camera her gaping asshole before stuffing his dick back inside for another full stroke. As she stretched out, he fucked the girl faster and more furiously bouncing his balls and pubic bone off her sweet ass every stroke. Soon he was pumping into her so hard that her entire body was bouncing forward as he drove into her, lolling back and forth on the stack of pillows like a rag doll. The was close to cumming, absolutely hammering into the young girl’s ass while Allen jerked himself just as frantically imagining it was him fucking his beautiful daughter’s ass. Both Allen and the man in the video came at the same time. Allen all over his belly and hand, the man all over the girl’s ass, leaving her asshole gaping as if in astonishment at what just happened. Elsa came up immediately and licked all the cum off Allen showing what a good and loyal bitch she was, earning her more affecting and a little fingering too.
Allen’s balls felt much lighter after the massive orgasm, but he wasn’t done yet. He still had a few hours to himself before the f****y and all the noise descended on him. He went around and unlocked the doors, slipped on a pair of boxer shorts and nothing else and turned on a movie. He wasn’t 10 minutes into the movie when Marty, the neighbor k** knocked on the door. He let her in and she said nobody was at home and she didn’t want to be there alone, could she stay here with him? Oh boy…But since nobody knew where she was, and nobody was home but him, he decided that this was an excellent opportunity. He told her that she could stay and watch the movie with him, a smutty 80s flick with lots of tits and sex. He went back to his bedroom quickly and grabbed some of the d**gs he had purchased for such an opportunity and went out to fix Marty a “drink”. He mixed up some sweet fruit punch stuff he found in the freezer snuck a shot and a half of ever clear in it and dissolved half the d**g in it as well. He then poured himself a glass as well, with a couple shots, so it didn’t seem odd. Marty wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but he was pretty sure she had never been fucked and he had wanted to remedy that for awhile now!
He handed her the drink and she thanked him as she started drinking. The d**g was fast acting, he had to give it that. She was awake watching the movie and 5 minutes later she was falling out of the kitchen chair! Perfect. Allen got up off the couch, and reached out to shake Marty’s shoulder to see if she would wake up. She didn’t. He picked her up and hauled her limp body to his bed.
Gently he laid her on the sheets then swung her feet up. It didn’t take much time for him to get her clothes removed and even less time for his cock to back to full attention and ready for action. She was very pretty and though she was nearly 20, she looked closer to 15; small, firm, perky tits with nipples that pointed up, trim waist and a nice tidy bush. All well and good, but Allen didn’t want any memories coming back to haunt him, so he rolled her over and put on his “**** kit” mask to make him look like a black man. Then he lifted her hips to slide a pillow under them, and spread her legs nice and wide. What a nice ass this one had!
He slid his fingers around, up and down her slit, noticing that her pussy was damp. No, it was wet. What the hell?? Maybe she got excited seeing his dick swinging in his boxers when she came in, who knew and honestly, he didn’t care. He just wanted to fuck her. He slipped his fingers into her cunt and discovered she was very wet for him! He slipped and slopped around in her dripping pussy for a few minutes while letting his cock settle down. Marty was tight, but didn’t feel like a virgin. Wonder which f****y member claimed that prize? He didn’t bother with lube because she was so wet, lined up on her slit and slid inside. Ahhhhh fuck that felt gooood! He pushed her legs a little wider and leaned over her on his elbows so he could grab her perky tits with both hands while he fucked her. He said her name a couple times but didn’t get any response except her steady deep breathing. He filled his hands with both tits, started squeezing, pinching and kneading them as hi started sliding in and out of her. God she has an awesome pussy, tight and grippy, massaging his dick as he fucked her, so awesome in fact that he was already planning the next **** setting and time. Marty was so passed out that Allen started to get a little rougher with her, squeezing her tits hard, knowing he would probably leave bruises but not caring. Then he got up higher and started fucking her very hard, pounding his cock into her, as good as her pussy felt wrapped around him, it just wasn’t doing it for him. He needed her ass. Sitting up, he grabbed the lube, greased his cock and f***ed it into her tight –he was sure—virginal asshole. No lube for her, no foreplay, no fingering. Just good old fashioned ass ****. He lined up on her hole, and rammed it in, hoping she would wake up enough to scream or cry. She didn’t but he did see her entire body twitch from the pain. Good enough. He didn’t even try to be gentle, he just fucked her ass as hard and fast as he could, stretching, tearing, causing pain…he didn’t care. He just kept fucking his prize. He pumped and pumped, wondering if he was going to be able to cum after his earlier escapades. But again, he didn’t care, he just kept hammering into her. After about 10 minutes of pounding and not getting close to relief, he grabbed her hair in a big handful and pulled. Not enough, he let go of the hair and grabbed her arms, pulling them behind her back and holding them as if putting cuffs on her. Still not enough. He pulled out of her ass, leaving it gaping for his return and grabbed a short piece of rope that hung on the wall. He looped it around her neck and pulled it tight-not tight enough to actually kill her, but tight enough to make her struggle to breathe-better. With that he f***ed his now dried off cock back in her equally dried off asshole and started choking and fucking for all he was worth. Within a couple minutes he was pumping her ass full of his hot cum, slamming deep into her with every spurt. He pulled out of her dripping ass and immediately took one of his little blue pills, knowing his wife would want sex tonight, wanting to fuck her too and mostly, not wanting to arouse suspicion.
Allen went to the bathroom to clean up, came back with a wash cloth to clean Marty up and then left her sprawled on the bed for a little bit while he went to grab a snack. After a short rest, some food and letting the pill work it’s magic, he walked back to the bedroom again, erection leading the way.
Marty was as he had left her, spread wide, ass in the air. He climbed up behind her and after making sure she still was not waking up, she wasn’t, slipped his new boner into her hot, wet cunt and started pumping away again. Allen decided it was time to change positions . He rolled her onto her side, lifter one leg over his shoulder, straddled her other thigh and slid in again. He could reach her tits this way. He watched them bounce from his aggressive pumping for a little while then reached down and squeezed one then the other, halting the bouncing for a stroke or two. He massaged them, pinched them, pulled the nipples, squeezed them and pulled them, all while hammering his cock in her tender pussy. He pulled out and rolled her onto her back, hooked the other leg over his shoulder, lifted her ass up and shoved the pillow under it, lifting it up a bit. Her legs wanted to slide off, so he ties a quick half hitch around both ankles, then slipped the rope loop over his head, there! Now that his hands were free again, he slid his cock back into her ass, without lube, again. He had a tended breast in both hands, handling them roughly as he ****d her ass again, lifting her up with her tied legs when he needed to get deeper. She was starting to make facial expressions of pain and occasional noises now, so Allen know the d**g was wearing off. He needed to get his fucking taken care of and drag her home. He pounded into her harder watching for her eyes to open. He had put his black mask back on so he wasn’t too worries about it, but still didn’t want to push his unbelievable luck.
He hammered harder and harder into her brutalized asshole while mauling her gorgeous tits with his hands, his breathing was getting faster and faster, practically panting. He was getting more excited than ever watching her facial expressions of pain and….something else……ecstasy maybe. Her breathing was coming faster now, he had to finish. He placed his hand over her nose and mouth and enjoyed watching her struggle through the fog of d**gs to get his hand off so she could breathe. He fucked her harder than ever as she tried to struggle, filling her ass a second time, slamming into her with the spasms, and finally letting her breathe again. He checked. She was, but quiet again, and even. Good. Just for the hell of it, he took out Heather’s toy box and dug until he found her biggest toy; a giant black model of a great dane cock. He greased it up and f***ed it way up into her cunt so it knotted with her. Once there he jammed it forward and few times, then slid it out and did the same to her ravaged asshole. Jamming it a few extra times just to make sure she knew she had been thoroughly fucked when she came to.
Finally satisfied for now, and fearing returning f****y at both houses., Allen washed her up, redressed her, threw on his clothes and shoes, then tossed her in the pickup, Then he went back in the house, gathered up a few items he had thought of and drove up the hill. He went past the house to make sure nobody was home before stopping. They weren’t, he was in luck. He pulled off the road in front of the house, checked for traffic or eyes—none—quickly threw Marty over his shoulder grabbed the small bag and headed in the house. Once in there, he placed Marty lounging on the couch, turned on the tv, making it look like she fell asl**p while watching it. Then he tucked a mostly empty jar of vodka beside her on the couch after pouring some into the plastic cup he had also brought. He opened her mouth ad poured just enough in to make her smell of booze, slopped a bit on her shirt front and hands (both) then sat the glass on the floor next to her. Taking in the scene, he decided it looked believable enough, and headed back to his house, feeling well satisfied in so many ways! It should be easy to be in a good mood when the f****y came home tonight.

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3 months ago
Sick I couldn't finish reading it, i think you ought to seek some treatment.
5 months ago
I like your details and writing style.. but the material is not my choice .. some of these comments hit the nail on the head... please try and use a different, softer material..... tooo creepy.. but I am guessing that is what you were going for???
1 year ago
1 year ago
there are limits and this steps way beyond them,
2 years ago
One sick story
2 years ago
Would really love to chat with you angel
2 years ago
2 years ago
I think you need help or jail
2 years ago
You need some serious help pal
2 years ago
Fucking disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself.
2 years ago
A dog, and needs to rape..just sick.
2 years ago
eww who the fuck, fucks a dog
2 years ago
very naughty
2 years ago
yep, you are one sick fucking perv if this really happened, but aint we all sick in one way or another??? Some people think about doing this, you do it or at least write about doing it.
2 years ago
no. just no
2 years ago
Dude....this is just wrong
2 years ago