I think my doctor has a thing for me, and I think

I never written a story here before but this happened recently so I thought I will share this with you. Not like many of the stories, this one is true, however, it may not be as exciting as some of the other stories on xhamster. I added some pictures to make the story more entertaining (pictures are not mine and i'm not in them unless specificly stated, go to my profile to see my pictures).

So, most people in Ireland have their GP (general practice doctor). A GP is a f****y doctor who does mostly everything that doesn't need surgery or procedures (things like: giving out prescriptions, doing general check-ups, etc.). I'm 23 years old, brunette, petite, brown eyes. I had the same GP since I was 12 or something. We'll call my doctor Dr. Smith (name is changed fo confidentiality reasons). Dr. Smith is I would say in his early 60's, grey (longish) hair, quite tall and on the heavier side.

I didn't think much of Dr. Smith. But about 6 months ago, I was in a check-up with him. He took my weight, asked me the usual questions about my diet, any pains, etc. And I had a question for him that I thought was appropriate to ask a doctor. So I asked him, the conversation went like this:

- Dr. Smith, should I get checked out "down there" by a gynaecologist as I'm now in my early 20's?
- Well, do you think there's something wrong with you "down there"?
- No, not at all, but I thought that women should be getting checked out by a gynaecologist, every so often.
- I can check you out right now if you want me to. Just to see if everything is healthy.

I got a little bit uncomfortable thinking of this "old" man feeling my vagina so I lied:
- Actually, I'm on my period.
- Oh, then we can't do it now. But let me know and I can do a check for you, no problems.

The next few days I was making the decision whether or not I should go to Dr. Smith to let him check out my vagina. Dr. Smith wasn't a busy GP. His office wasn't located in a city so he didn't have many patients. Most of his patients were older people. I never saw people younger than 50 waiting outside his office. He mustn't have been checking out many women's genitalia, and if he did, most of them would be old. But I decided to just ask him to check me out "down there" the next time I go to see him as Dr. Smith was a sweet man and was always very appropriate and professional so I decided there was nothing "creepy" about it. So a couple of months later, I rang him up and arranged an appointment.

The day of the check up came. I'm a very sexually active girl, so my pubic hair was shaved, except for a trimmed patch above my pussy.

"Shaved simmilarly to this picture"

I wasn't wearing anything sexy, just jeans and a hoodie (this wasn't a date). Dr. Smith did all the usual check-ups. And at the end he asked me: would you like me to check your vagina? Up to this point I haven't mentioned anything about this to him so I knew he remembered, or maybe fantasised about it? I said yes anyway. But then he went on to surprise me a bit: would you like me to do a check of your breasts too for any lumps? Cheeky old man. But at this point I just decided to bite the bullet and get myself checked so I agreed.

He asked me to stand up and remove my hoodie, I did. Then my t-shirt and my bra. He was now looking at my young, perky breasts, observing my puffy nipples.

"Puffy nipples"

He gently touched one of my boobs, not saying anything, he started to gently caress it, rub it. Very good - he almost whispered, before moving on to the next one. My nipples are very sensitive so they were getting hard at this point, he was feeling it poking at his hand. He carried on for the next 30-60 seconds, taking his time, being very thorough. While he was doing this, my nipples were getting me hot but I was trying to ignore the sensation. Their very healthy, said Dr. Smith as he finished the exam. My nipples rock hard at this stage. I put on my t-shirt, and followed the doctor to the desk, he wrote something down and turned around - now please remove your jeans, he asked. He turned around and sat at his desk, giving me some privacy. My nipples were poking through my t-shirt, I didn't think it throgh not putting on the bra.

"T-shirt and no bra"

I removed my jeans. I was now in my socks, white thong and the "poky" t-shirt. The doctor turned his head around for a split second of eye contact, then his eyes quickly wondering down to my panties.

"This is actually my picture"

Please remove your underwear and lie down on the exam table - Dr. Smith asked before turning to the paperwork again. I pulled the panties down and threw them on the floor beside my handbag and lay down. I was on my back, laying straight, the t-shirt was covering most of my pussy. I get very wet (some pictures in my profile can prove that) and very quickly.

"Here's proof, this is me"

The feeling of nakedness combined with the earlier "boob play" made my body react, my pussy was getting soaking wet. The doctor turned around again and walked up to me, slowly, observing my long, smooth, moisturised legs and the nipples poking through the t-shirt. Lift up your knees and spread your legs please - the doctor asked, no eye contact now, as my legs moved - pushing the t-shirt up, he was waiting to see it. My pussy made an appearance, so smooth and so young. Dr. Smith almost looked stunned for a second, just staring at it, probably noticing the wetness around my swollen pussy lips. Maybe he hasn't seen many shaved pussies. I started to think; maybe I should have grown a "bush" before seeing him, so as not to stand out of the crowd too much.

Dr. Smith grabbed a glove and he was putting it on slowly, still staring at my pussy with a corner of his eye, taking a mental image in his head. I was wondering why he asked me to spread my legs before he even put on a glove, but before I knew it he was leaning over to take a closer look. His face was about a foot away from my pussy, I'd say he could almost smell it if he tried. Looks very healthy on the outside but I'll just feel to make sure - he gently paced his fingers above my clit and started to slowly move down almost touching my asshole and back up to my small patch of hair above my pussy. I then felt my pussy lips stretch apart. At that point I noticed a small tube of medical lubricant on the small cabinet beside where I was laying. I knew he wouldn't need to use it. Dr. Smith was still exploring my outer pussy, not going inside, just teasing me, and making my pussy even wetter. Ok, I will now take a look inside, said the doctor - I don't think I need to use any lubricant but tell me if you feel any discomfort. He positioned 2 fingers outside my pussy hole and slowly slid them inside, my tight pussy lips wrapping around his long, fat fingers.

"Just to help your imagination"

He looked surprised by the wetness of my pussy; I started to feel that maybe he was getting turned on by this whole situation. By I didn't care at this point; I was feeling the sensation of his fingers stimulating my pussy. He kept his eyes on the pussy, looking at the way my pussy reacts to his fingers movements, probably imagining it his cock that's inside my warm pussy, not his fingers. Any discomfort - he asked, his fingers still inside me. No it's fine, I replied. He went on: it's very clean and healthy. He pulled his fingers out, I noticed him looking at them - all juicy and warm from my wetness. He took a last look at my pussy, lips slightly parted from his fingers. He went down to his desk and sat down, writing things down. You can dress up now, Dr. Smith said, almost with a disappointment in his voice that this was over. I stood up carefully, my head a bit dizzy from all the touching, I touched my pussy - soaking and warm, ready for action. I faced opposite to Dr. Smith and bent down to get my panties, feeling my butt spread open, revealing my now pink pussy. Keeping the position, I quickly gazed backwards and to my shock, Dr. Smith had his head turned, gazing at my ass and my young pussy. As if he hasn't seen enough, the old dirty man!

Ignoring this, I quickly stood up and put my clothes on. When I turned to Dr. Smith, he was writing in his records again. The rest of the appointment was fine, he said I was healthy and I left his office. I felt a bit weird, not knowing what to think of what happened. Maybe this is normal? So I quickly forgot about what happened. I went back to see Dr. Smith last week for a regular check up and I had already forgotten about him touching me. I had a friend’s birthday party straight afterwards so I had my hair done and was wearing a tight, black dress and high heels.

I wondered into the doctor’s office, I could see his eyes wonder down my dress. I realised that maybe he's thinking that I dressed up for him after what happened the last time. Throughout the whole appointment his eyes kept wondering places, very inappropriately. Weirdly, this started to turn me on. I started to imagine how much an old man like him would love to fuck a young, petite girl like me. I could just imagine how he'd treat me like a queen in bed, licking every inch of my body, giving 110% trying to satisfy me. Sure he was old and not that attractive but that meant that I would be the best thing he ever had in decades. Just to confirm his interest in me Dr. Smith asked me some weird questions.
- How often do you have intercourse?
- Varied, sometimes twice a week, sometimes more than 7.
- Do you masturbate?
- Yes.
- Often?
- Yes.
I don't know what was his reasons for asking me this, but I wasn't going to ask, I was getting the hot's for this man. He kept me for ages, asking me questions. He never did that before. At the end he asked me if on the next appointment I wanted to get a smear test (which means he gets to see my vagina again). And I agreed. As I was leaving I turned my head and said bye! - caching his eyes staring at my bottom in the tight dress.

So I made a plan for the next time I go. I want to make sure that he knows I want him too. I'm going to doll up - short skirt, tight top, heels, maybe sexy stockings. I'm hoping to get fucked on his desk; I want his jizz all over my ass.

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1 year ago
Lovely narration! great description and loved the way you put in the pictures! great way of keeping the reader enthralled! keep up the good work.. looking forward to reading more :)
2 years ago
Hot story! Would like to be the doctor...
2 years ago
This is an extremely hot story, doctor stories turn me on.
3 years ago
wish i was your doctor !!!!!
3 years ago
Great story, I can't waite to read more. I also sent you a friend request so that I can see more of the pics you mentioned in your story.

Thanks for sharing
3 years ago
WOW, that was great. Hope you write about your next DR visit. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
OMG my cock has been trying to burst my jean's seams reading that story...so hot!
3 years ago
this made me so fucking wet ;) love the pictures! thanks for sharing! continue the story please!!
3 years ago
Very nice... I would like to be the doctor :)
3 years ago
thanks guys for the feedback. it's my first story so the feedback is great for future postings :)
3 years ago
Dam hot story,,I was a medic for several yrs and did I have fun,,but I learned that a real man don't kiss and tell,,so enjoy him bady,,,thanks
3 years ago
very nice story and very well written hope to know more about you and your stories
3 years ago
Great story! Thank you for sharing! (Damn... I knew I should have gone to medical school. ;-)
3 years ago
wow that was hot, my balls are so tingly and my cock is rigid. The story was written real so believable, lucky doctor. your pictures are amazing and what I would not give to lick that juice haha
3 years ago
I was hard throught the story, very nice!
3 years ago
I really enjoyed this story... The timid girl is always so seductive... Honest feedback, I might recommend resizing some of the pics before upload as display resolutions will make that annoying for some with the super big pics...
3 years ago
you can only hope he wants what you crave