As i felt her pussy start to tighten, and her moans grow louder, i once again rip my dick from her pussy re-gagged and stood, tall.
“When did I say you can cum?”
she muttered in confusion. So I gasp my whip by the handle and the tip, and strike her across her back.
“When….did…I…say….you….can cum?”
Threw her gag i heard her mutter. “You didn’t…”
“That right…I…DIDNT!” striking her across her back again, and again for good measure.
i move towords here head and kneeled down, wispering in her ear. “Now, are you going to play nice? be a good little girl?” i say stroking her cheek.
She nods.
“Well next time you cum…if i even give you that chance again….you ask my per….MISSION!” i said loudly grabbing her face, going nose, to nose with her.
she again, nods, a tear falling across the bridge of her noise.
I look down at my dick, that was still rock hard. “Do you see this.” i said pointing at my dick, “It look like your actually worth something.” i said laughing, before wiping the smile from my own face.
I take the Gag off her, “Is that mouth streched?”
“Yes Master…” she says
“Open your mouth get my dick wet.”
she opens as wide as she could.
I f***e my dick down her throat, and slowly pull it back, again, and again, untill i decide i just wanted to ram her face.
And so i did, smacking her face as do so, one in a while, ripping my dick from her mouth, slapping her with it, before returning back to her…well MY fuck hole…
Reaching her ass, i spread her cheeks apart, i stand back up shoving my hand down her throat till she gaged, and slobber dripped from my finger tips, i continue to fuck her face, while stick, now three fingers, up her tight little ass, stretching it out for my dick.
I kneel back down, “Do you want me to do something?”
“yes master…”
“what do you want?..”
“i want you to fuck me in my ass again…”
I stood back up stood over her ass, spitting on it as i prepare to make this little bitch cry…
I stick my head in, seeming like I’m going to be gentle, before i ram the rest in.
She shriks, in what other would call pain, but i call enjoyment….either way i quickly grab her neck and told her to Shut the Fuck Up.
slave 1
As i Pound her ass, squeezing my neck as i do so, i can feel the he pulsing of her ass, knowing her pussy was tightening up, she was starting to cum again…
Then i hear those words…”Master, may I cum? Please master may i cum?”
I Grin…”Yes, you ma-“
“NOT CUM!” This voice wasn’t mine, i quickly looked over, a woman stood in the doorway, the dim light only shined across her scarlet heels. A rope dropped between them.
“Who Are you SPEAK!” i demand.
The woman walked into the light…”YOUR MASTER!”
My jaw dropped as i looked upon the face, of the woman that taught me everything i know…
“Kneel before me” She demanded…
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