A story written by a good friend: One fine day

I was sitting there reading the message board on my favorite pantyhose fetish site when I first saw a post for “Enchantments” brand pantyhose. It was a new brand that was supposed to be extremely high quality. I went to the linked URL to check out this new brand. As a pantyhose (encasement) fetishist, I’m always looking to try new nylon things. The new brand was offering a “couples’ variety pack.” I ordered it, with my girlfriend in mind. She’s a pantyhose fetishist, too. She was one before I met her, too. I don’t know if she’s also into encasement. I’ve been too embarrassed for the usual reasons of worrying about her thinking I’m weird or something.
The package was delivered to my place. I had originally planned to leave it unopened until the next time I was able to spend some quality time with my girlfriend. Of course, you know how sometimes you just get too curious and too turned on when you buy a new bunch of nylon… I opened the box. The pantyhose were of extremely high quality, and they felt even more heavenly than any others that I’d felt before. Obviously, the next step was to try them on. They were unreal on my legs. They felt even better worn than I had anticipated. I pulled out two more pairs. I cut a hole in one side where the leg meets the panty in both pairs. Next, I picked up one of the pairs with the hole in it. I then slid my head in to one leg. I love putting on the mask. The right arm was the next thing to be covered in nylon. I put my left arm through the hole. I then pulled the waistband of the pair on my head and right arm down as far as I could. I pulled up the waistband of pair that was on my legs. The “Enchantments” were quite stretchy. There was a nice overlap of six inches. I then slid the second layer over my head and then slid my left arm into the other leg of the second pair of hose. To complete my total nylon enclosure, I pulled down the last waistband as far as I could. The sensations were unreal, like always.
I went to the mirror to look at how beautiful I’m sure that I looked. I loved it. I then noticed something that was a little odd. I was wearing a one-layer seamless pantyhose suit. Every part of my body was individually encased. Rather than having one-piece mitts like what is normally over my hand when I put pantyhose over them, there was a seamless nylon glove. The seamless nylon glove was seamlessly attached to the arm sleeves, which were seamlessly attached to the torso, which was seamlessly attached to the neck, which was seamlessly attached to the face. There was even a seamless pocket for my nose. My nose wasn’t smashed. Wow! Nylon mask with no nose smashing. Where the waistbands were, was just seamless sheer nylon. My manhood had seamless sheer nylon over it, too. I was too busy admiring myself and my new seamless total encasement nylon suit that I didn’t even get alarmed. I just accepted it and started rubbing all over my body, just like I do when I’m normally totally encased, only a little more.
I must have been really enjoying myself because I didn’t hear the door open. I had given my girlfriend a key to my place so she could come over whenever. I guess she had some free time and wanted to see what I was up to. I almost walked right into her when I was going back to the parcel box to see what else was in the shipment. I was still in my seamless sheer nylon suit.
Upon seeing me, she just dropped her bags. I stopped dead in my tracks. My heart sunk. I started to get real embarrassed. I started to open my mouth. She just shooshed me. She came over and started to rub me. She rubbed me everywhere. She then turned around, locked the door, walked back over and tackled me. Now, I’m very lucky to go out with a very passionate girl. Usually she doesn’t tackle me right there in the living room. We usually go to the bedroom and then start making love together. This was real cool. She just started to rub every part of her body that she could all over my body and its newfound nylon skin. I tried to caress her but she kept on pushing my hands back. I would start to open my mouth to talk and she’d just put her fingers over my nylon-covered lips and then start rubbing my nylon lips. She started to kiss me. By this time she had taken off all of her clothes and was grinding her lovely body on mine. This was unreal. She took my nylon-covered fingers and started to use them to pleasure herself. After a while, she impaled herself in my already stiff manhood. I leave the rest up to the imagination.
After that was over, she asked me about my suit. I told her about the new brand of pantyhose that I ordered for us, “Enchantments”. I told her about how I love encasement in nylon all over the whole body and that I put on the encasement in the usual way, and found myself in the awesome seamless nylon suit. She smiled, rubbed my still nylon face, and asked, “Can I try?”
Before I showed her how to encase herself, we wondered just how we’d get out of the suit without having to cut it. After all, why ruin a seamless, perfectly body contoured nylon suit if you don’t have to? We looked over my nylon suit again, looking for possible micro-zippers or something. There was a button, like on a shirt, on my right hip. I started to fiddle with it with my seamless nylon hand. After tugging at it a couple of times, a waistband appeared. It looked just like the one that was on the original pair of “Enchantments” on my legs. Then the layers from the other torso pieces appeared. My seamless nylon glove became a mitt again. My girlfriend was now satisfied that the suit would not have to be ruined in order to take it off. I let go of the button and the nylon became seamless again.
I pulled out three more pairs of Enchantments out of the box. They were in nude color to roughly match my suntan. I showed her how to cut a hole and put one leg of the pantyhose over her head and the other over her arm. Soon enough, she was totally enclosed in pantyhose. I forgot to breathe. I was so stunned by how beautiful she looked totally encased in nylon. We went over to the mirror. She couldn’t stop smiling. She started rubbing herself, enjoying her nylon mitt rubbing her nylon body. I was just stunned.
Once my senses came back, I started to wonder if her encasement in “Enchantments” was going to turn into a seamless nylon suit, too. I kept watching to see if there was going to be a change. Fortunately, my girlfriend wasn’t worried about it. She couldn’t take her eyes off herself. I did. I went back to the box that the Enchantments came in. I was curious how many more pairs of pantyhose were in the “couples’ variety pack.” There were only two more. They were both the exact same heavenly material as the first six pairs and where white. That’s cool. I like white, too. I was wondering what to do with them since it wasn’t enough pantyhose to make another encasement suit.
I went back to my girlfriend and the mirror. She was still admiring herself and rubbing her nylon skin. I started to rub her too. Her pantyhose encasement had turned into a seamless total enclosure nylon suit just like mine, only in nude rather than suntan. There was a little button on her right hip, too. “I looked away. When I turned back and looked again, it had become a suit just like yours,” she said. Every beautiful curve of her body was now encased in seamless form hugging nylon. Just like me, her facemask had a place for her nose and didn’t mash her face, just distort it a little. The mask was seamlessly attached to her neck. The neck was seamlessly attached to her torso. The torso was seamlessly attached the arms which were seamlessly attached to seamless gloves. Her little hands were covered in seamless nylon just like mine. Her beautiful, voluptuous breasts were encased in seamless nylon that was seamlessly attached to the torso, too. They weren’t mashed like when she had first put on the pantyhose encasement. They were perky and had their own place like the nose in the facemasks. Continuing, her curvaceous hips had no seams attaching the nylon to her shapely legs and to her feet. As I was just gazing at this seamless nylon skinned beauty she kept rubbing herself. Eventually she got to her womanhood. I saw her stick her nylon fingers into herself. She started to pleasure herself. She got one of her toys. (She keeps a few at my place just in case…) She put it in her womanhood. It went in all the way! Her nylon suit was truly form fitting to every curve of her body. She started to yell. She was having an orgasm! By this point I was so ready to explode again. When she sat down, I took the toy and put it down. I then entered her. The screaming started again. We kissed. We were able to rub our nylon tongues on each other. When we kissed, we found that the nylon was stretchy enough to allow a real, pure nylon kiss.
After we were done, we didn’t take the suits off. We just sat there and looked at each other. We were both each other’s deepest fantasy. In silhouette, we looked just like anyone else in silhouette. It wasn’t until one looked at us in the light that they would have seen that we both were wearing nylon skins. We just touched each other softly. She went over to the computer and ordered fifty more “couples’ variety packs”.
“Well, what else is in the package?” she asked me.
“Just two more pairs of white pantyhose,” I replied.
“Well, go get them,” she responded.
I retrieved the two pairs of white “Enchantments” and handed them to her. She took a pair and started to put them on her legs. “I love wearing nylon over nylon,” she said. I do too. I couldn’t wait to do the same. I couldn’t wait to feel the white pantyhose over my seamless nylon legs and manhood.
She was finishing putting on the pantyhose. When she pulled the waistband over her beautiful, shapely hips, she disappeared. I walked over to where she was and put my nylon hand out. I felt nylon, yet it looked as if I was touching thin air.
“Ouch. Get your thumb out of my eye,” I heard. It was my girlfriends’ voice.
“Give me your hand. I need to show you something,” I said.
I took her over to the mirror. Only I, in my seamless suntan nylon suit, was visible. I heard a giggle. I was being rubbed again. My manhood was being pleasured. I thought that I would have been tired by now but the idea of being pleasured by my nylon-skinned invisible girlfriend was too much. Soon enough, the screaming started again. I had yet another orgasm. I suppose she had one, judging by the screams and by how hard she was grinding me.
I saw her shoes float into the room. They gently floated down to the floor. Then they disappeared, one after the other. I heard another giggle.
“Now you try,” I heard from roughly the spot where the shoes had just disappeared. The other pair of white pantyhose floated towards me. They then started to levitate right in front me. I took them in my nylon hands. I rubbed them all over my seamless nylon skin. It was even better than before. There was something incredibly special about this pair. It felt different in a way that I couldn’t quite describe. I put them on over my legs. I pulled the waistband up to my chest. Boy, were these stretchy. I then felt a warm caress on my back. I turned around and saw my girlfriend standing there. Her lower half was now white while the upper half was still nude pantyhose colored. There was a seamless transition between the white and the nude. She took her beautiful nylon hand and pinched the white part of her nylon skin. It peeled away a little bit, like normal. She took my hand and rubbed it against her leg. Rather than feeling nylon rubbing on skin, I felt nylon rubbing on nylon. The original nylon skin was under the white nylon! There was once again a button on the right hip. There was no button underneath, though. She now had the benefit of having two layers of nylon on her legs and hips without the discomfort of waistbands or buttons. I wanted to rub her legs even more but she pushed me away. She took my seamless nylon hand and placed it her double-layered nylon crotch. I found that both layers were now perfectly molded to her every curve. I could feel her start to quiver a little. She then took my hand and moved it over to my body. I now had my hips and legs covered in white pantyhose too. Just like my girlfriend, the white was seamlessly connected to the original nylon skin. I also had nylon underneath the white pantyhose that were seamlessly a part of my nylon skin. She then ran her nylon hand over my perfectly encased manhood.
Next, she walked over to the mirror and motioned for me to come over, too. We looked at the mirror. We didn’t see ourselves. She got me my sandals. At first I saw them in the mirror. After I put one on, it disappeared. I then put the other one on. It also disappeared. My girlfriend got a pair of high-heeled strappy sandals that she had left here at my place last week. She put them on. They disappeared in the mirror. I was now looking at a goddess in a seamless nylon suit who was wearing high-heeled sandals. Boy, did her feet look cute in those shoes. The effect was multiplied by the beautiful double-layer of nylon that she had on over her feet. Her normally shapely legs looked even shapelier in the heels. About thirty seconds later, I remembered to breathe. I took her nylon-covered hand, remembering to give her nylon skin a quick rub, around my house. I made sure to stop in front of all the mirrors. Our reflections did not show up in any of them.
“There’s only one way to know for sure,” she said. She opened the front door. I followed. There was no way that I was going to leave my nylon goddess. The touch of my own nylon skin was like ambrosia. Hers was beyond words. I closed the door behind, locked it and put the key in my own special hiding spot. As we walked away from the house we heard her heels clicking on the sidewalk. A car drove by. None of the passengers turned their head. My girlfriend giggled again.
We walked past about twenty or so people on the way to the park. We thought that we’d enjoy the nice, sunny weather there. After all, there’s no reason to spend such a nice day indoors. People who were facing us while walking never turned their heads in our direction. A couple of people who were walking in the same direction as us must have heard my girlfriends’ heels click. They turned around briefly and we both stopped, expecting them to see us in our seamless nylon suits and give us a weird look. But nothing ever came of it. They just turned around and kept walking. We briefly paused, breathed a collective sigh of relief, gave each other a quick embrace and kept walking, of course hand in nylon covered hand.
After about ten or so minutes, we got to our neighborhood park. We made sure to keep off of the main paths so that we wouldn’t bump into anyone. We found a nice big piece of open grass and sat down. I then whispered to my girlfriend, “I bet you can’t keep quiet.” I then proceeded rub my body all over hers. I could hear her breathing get heavier. I moved my nylon face down to her double-layered nylon crotch. The nylon in my seamless facemask was, like before with the kiss, stretchy enough to accommodate my outstretched tongue. I then moved my tongue up her nylon-skinned body to her voluptuous nylon covered breasts. At this point I could her little mini-grunts. She was really trying hard to not scream. After all, people might get scared if they knew that there was an invisible nylon covered pantyhose goddess in their midst. That’s the last thing that we need to happen.
I then moved my tongue back to her double-layered nylon womanhood to try to finish the job. But, I noticed that I had somehow gotten hard again. Boy, I knew that I was going to sl**p well that night! I finished the job with my nylon skin manhood, and (what do you know?) it was even better than before. I had no idea how I could even get it up anymore after all that I had been through today. I guess that I was on one hell of a roll that day.
After we finished pleasuring each other yet again (see what wearing a seamless nylon skin does to you?) we just sat there, taking the scene it. We saw a good-looking guy and girl sitting on a bench about fifteen yards away. The guy seemed a little bit shy. The girl seemed to be smiling at him and giving him “the look.” He seemed a little too shy to just kiss her. I took my girlfriend’s sensual nylon hand and walked over right behind the bench. It’s not every day that one gets to see such interaction take place. Usually, if you say “hi”, this beautiful scene takes a little pause as the couple reacts to you. We had the privilege of being able to see this unseen in our seamless nylon suits.
It just so happened that I was standing behind the girl while my girlfriend was standing behind the guy. She looked at me, gave me a playful, devilish smile, and concentrated on the couple on the bench. When the girl looked away, she ran her nylon finger over the guy’s cheek. He didn’t seem to react. The girl looked back. My girlfriend stopped. The girl looked away again. My girlfriend kneeled under the bench and started rubbing the guy’s leg. He started to smile. He didn’t even look down. He must have just loved the feel of my girlfriend’s nylon hand so much that it didn’t even occur to him to check on what was rubbing his leg. My girlfriend gestured for me to do the same. I hesitated. She gestured again. I swallowed my inhibitions and kneeled down under the bench. When the guy was looking away from the girl, I started to gently rub her leg. Just like the guy, she didn’t look down to see what was rubbing her leg. She started to smile, too. After about thirty or so seconds of silence and rubbing, they both turned around. Without saying anything, their faces slowly got closer together, always keeping eye contact. Their lips gently met. They pulled apart. They pressed their lips together again. Then you could see them start to embrace each other in their first kiss together. My girlfriend and I stood up. We hugged each other. It was a very passionate nylon hug. It was soft, though. She didn’t grind me as hard as she did before. I guess her heartstrings were just plucked. Mine sure were. “Let’s go home. We can come back out this evening,” she whispered.
On the way back, we heard a loud din coming from my neighbors’ house. My neighbors were a young couple in their early thirties. They worked well together but both had tempers. Obviously their tempers were up today. They were in the back yard. She was in a bikini. He was in shorts and no shirt. They were trying to sunbathe. My girlfriend started to giggle again. She then started to rub my manhood up to attention. She then told me to “get her started again.” I was a little apprehensive but I did. After all, I love to get her started. It gave me yet another chance to feel her seamless nylon suit through my own seamless nylon suit. Something told me that would never get old.
“Watch what I do then take care of his wife in a similar manner. We’re going to do our good deed for today. We’re going to get them to stop screaming and start behaving like a couple should,” my girlfriend told me as she got that playful, devilish look on her face again, “everyone has one night stands with an anonymous person. I’m going to one up that in every way. Not only will it feel better because of my seamless nylon skin, it’ll be in broad daylight since I don’t have to worry about being seen. Also, he’ll get something better than anonymous: invisible. You do the same with his wife. Just don’t cum and don’t let her cum. We want them to get together, not have us cheat on each other. If all goes according to plan, we’ll hear their screams of passion, not of anger.”
Just when I thought that I couldn’t be turned on anymore, my girlfriend hatches up this little scheme. I’m so glad that I never questioned anything that happened on this day. I was too busy enjoying all the ineffable pleasure that our newfound seamless nylon suits were bringing our way.
She walked over towards the guy who was sunning himself. She stood on the opposite side of him from his wife, who was still also sunning. She looked back at me, biding her time. She started to pose for me. She rubbed her white nylon legs together. She turned around and seductively bent over so I could see her beautiful round nylon covered butt. She stood up with her back to me and started running her nylon gloved hands over her shapely white double nylon covered legs. She lifted her leg up so I could see her cute seamless nylon covered feet inside her strappy high-heeled sandal. She turned around and stuck her nylon finger in her nylon-closed mouth. Once again, the material was stretchy enough to let the finger in. Next, she used her nylon-covered hand to caress her nylon-encased breasts. I guess she couldn’t stand still in her seamless nylon suit without rubbing herself. I found myself doing the same from across the yard.
Finally the moment that my girlfriend had been waiting for had arrived. The woman in the bikini got up and went in the house. She yelled at her husband about how she was going to go lay down. My girlfriend covered her mouth so that no one would hear her giggle. She then started to caress the guy’s face with her nylon hand. She stood over him and squatted so that her nylon womanhood was six inches above his face. He must have smelled something good because he started smile. She then moved onto his legs, using her nylon coated breasts to rub up against them. She then looked up at me and gestured for me to go inside after the other sunbather. Normally I’d be really apprehensive about this, but I was so turned on by my girlfriend that I was ready to touch something female. I also found it exciting to pleasure someone else when they didn’t know that I was there.
I found the thirty-something bikini-clad sunbather laying on the sofa in her living room. I started how my girlfriend had started with her husband. I started by caressing her face with my seamless nylon gloved hand. I then gently caressed her neck. She started to smile. She quickly sat up, aroused. I pulled away so that she wouldn’t bump into me. She laid back down, this time on her side. Her back was facing me. I continued on the neck. I gently stroked my nylon tongue on her ear lobe. She giggled. Ticklish. That gives me room to work. I moved down to her calves. I took my nylon-coated manhood and very gently rubbed it on the back of her calf up to the back of the knee. More giggling. I backed away. She turned around. She had a little smile on her face. She went over to the window to see if her husband was still outside sunning himself. He was. “Hmmm, he sure has quite a smile on his face, doesn’t he?” she mumbled. She went back to the sofa and laid down. I started where I left off, using my nylon-coated manhood. I gradually started to gently rub the back of her thighs. I heard her breathing pick up a little. I continued to rub. I switched over to my hand since I wasn’t supposed to cum. Boy, it wasn’t easy. She rolled over onto her back and took her top off. I was pleasuring her and she didn’t even know it. The very thought aroused me even more. But I couldn’t cum. I thought about how hard it would be. I got more aroused. The lady on the sofa in front of me started to rub her breasts. They looked great. I thought to myself, “I’ve been able to hold it this far, I can hold it more.” Then I thought about my girlfriend and all her poses she did for me and how much better it would be to cum with her than even this half naked beauty that was laying right in front of me. I caressed her tummy with my seamless nylon gloved hand. She started to moan. She stuck her hand down her bikini bottoms. I took over on her breasts. Her moans got louder and louder. She started to finger herself hard. I stuck my nylon-coated manhood in her mouth. She felt it and started to suck it. I pulled it out. She then pulled off her bikini bottoms and went to the back door completely naked. She opened the door. Her husband was right there. They embraced in a fit of passion and went at it right on the floor in the back of their house. I walked past them, opened the door, and walked out into the yard. Neither of them noticed the door open and close by itself.
My girlfriend was outside waiting for me. She tackled me and immediately impaled her gorgeous nylon skinned body on my nylon-coated manhood. The release we both had from pleasuring another person without being able to release made for (believe it or not) the best sex we had all day. That was saying something. It was then I knew that I wanted to spend my life with this girl. I felt that we had grown so close during this amazing seamless nylon suit filled day. We both had yet another mind-blowing orgasm. The couple inside was on round two. If only they knew…
We went home without saying a word. My girlfriend rested her seamless nylon head on my shoulder the whole way. She was so beautiful. We then took a shower while still in the seamless nylon suits and the white layer on. After we got out, we pulled at the buttons and took off all eight pairs of pantyhose and hung them up to dry. We got dressed in normal clothes and I cooked dinner. There seemed to be a calm understanding between us. After I put the food on the table, I asked her to marry me. It was abrupt. She was surprised. She just hugged me and said yes. What a day. After dinner we tried play video games but I fell asl**p on the sofa. When I woke up, she was in my arms. After she woke up, I went to the bathroom. There were eight pairs of pantyhose drying: two white pairs, three nude (two with a hole cut in one side), and three suntan (two with a hole cut in one side).

Epilogue: A couple of weeks later, fifty “couples’ variety packs” arrived at my fiancé’s place. The next day, “Enchantments” brand pantyhose went out of business, or so their website said. So far, every box that we’ve tried has had the same amazing results as the first.
Next time you feel something warm, smooth and nylon touching you, but nothing’s there, it just might be one of us. Don’t be scared, though. We only look to pleasure ourselves, and you. After all, the world really needs more nylon cupids, doesn’t it?
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